June 12, 2021

Media ignores Hunter Biden’s use documented racial slurs — totally opposite of similar allegations against Trump

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Hunter Biden used the N-word in several text messages that had been recovered from the laptop of President Joe Biden’s son —  but the mainstream media largely ignored the explosive text messages, including multiple racial slurs and sexual innuendos.

Conservatives have viewed the response as biased, noting the approach is much different than if the text messages had belonged to former President Donald Trump or another conservative leader.

Breitbart News senior editor-at-large Joel B. Pollack noted, “The use of the “N-word,” even in a literary context, is often used as grounds for termination and marginalization — at least when the speaker is white.

“The New York Times recently forced veteran reporter Donald McNeil to resign for answering a student’s question about the word in 2019, even though McNeil apologized for having said the N-word.’

“Yet neither Hunter Biden nor Joe Biden have yet faced anything like the same scrutiny over their use of the ‘N-word.’”

Pollack is right. Even a rumor that Trump had used such language has persisted for years.

Other leaders, even at The Times, have faced resignation for less, despite an apology. Hunter Biden has not acknowledged or apologized for the reported use of racial slurs.

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