August 18, 2022

Melania Trump issues goodbye address ahead of Biden inauguration

Just hours before First Lady Melania Trump departs the White House for the last time, she issued a stunning farewell address to her fans and to America which further proves she is one of the classiest women to ever hold the position.

According to Breitbart, the first lady reflected on her time working by her husband’s side and shared her feelings about all of the wonderful things they managed to accomplish while thanking her supporters for sticking with her the entire time. 

“The past four years have been unforgettable,” she said. “As Donald and I conclude our time in the White House, I think of all of the people I have taken home in my heart and their incredible stories of love, patriotism, and determination.”

In the wake of the Capitol riots and the toll it took on America, the first lady indirectly acknowledged the tragic events of that day, focusing on a message of tamping down the violence.

“Be passionate in everything you do, but always remember that violence is never the answer and will never be justified,” Trump said.

She spent a large portion of her goodbye speech thanking frontline Americans for excelling at their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, when Americans needed truck drivers, doctors, nurses and teachers more than ever before.

“When I think about these meaningful experiences I’m humbled to have the opportunities to represent a nation with such kind and generous people,” the first lady said while also paying tribute to members of the U.S military and thanking them and their families for the sacrifices made to keep America safe.

She signed off on her farewell address by expressing gratitude and assuring all Americans that they’ll remain in her heart as the country moves forward.

“No words can express the depth of my gratitude for the privilege of having served as your First Lady. To all the people of this country: You will be in my heart forever. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America,” the first lady said.

You can view her entire speech in the video below:

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lynn from mn (@guest_1108257)
1 year ago

Hell is for Democrats & Rinos———No Further Explanation Needed.

yuhgeng Tsay (@guest_1108309)
Reply to  lynn from mn
1 year ago

Feeling is the same from me. God bless President Trump and his family. We will remember him as the greatest president of our country. In our heart, we firmly believe President Trump won the 2020 election.

DWB (@guest_1108352)
Reply to  yuhgeng Tsay
1 year ago

I agree with your comments and feel DJT did a great job as President and doing it while putting up with all the crap from the demonrats. God Bless him and his family. I also believe he won the 2020 election by a landslide.

Pollty (@guest_1109108)
Reply to  DWB
1 year ago

Keep praying .miracles happen.He will Be back

Dorothy Foster (@guest_1109572)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago


Kathy Gossard (@guest_1108379)
Reply to  yuhgeng Tsay
1 year ago

Totally agree..100%

Dorothy OCallaghan (@guest_1108399)
Reply to  yuhgeng Tsay
1 year ago

Totally agree 100%!!! President Trump won the 2020 election!

Sharon (@guest_1109196)
Reply to  yuhgeng Tsay
1 year ago


Norma J Phillips (@guest_1110777)
Reply to  yuhgeng Tsay
1 year ago

Yes, I believe he did, too! What a sham!

Tressie Hi Yall!!! (@guest_1108370)
Reply to  lynn from mn
1 year ago

I agree!!! 110%!!!!

Sharon (@guest_1109194)
Reply to  lynn from mn
1 year ago


Middy (@guest_1109203)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago


Rita Downey (@guest_1108259)
1 year ago

Another ver done farewell address. Thank you, President and Mrs. Trump, for your service to this country. We will miss both of you!

Old Ed (@guest_1108297)
Reply to  Rita Downey
1 year ago

They will be missed by millions of Americans, but they will never be forgotten. The smartest President who did the most for us and gave up so much to do it, and the most beautiful First Lady ever before or after. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!! And look forward for your return.

Sharon (@guest_1109197)
Reply to  Rita Downey
1 year ago

Yes for sure..

Joyce Wuetig (@guest_1108261)
1 year ago

Melania, thank you for this beautiful goodbye address. You have been the finest and most gracious First Lady of my entire eighty-two years. I shall greatly miss you!

Percy (@guest_1108348)
Reply to  Joyce Wuetig
1 year ago

Agree on this
Melania, thank you for this beautiful goodbye address. You have been the finest and most gracious First Lady of my entire eighty-two years. I shall greatly miss you!

Pollty (@guest_1109113)
Reply to  Percy
1 year ago

Agree.America was blessed to have her.Keep praying she will be back

MT (@guest_1108272)
1 year ago

Sending well wishes to you and President Trump. May things go well from here on out.
God bless you Both for all that you have done.

Brenda Whitney (@guest_1108274)
1 year ago

I will miss the President and his wonder wife and family. Peace be with you all. I pray President Trump will be back in the white house. Thank you so very much for you services.

DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1108276)
1 year ago

Melenia, you have been the best first lady, no one can ever replace you. Thank you and President Trump for all you have done for our country. We will miss you more then you will ever know. Biden will never be my President. He is a criminal and Harris is a whore. God for bid that they will be in our Whitehouse.

Percy (@guest_1108350)
1 year ago

I Agree:
Melenia, you have been the best first lady, no one can ever replace you. Thank you and President Trump for all you have done for our country. We will miss you more then you will ever know. Biden will never be my President. He is a criminal and Harris is a whore. God for bid that they will be in our Whitehouse.

Bama Bill (@guest_1108584)
1 year ago

She has my vote as the “First genuine ‘First Lady’ in memory”! Not one time did she do anything that wasn’t “Ladylike”. So, like she say’s “Be Best”, and she certainly is “The BEST”!

Action Jackson (@guest_1108278)
1 year ago

amazing grace

Mutzika (@guest_1108282)
1 year ago

Thank you, Melania Trump for being the refined First Lady since….?
Thank you for being there
Someday hoping you will learn American Sign Language
It would be wonderful to see you sign 🤟

renate krueger (@guest_1108288)
1 year ago

Thank you very much for you service. You are so beautiful and the best first Lady ever ! God bless you and the President !

RT (@guest_1108289)
1 year ago

You are going to be soreley missed. You have done more for us then anyone in my 70+ years. If you could have had more help, you could have done even better then you did. We just so sad to see you having to go. Hope to see you back in 4 years. Your family will be missed just as much. Melania is a very intelligent beautiful 1st lady. Be a long time before we see the likes of you again. Thank-you.

Padre (@guest_1108290)
1 year ago

I hate to see these two wonderful people, the most beautiful First Lady to be in the White House, also the best President we have had in my life time! These idiots that say their was no fraud in this election is either blind or dumb or maybe both, Mitch MC Connell will have to answer to the people in Kentucky for being the traitor he is he would never got re-elected if it wasn’t for the President the next four years will be rough!

Joz Lee (@guest_1108295)
1 year ago

Thank you President Trump and Melania for serving us! You will be with us in our hearts 4 -EVA.

Wil (@guest_1108296)
1 year ago

Just in: There has been much talk about the “military” occupation of Washington D.C. lately. The reported purpose of this is to protect the “inauguration”. . .fair enough if taken at face value. . .hold that thought.
We all know the Demoncrats hate the Police and American Military as demonstrated by the actions of the Demoncrats. . .such as Obama’s 8 years of ignoring OUR military, the now too familiar Demoncrat war cry of “Defund the Police”, and their latest conspiracy theory, “We can’t trust the American National Guard to protect the Inauguration. . .90% of the Military are Conservatives. . .and as much as 85% of them could turn their guns on US and interfere with the inauguration!” Oh My God!!! as it turned out, according to Demoncrat press releases. . . those 20,000 National Guard are OUTTA THERE!. . .quickly replaced, at Tax Payer expence of course, by “a pricey security Firm who has done business with the Demoncrats before”. . .”a pricey private security firm?” AND a “private Security firm that has worked for the Government before? Do The Demoncrats mean the ONLY “private Security firm” that can immediately field 26,000 armed “Security” personnel that are dressed and equipped in American BDU’s and operating American Military equipment? The choice of such firms is indeed very limited. . .I can Think of only ONE such Company. . .BlackWater Security Services. . .translation: International MERCENARIES owned and operated in America. . .LOYAL to NONE but the people holding their Paycheck. . .the Demoncrats.
Now that you’vehad a moment to think about it. . .The Demoncrats, paying 26,000 international Mercenaries tp “protect the Demoncrat inauguration”. In My view, you don’t need 26,000 MERCENARY ENFORCERS to protect your inauguration IF YOU REALLY WON THE ELECTION.

Gary m (@guest_1108408)
Reply to  Wil
1 year ago

Do you really think that the Thief-in-Chief really won any thing.

kay accornero (@guest_1108317)
1 year ago
Deltina Wisely (@guest_1108358)
1 year ago

President Trump and the First Lady help this country so much I will truly miss you. I pray for you and your families safety. I also pray that you will be back in 4 more years. These greedy shameful Democrats and Rino’s will destroy what you have been able to accomplish in those 4 years. Biden will be like Obama and rule with executive orders and try to destroy anything and everything you accomplished especially with China, Iran, and the Middle East. You were the best president and first lady in my life time. You ARE the first President to follow through with his promises and truly helped the American people. There was so much election fraud and the republicans wouldn’t stand behind you, I fear there will never be another conservative in office. They got away with cheating their way into office and they will just keep on cheating and electing Democrats. This is the generation Regan was talking about, we are within one generation of destroying America and her freedom. God help us all the four horseman are here. Nancy Pelosi is one of the four horseman, pandemic, and fire already happened and Pelosi is the next and Mitch McConnell might be the fourth they have became worse than HITLER himself.. I will miss you Donald J. Trump and Our First Lady.

roger vanhulle (@guest_1108363)
1 year ago

WE now miss being a proud part of a red, white and blue president at the helm of our great country.
Godspeed to the Trump family and God help us through the darkness ahead.

Marian Craig (@guest_1108367)
1 year ago

A simple thank you to you and the Trump family doesn’t seem to be enough. You worked endlessly for all Americans. God bless you and God bless the USA 🇺🇸

Crybaby (@guest_1108374)
1 year ago

The greatest President this Country has ever had–a beautiful, gracious First Lady. Thanks to all the Trumps –you endured a lot of pain and suffering these past four years. Your motives were pure –you certainly didn’t do what you did for power or compensation. Can’t say that about any Democrat I have seen in office. God bless you and keep you safe.

Richard whittaker (@guest_1108514)
1 year ago

pres. Trump gave so much to help us let us now be his torch and snuff out the disloyal republican leaders, Mcconnell pence and Mccarthy,lets get them out of office. MAGA forever

Becky (@guest_1108557)
1 year ago

Thank you President Trump and First Lady Melania your work will always be with us you put us first and gave us jobs and put money were it belonged to help lots of people get back on their feet and put hope in our lives for a better country and most of all we saw results .Your feet hit the ground running and never stopped you are the Greatest President We ever had in our lifetime and made marks that will always be cherished and remembered

Leon (@guest_1108701)
1 year ago

President and First Lady Trump:

Thank you for ALL YOU HAVE DONE for America and America’s citizens!

We will be waiting to vote for you again in 2024. Best President EVER!

carolyn Friend (@guest_1108752)
1 year ago

Praise God for the both of you!!!! It is such a tragedy that you won’t be serving in the White House!!! But, I know, you will continue to guide the Repubs and We as American people. You have shown so much Love for this Great Country. Your’e Legacy will live on in History as The best President ever! I have supported you through the years and looking forward to your return in 2024!!! Godspeed to you and Melania and the family. In God We Trust!!!

MSPS (@guest_1108765)
1 year ago

Melania and my president Trump,
My heart is broken and has been ever since the election. I spend my time wondering if I had prayed harder would things have turned out differently. Yet I believe the majority of the American people love the things of the enemy and embrace him with a fervor they have never afforded you. The hatred, lying, manipulation, greed, murdering, shunning the law and mocking/hating conservatives/the things or righteousness. Now wonder they have hated and despised you and your family.
The only future America has to look forward to is heartfelt burning revival and a return to Godly living and/or the Great & Terrible Tribulation. Heaven beckons and I will meet you both in the clouds of Glory when the Lord gathers his own and destroys those who refuse righteousness. Thank you from my entire being for being genuinely true before America and God. You both have been and will continue to be Good Shepherds of God’s flock. I look forward to eternity with the people of Glory and the Holy Trinity forever and ever and where sorrow and pain no longer exists. Speaking the promises of God’s Holy Word-Let it be Lord Jesus, My heart yearns for your promises. Let it be Lord Jesus let it be as your blood bought people say Amen & Amen-let it be!! Please strengthen and bless the Trumps’ in all of their endeavors until we meet in that City of God~*~

Avatar666 (@guest_1108777)
1 year ago

We, citizens, know the only reason President Trump is being forced out of office is that the democrat’s final coup succeeded. The election was rigged in plain sight of the citizens through the united efforts of failed political groups whose only recourse was to unite and block all efforts of the President while at the same time falsely accusing him of inciting a riot. A national disgrace? Not to the democrats and other underhanded liberal radicals. They have no shame. Dishonesty and trickery are their trademarks.

ROLANDO TABLAZON (@guest_1108926)
1 year ago


Dorothy Lacey (@guest_1108991)
1 year ago

I can truly say that President Trump has been the best in my life time (I am 74). I can’t let go of the Trump family and I refuse to give up. I will not give up my faith and hope that this new administration is going to fail before it even gets off the ground. I will not say farewell but I will say “Welcome back sir.” Keep fighting the good fight. I know that God hasn’t made you his special servant just to let you fail. You are going to come back stronger and wiser than ever before. And Melania, I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire your beauty, inside and out. You stand behind your husband with dignity, grace, love and a great love for this nation. Not going to let you go, I will proudly say, I love you Don and Melania, coming straight from the heart. Will see you back in office very soon.

Elizabeth Kruger (@guest_1109097)
1 year ago

President Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump,
Thank you very much for what you have done for this Nation. Words can not explain how painful it is to see you go. I have been in tears for these past four days to realize where our Nation is heading. I have been praying for you and your family.

alicia cervera (@guest_1109121)
1 year ago

Why have you deleted 2 of my comments to the President and First Lady? Whats wrong with you? Censoring us also?

Barbara R Zumsteg (@guest_1109123)
1 year ago

Thank you Mr. President and our wonderful First lady. You will be missed. I hope you do run again. May God keep you in His hands and guide your next steps.

alicia cervera (@guest_1109129)
1 year ago

AGAIN? you delete? 3 times now!
Thank you Mr Pres. and Lady Melania, greatest President and First lady!!! God Bless you and THank you for everythng you have done for our country! We love you!

Marsha Smith (@guest_1109185)
1 year ago

You are my First Lady.
Donald Trump is, still, my President.
If I live to be 250 years old, I hope I never hear the name Joe Biden again. He is the ONLY ILLEGITIMATE and treasonous president the United States has ever had. Worse, he is more interested in doing things for China than for America.
I, like your husband, have been ban from Facebook. I have been on it for only about 3 months. I don’t know what I said to offend them. They won’t tell me. I don’t talk trash; I don’t talk vulgarity. I do have my opinion. In THIS country we, the people, have the RIGHT to express our views. Facebook is in violation of The Constitution of The United States each time they censor or ban people from Facebook simply because our opinion differs from the theirs.
No one has been more offensive than Pelosi, Cortez, Omar, Michigan’s gov., N.Y.’s gov., Cali. gov., and many, many other democrats as well as a few Republicans.
I did not watch the illegitimate inauguration. In fact, I haven’t had television for almost 2 years now.
Melania, we LOVE you. Stay as beautiful as you are outside and inside.
I pray that President Trump can put this horrible experience behind him. Above ALL else, KEEP THE FAITH. It may not seem so, but, God is still in charge. Don’t abandon Him. God isn’t through with you, yet.
I am from Texas. There is talk here of seceding. I wonder if the other 22 — 27 states will follow.
Before we do any thing rash, we need to get ALL our ducks in a row.

Kate (@guest_1109268)
1 year ago

They may have stolen the election, but Biden didn’t win. Obama put Harris as VP for a reason…she’s POTUS when they get rid of Biden. And they will. I give him 6 months max before he steps down. He even alluded to that when he was rambling in some press conference.

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