September 30, 2022

‘Free, Melania’ author says first lady is not unhappy, unlikely to divorce Trump

A CNN journalist claims to have the inside scoop on one of Washington’s most mysterious figures: First Lady Melania Trump.

Reporter Kate Bennett, author of the unauthorized biography “Free, Melania,” sat down with the Washington Examiner to discuss the stoic subject of her book. Melania is not the meek, unhappy wife the media imagines her to be, and she isn’t likely to ever divorce her husband, Bennett claimed. 

Melania biographer: she’s not getting divorced

The intensely private Melania is not one to wear her emotions on her sleeve, which makes “reporting” on the FLOTUS a bit of a conjectural enterprise. Melania has been scrutinized for everything from her fashion choices to her White House Christmas decorations, but much of the coverage is speculative and more revealing about the media’s prejudices than anything else.

The new “unauthorized” book might be no different, as it took Melania by “surprise” with its “many false details and opinions” based on “anonymous people who don’t know the First Lady,” White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, who grew close to Melania as her former spokeswoman, told PEOPLE. But if it’s another spurious tale about the Trump White House, it presents a surprising — if too neat — portrait that bucks the media stereotype of a trapped and unhappy housewife.

Bennett presents Melania as an “unlikely feminist” who wields considerable power in her marriage and in the White House, the wife of a president “desperate” for her approval and the “only one” in Trump’s world who can get away with chiding him, in public or in private.

Despite public allegations of her husband’s infidelities, the “conservative” and “traditional” Melania has “more faith and religious devotion” than people realize, and she’s unlikely to divorce President Donald Trump, Bennett speculated to the Examiner.

“I don’t think she is quick to think about not trying to keep it together if she can. After 20 years together, their marriage might be different than some antiquated paradigm of ‘a first couple has to be this.’ But I think it works for them and I don’t really see her leaving it,” she said.

Surprising tidbits

Despite media speculation about unhappiness in her marriage over Trump’s alleged affairs, Melania was “eyes wide open going into the relationship,” according to Bennett. The FLOTUS was more bothered by the affairs going public than by the alleged betrayals themselves.

One source described it this way: “She’s not locked herself in a golden bedroom somewhere to cry her eyes out that he was possibly unfaithful, if that’s what anyone might be thinking.”

Bennett’s book also claims that Melania wanted Trump to run for president and knew he would win, contradicting the myth, disputed by Melania herself, that she cried tears of grief when she realized Trump would be president. But like many in the media, Bennett speculates that Melania’s fashion choices do in fact send coded messages and that the “I don’t really care, do u?” jacket was a snub directed at Ivanka Trump.

But some of the most surprising tidbits are not so surprising at all. The media might want to make her into an “unlikely feminist,” but Melania makes no secret of the fact that she puts her family first.

“It continues to be disappointing when people, especially journalists, write books with false information just to profit off the First Family,” Grisham said.




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