May 11, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany smacks down Democrat-led smear campaign against Trump

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany put an end to Democrats’ accusations that President  Trump didn’t do enough to handle COVID-19 in the US at the beginning of the outbreak.

For months, House and Senate Democrats have hurled accusations at the president, even going to far as to accuse him of murder because he did not act soon enough to stop the virus.

But, in reality, while the Democrats were feverishly trying to remove President Trump from office via the bogus impeachment debacle, he was acting to stem the inflow of coronavirus from its origin-country, China.

The charitable way of looking at it would be to say that the Democrats were just too busy to notice what the president was doing, but charity is not what people like the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer deserve.

Pelosi and Schumer should be held accountable for their actions, actions that put our nation at risk. They were pursuing their sham impeachment instead of leading to protect the country against the Wuhan virus. They were derelict in their duties to protect the country back in January as much as they are today. Back in January, they ignored the threat of the coronavirus, and now they refuse to condemn the violence and destruction of Antifa and BLM.

The mainstream media certainly won’t hold Democrats accountable, but Kayleigh McEnany will. Watch if you like seeing a good Democrat smackdown:


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23 Responses

  1. This woman is awesome.. she can really le the awful opinionated leftist reporters have it with facts and graciousness.!

    1. h yeah…in the biggest way possible. He needs to keep her at this job. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and will call someone out at the drop of a hat if they are pouncing on the president! She means business…and doesn’t seem to be wounded when these reporters bug her…or chastise her…Way to go Kayleigh!

  2. This report is very elegant in fact with TRUTH! Dems aka Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Schiff, the squad really need to make a decision either fulfill their obligations as elected officials for the PEOPLE or leave! But it will be more fun for the rest of us to just vote them out in my opinion!

    Thanks for this great reporting so we true AMERICANS CAN KNOW the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! IT SOLIDIFIES OUR VOTE FOR A GREAT PRESIDENT D O N A L D J. T R U M P.

  3. I agree with all forrmer comments.
    She is terrific and can take on the devil’s
    filthy errand boys and girls. Do they have a brain amongst them? It certainly doesn’t sound.or it. I have seriously thought they could be brain washed! Why would anybody want to look so stupid. Must be brainwashed because no decent, intelligent person would support, liars, thieve’s, traitors, etcetera! Why don’t they report on where $9,000,000 went from tax payer
    monies. Hint! The Mayor, Deblasio and wife. They know where the dough is!
    Why not report on some real news and get off the junk fake fodder!

  4. I love her!!! She tells it like it is! I am so glad that she is in our President’s corner. I would never want to be a Democrat with her against me. She gets to the truth fast and takes nothing from the left sided reporters. She is awesome!

  5. She is the best ever. Always prepared and goes right for the jugular. I love it when she closes her book and walks off without giving the vultures a chance to respond. She gives as good as she gets and then some.

  6. YOU GO GIRL…………………….You tell it like it is and the Dem’s can’t stand the truth. Keep up the great work! WE LOVE YOU KM.

  7. Brilliant …well done….please take on more of their lies. Please put them on the spot about what Hiden Biden and his friend Prez…Obama….mean when they say/said and keep on saying. We will begin the “Transformation” of the USA.
    We citizens want to know what will they be transforming our country to be????? I fear the answer but feel we have a right to know before we vote.
    Kayleigh please keep them on their toes..they are overwhelmed by you!

  8. Democrats always like free hand outs. Kayleigh should hand out circles so fake reporters can keep on track while chasing their tails. Great job lady.

  9. Good job!!! Kayleigh is one tough girl! She isn’t afraid of letting them know what liars they are! She should bring up about piglosi, and her goons poo-pooed how dangerous ‘‘tis virus is. They were too busy with their sham impeachment( a distraction) to pay attention. They probably knew the virus was bieng released, but kept it secret till it really hit, so they could blame President Trump, remember the names they called him when he stopped people coming in from China? Xenophobic, racist etc. deflecting the fact that THEY are what they accused President Trump of! If they had their way we would have open borders, more and more illegals flooding in, no questions asked! And—- WE would be paying for all of them to get free medical, education, food stamps, and be able to vote in OUR elections! It would be no longer OUR COUNTRY! You go Kaleigh! Let them have it! Tell it like it is, and keep them on their heels!

  10. Kayleigh is a young firecracker who knows what she’s talking about and know how to put these obnoxious reports in their place. She shuts them down with kindness and grace. She is great at her job and all I can say is Kayleigh, keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

  11. I fell in love with that woman the first time she stepped to the podium. I’m sure she has help is preparation for the briefings. But she is outstanding in her presentations and her information is ALWAYS correct. It drives the phony reporters nuts. Lovin’ every minute of it.

  12. President Trump and Kayleigh McEnany are a perfect team. If one of them are not smacking the demonrats, the other is. Works both ways. The demonrats can’t get a break. Bravo Zulu, Kayleigh McEnany!

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