August 18, 2022

Medical Examiner: George Floyd’s death likely caused by fentanyl

The narrative that George Floyd was the victim of racially motivated police brutality was dealt a blow by recently unsealed court documents indicating that the narrative may have been artificially constructed.

According to newly-released memos from Chief Hennepin County Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker, toxicology reports confirm high levels of methamphetamine and fentanyl in Floyd’s system at the time of his death, and the autopsy revealed no evidence of death by asphyxiation.

The narrative also took a major blow when previously unseen body camera footage was leaked to the press. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison — a former Obama official — refused to release the video, and one can speculate why.

The video showed that George Floyd was highly agitated while police officers were trying to persuade him to get into their squad car. George Floyd exhibited symptoms of drug intoxication and he was resisting arrest — a fact that both the camera footage and the toxicology report confirm.

However, according to Fox9, the medical examiners previously concluded that Floyd’s death was a homicide and he had died because he was restrained while intoxicated with heart problems.

The Armed Forces Medical Examiner filed a memorandum agreeing with the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s final conclusion that Floyd’s death was a homicide, saying, “His death was caused by the police subdual and restraint in the setting of severe hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and methamphetamine and fentanyl intoxication.

In a new release of evidence, two memos, dated May 26 and June 1, revealed that the medical examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, found no evidence of asphyxiation, and found that if Floyd had been found dead in his home, his death would have been ruled an overdose death.

[Dr. Andrew Baker] said that if Mr. Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors he would conclude that it was an overdose death.

Minnesota’s AG, Keith Ellison, should be held accountable for withholding information that could have averted the widespread looting and destruction in Minneapolis and all of the country.

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Roger Meyer (@guest_1040539)
1 year ago

He withheld the evidence in order to create the riots, looting and murders hoping to blame them, somehow, on Trump.
This is how STUPID the Democrats are. Trump had nothing to do with defunding the police or ordering them not to stop the terrorists, that was totally the doing of the Democrats.

McRant (@guest_1040560)
1 year ago

Ellison is a Muslim who has a history of domestic abuse With several partners, some of which was recorded by one victim’s teenage son. Where’s ‘Believe Women’? Where’s ‘Me, Too’? He’s anti-American and should be nowhere near any political office.

I’m not surprised it was drugs and I don’t dispute it. The victim said as much to the police. I JUST DON’T CARE IF IT WAS DRUGS! I object to kneeling on the victim’s neck for almost 10 minutes!! Police have handcuffs and restraints and should not resort to Medieval torture methods!

NANCY JO EVILSIZOR (@guest_1040608)
Reply to  McRant
1 year ago


huapakechi (@guest_1040565)
1 year ago

Minnesota’s AG, keith ellison no doubt encouraged the rioting as it advanced his communist agenda. Nobody has to wonder why the evidence was withheld or why the medical examiners were probably ordered to deliver a finding of murder.
Ya can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and ya can’t precipitate a race war without “victims”, even if ya have to invent the victim status out of whole cloth.
As anyone who has investigated the criminal history of floyd or the latest “victim” of self inflicted stupidity in Kenosha WI knows, These are not candidates for sainthood.

Alice (@guest_1040566)
1 year ago

I read this rport right after it was published. I at that time wondered why the reports said he died of asphyxiation. there was also a report on his criminal history. Strange he was a illegal drug user according to the report he also had a criminal record . I’m amazed a person who has a problem { news} with his behavior was buried in a gold casket and paraded through out the country as if he was an American Hero, I’m very sorry for his death, especially for his daughter, but i was just wondering!!

Stella Honeycutt (@guest_1040571)
1 year ago

Well said.

Tommie (@guest_1040607)
1 year ago

Hey BLM, “Education Matters”!!!! Get some…..

Jan (@guest_1040610)
1 year ago

I wonder how much taxpayer money went to pay for that gold casket. What a show. Just like how they eurlogize Jesse James, who was a bank robber and killer. What a farce. We know who was behind all of this crap

Capt. Ken Guyer (@guest_1040631)
1 year ago

Pretty much all of the so-called brutality deaths that BLM holds up as proof of Police misconduct have NOTHING to do with Misconduct at all and are phony to serve BLM motivation to destroy faith in our LE Community. Treyvon Martin was not even an LE event, but Zimmerman was found not to be at fault and using force to stay alive while Martin was beating his head against the sidewalk. Michael Brown was a justified shooting. He rushed the officer after wounding him while trying to take his gun as he sat in the squad car. It was ruled a justified shooting. Floyd video was taken out of context. earlier video shows absolutely NO RACIAL MISCONDUCT WHAT SO EVER! As a matter of fact he was treated with respect and without any regard to race. Floyd himself stuffed so much Fentanyl and other drugs he would have died no matter what. In short, he killed himself. It is time to stop pronouncing LE guilty of a bad shooting based on a video showing only part of the incident. It is wrong to burn down businesses and residences no matter what the incident is and it needs to stop, MAGA/KAG 2020

David Stevens (@guest_1040658)
1 year ago

The liberals whated to used George Floyd death and coronavirus as a distraction to keep Donald Trump from getting reelected. The democrat states with violence are bring voters to the republican party every day. Wake up America vote for Trump.

Dennis - Iowa USA (@guest_1040666)
1 year ago

Keith Ellison should be brought up on charges from withholding evidence from the public which caused riots through out the country, and how could it be homicide do to police trying to do their job. Does this mean every police officer in the country needs to know the health condition of every US Citizen that walks the streets? The guy was a drug addict high on drugs that cause you to defy any thing and any ones it also raises the strength of that person which makes it even more harder to control that person.
Minnesota owes every US CITIZEN apology for what they have created and maybe they should fit the bill for these riots do to Keith not being truthful and forthcoming with the evidence that would of more than likely put a halt to the most of these violent acts. Some one needs to answer for this..

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1040804)
1 year ago

Keith Ellison – A former Obama Official.

PLEASE ! Say No More.

Once you are a member of a crime family; you are always a member.

Once you are caught in a lie; you are always and forever a liar.

Vittorio (@guest_1062769)
1 year ago

It beggars believe to what extent the Democrats will go to , to distract from the fact that they are useless as a political organisation and how corrupt they really are to use a dead men in his own doing to get political kudos, what shameful and disgusting political party and so petty that the Democrats are .

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