December 2, 2021

McEnany: Nancy Pelosi ‘does not deserve to be speaker ever again’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just savaged by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday, who implied that Pelosi deserves to be removed from her position of leadership due to her poor handling of COVID-19 relief negotiations. 

McEnany did not hold back during a Tuesday appearance on Fox & Friends when asked about White House negotiations with Pelosi in regard to the long-awaited renewal of protections and relief from the economic effects of the virus.

The White House spokesperson called Pelosi “irresponsible” and “disgusting” for her relentless refusal to compromise with GOP negotiators and declared that Pelosi no longer “deserves” to be House Speaker.

“What’s the latest is [Sen.] Joe Manchin (D-WV) needs to go have a discussion with Nancy Pelosi, who has been fundamentally unserious in a way that’s irresponsible and quite frankly, disgusting.” McEnany said. Manchin is a moderate Democrat that often will work with the GOP in order to serve his constituents.

“She resumes the House, puts the House back in session, and one of the bills she puts forward about legalizing marijuana,” McEnany blazed. “About going after Tiger King and regulating the use of tigers instead of focusing on the American people and the relief that’s needed. Her stimulus bill was chock full of guess what, mail-in voting regulations to try to secure Democrat power in the halls of Congress.”

Pelosi has rejected dozens of Senate GOP and White House proposals for COVID-19 relief since the first package was passed in the Spring of 2020, blatantly holding the American people and millions of small businesses hostage in her attempts to use this crisis to accomplish her partisan wishlist.

In fact, House Democrats — led by Pelosi — blocked an extension of small business relief in mid-November for the fortieth time since August because Democrats can use the desperate situation small businesses have been placed in as leverage to force the GOP to agree to spend vast amounts of money on Pelosi’s pet projects.

“While this president said Nancy Pelosi, you won’t negotiate with me? Well, guess what? I’ll do protections from evictions. I’ll do more funding for unemployment insurance via executive order,” McEnany said. “He’s been serious while Nancy Pelosi has been derelict in her duty, and she does not deserve to be speaker ever again.”

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james g mcninch (@guest_1082304)
1 year ago

Well she is over 80+ and seeing some resent personal photo’s , she’s using alot of botox. this picture is fixed

Jeri Lowe (@guest_1082306)
1 year ago

She is CRAZY-along with Biden and Harris. They are all nuttier than a fruit cake. They need to be all taken out of their so called offices. Trump is so many times better, than all 3 of them.

Lorlyn (@guest_1082376)
Reply to  Jeri Lowe
1 year ago

Jeri Lowe….I agree with you wholeheartedly!! Might even want to add to your list of Crazies…..’the Squad’, Maxcine Waters, Schumky Shumer, and Shifty Shift……

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1082405)
Reply to  Lorlyn
1 year ago

Thumbs up

Beth (@guest_1082513)
Reply to  Lorlyn
1 year ago

Amen and amen. These lunatics need to be removed from our Government yesterday. It is enough already how they are destroying our Nation. People have to be dumb, deaf, blind and brain dead not to see what is going on in our Country. So much corruption in so many politicians!!!

alicia regina cervera (@guest_1082575)
Reply to  Lorlyn
1 year ago

So right,.! Im with you!

Charlotte (@guest_1082398)
Reply to  Jeri Lowe
1 year ago

I agree she is crazy and Biden neither of them need to serve in this office

Disgusted Senior (@guest_1082474)
Reply to  Jeri Lowe
1 year ago

They are evil and belong in Leavenworth.

RowZ (@guest_1082525)
Reply to  Jeri Lowe
1 year ago

Also evil as the devil!!

Jackie Lawrence (@guest_1082308)
1 year ago

Go,Ms McEnany!!!!!

Michele Eastman (@guest_1082368)
Reply to  Jackie Lawrence
1 year ago

I knew I liked that girl!! Tell it like it is Kayleigh!!

Barbara Creter (@guest_1082310)
1 year ago

I totally agree. She suppose to be working for the people ,not her pet projects. I lost total respect for her,to be able to leave the small businesses hanging!!!!
I pray she is fired or made to resign.what’s she’s done to all the Americans trying to survive is unforgivable.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1082502)
Reply to  Barbara Creter
1 year ago

It’s not just unforgivable; it’s Communism at its worst: it’s all about their own “agenda” while the American people can go to hell.

Louise Shelley (@guest_1082311)
1 year ago

The “Wicked Witch of the West” needs to be ousted! And, her salary terminated. (as well as any other swamp creature who has been there more than 3 terms!)

Ugly (@guest_1082389)
Reply to  Louise Shelley
1 year ago

Add AG Barr, Chris Wray, CIA Director just to name a few! President Trump has been thrown under the bus along with the USA! Lord help us when Biden and Harris takes office! I believe citizens will rise up in protest before the first year is out!

Charlotte (@guest_1082401)
Reply to  Louise Shelley
1 year ago


yolanta mnich (@guest_1082313)
1 year ago

Pelosi should be never elected to te
represent any one in any political office ever again.

BDS (@guest_1082314)
1 year ago

Remember when Trump took office & AOC (a 29 year old clueless bartender) wanted to oust Pelosi
Well NASTY NANCY do u remember who came to ur defense – yes Trump the person who has done the most for this country & who u hate the most!!! Such a disgusting old lady to be in such a powerful position – trump said “I can work with Nancy!” And yet she has stabbed him in the back for 4 years!!!! Our country is definitely spiraling down folks!!!!!

Charlotte (@guest_1082404)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

AGREE with that. LORD help us as we go into the new year and I pray that this nation turns back to YOU. AMEN

Ruby Rowell (@guest_1082316)
1 year ago

I agree with our President 100%, this woman should have been sent home 25 years ago. She thinks she owns our country!! Send this woman home.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1082324)
Reply to  Ruby Rowell
1 year ago

In chains & a straight jacket!

Larry (@guest_1082317)
1 year ago

They are all criminals the election has been baked in th cake for the last 4 years, It would not shock me to find out that the dems had some sort of hand in the spreading of the virus either that or Biden is the luckiest politician of all time spends most of the campaign in his basement then claims his plan for the virus was better I frankly am sick to my stomach and am afraid the with the media being one sided that we are doomed.

William Smith (@guest_1082481)
Reply to  Larry
1 year ago

Yes but when are we going to stop all this talk talk talk and actually do something about it? Every single member is a representative of the people. If the people rise up they will be very easily removed by force if necessary. This is ridiculous and they are ridiculous we need to stop talking and do it.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1082514)
Reply to  William Smith
1 year ago

I see the first step as a “redress of grievances” and the second step as a “recall election” with NO mail-in ballots; NO absentee ballots; ONLY “in-person” voting using ONLY paper ballots (no computer interferences) AND by-hand counting of each and every individual paper ballot by only qualified and unbiased election officials. I would NEVER have thought that we, Americans would HAVE TO FIGHT just to have a fair and honest election. If I were Trump OR Biden I would never accept the presidency unless it was GAURANTEED that the election was fair and honest; with integrity. The 2020 election is no where close to honest or integrity: it is sheer corruption!! The SCOTUS SHOULD THROW OUT THE ENTIRE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.and do it over under intense scrutiny. Surely, this would ensure honesty/integrity

Linda Stockton (@guest_1082687)
Reply to  Marsha Smith
11 months ago

Biden is only in there because the leftists know he’s a weak bobblehead figure and they will throw him out as soon as possible and use that worthless skank Heels up or Putrid Peloser as the President.

Patricia Ray (@guest_1082957)
Reply to  William Smith
11 months ago

I agree there should’ve something we can do to stop this

Debra Goodenow (@guest_1082318)
1 year ago

Agree!! She needs to leave. She is so evil. Can’t stand her.
Have not heard 1 person that supports her in any way. How she has been in there so long is crazy. Give her walking papers.ASAP

Van (@guest_1082322)
1 year ago

Pelosi, Schummer, Biden, harris are very Bad for the country. All need to be removed, impeached.

John Leske (@guest_1082323)
1 year ago

I agree 100% with Kayleigh McEnany. But of course their are many, many more reasons for her to not be Speaker of the House, and those reasons I’m counting on, will expose her treasonous actions, and agenda to ALL !!

Robert Jurnak (@guest_1082332)
1 year ago

Pelosi Should NOT Be Speaker Ever Again. She Put Her Hatred For Trump Above Everything AND Everyone Else

Gary (@guest_1082336)
1 year ago

…….Send Nancy out of USA with a NO RETURN LABEL stuck to her FOREHEAD……..! !

Norma (@guest_1082382)
Reply to  Gary
1 year ago

I agree with you totally!!!

Linda Scott (@guest_1082341)
1 year ago

I am so glad you have the guts to stand up to Pelosi.I have watched the news for years and I have yet to see anything she has accomplished.lm sure she gets a big check every month and probably a lot of other benefits that go with it.l cannot believe she has been in that position all these years without accomplishing nothing. I am a American citizen and l am telling you it is time for her to go!.There are a lot of people out there that need help right now and on top of that it is Christmas for heaven sakes.l bet you she gets her grandkids what they want for Christmas. Thank you for being a strong leader and stepping up for the American people.

Donna (@guest_1082353)
Reply to  Linda Scott
1 year ago

you got that RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duane (@guest_1082342)
1 year ago

You know what they do with old horses? They gracefully take them to the glue factory. Send Polisi ASAP. Her time has more than expired.

Eddie Price (@guest_1082349)
1 year ago

Thus, the very great need for term limits in the halls of congress!! She will consistently get re-elected if given the opportunity – her war chest is full. No matter who runs against her she will not be outspent. The only way to limit terms is through term limits. Age limits would be nice as well. Sorry, but no one over 80 should be sitting in Congress.

David Lozano (@guest_1082351)
1 year ago

Broom Hilda needs to go to many years being there it’s to sweep her under the carpet

Donna (@guest_1082358)
1 year ago

you said that right,time to go home.. we all have had enough of you…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard (@guest_1082364)
1 year ago

I wish Trump could put out an executive order for term limits. Two years tops. No more lifetime careers for politicians. Period.

Jackie (@guest_1082367)
1 year ago

She and all the demon rats need to be asked who they work for Themselves or the people of America. In fact all Senate and House need to be asked that. If they flinch they need to be gotten rid of, Let the whole country see what happens when they answer so everyone knows who is lying,.

Raymond Tharp (@guest_1082370)
1 year ago

sounds terrible I know , shame on me ,but I am tried of her , maybe she should join Ruth Bader Ginsburg they seam to be on the same side

Mary Kay Knapp (@guest_1082373)
1 year ago

I am all for Nancy Pelosi be removed. I believe she is areal disaster to her party. She does things that no one else would do such as the hair salon deal, which was a an awful thing to do in her position, she often does what’re she feels like doing and does not give a dam about what she says, or does or how she does it. I am very disgusted on the stuf that she has said and the rood remarks she has made about other positions. I believe it is time to so the Woman the door.

Norma Brown (@guest_1082380)
1 year ago

Thank you Kaylee. YOU NAILED IT!!!

Ruth (@guest_1082387)
1 year ago

All the senile democrats who have done nothing but line their pockets with taxpayers money for years are
slowly being voted out! THANK GOD FOR THAT!

Janice Hamman (@guest_1082388)
1 year ago

Claxton 88, or a rope. She likes to wear jewelry around her neck. I think a rope would look especially nice.

Janice Hamman (@guest_1082391)
1 year ago

Oh, and BTW, not every 80 year old is senile. I’m one month younger than she, and I still teach piano, can make a coherent sentence or write one, and can ace some tests. But, I don’t drink alcohol 24/7,

raymond lombardi (@guest_1082397)
1 year ago

Little Peloci needs to be removed asap, I totally agree.
Just because she’s speaker of the house doesn’t mean she can do what she wants without repercussions, specially what she did to Donald Trump!
Please, remove, her!
I don’t care if you tell her everything I say, it’s the god-spoken truth and she can’t do anything to me!

Julie Ann Peiler (@guest_1082406)
1 year ago

The people need to vote her out, and look, the one who has done the most good, ever, is being let go. Our country will never be the same without Donald. How in the world does Biden run on personal civility and keep friends with all of the illegal folks he does. Shame on our country!

Basil Barnes (@guest_1082419)
1 year ago

Any time the Demorats hold up funding, their salaries need to be held up. Plus, all of these laws they come up with and exempt themselves from these stupid laws needs to go. We also need to know who they have on their slush fund list, which is our money they are using for the pay-off’s.

Doris A FRAZIER (@guest_1082420)
1 year ago

I totally agree. She needs to go. She is selfish to her own wants and the hell with the American people.
Honestly I don’t think she is all there. She has gaffes as much as Biden. She has done a horrible job for America and needs to go.

Terry (@guest_1082435)
1 year ago

ALL the while blaming Republicans!!!!! AND if course the Democrat’s believe her, they believe everything she says as she’s lying through her teeth 😅. NO PET PROJECTS Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!! You think Repubicans are stupid like you and SIGN IT to see what’s in it, WE CAN READ!!!!!

Gloria O'Rourke (@guest_1082465)
1 year ago

Way to go Kayleigh! You said it all. God bless you and a big bad shame on Crazy Pelosi. She should be in a straight jacket in a padded cell, deep under ground.

Frances Hayes (@guest_1082495)
1 year ago

Nancy claims to be catholic, she’s not. Nancy is for Nancy & power. She’s a very self-centered & selfish person and that’s saying it nicely. God bless the USA.

Tim Toroian (@guest_1082535)
1 year ago

She is eviler than Joe McCarthy was.

Jan (@guest_1082555)
1 year ago

Pelosi is so corrupt. All for her and the people she likes. She is craxy, lazy, dumb and a total b_____. She needs to be removed permanently from the House. Send her to Calif. to never be heard from again. She only loves herself.

Bruce (@guest_1082632)
1 year ago

This woman hasn’t got enough sense the fill the left eye of a Blind Spider! She doesn’t belong in OUR Govt, she belongs in a nursing home recooperating from stupiditis!

W. H. (Bill) Sterling (@guest_1082697)
11 months ago

Pelosi: SHE is a MUST go With ALL the OTHER DEAD HEADS that HAVE been in CONGRESS since WAY BEFORE HECTOR was A PUP !!!


READ this FAST FOLKS for the DELETE GODS MAY take it off very SOON !!!!

Charlene Eckert (@guest_1082702)
11 months ago

Totally agree

Patty (@guest_1082758)
11 months ago

Bravo kaleigh! Couldn’t have said it better! Yes, Piglosi SHOULD be removed post haste! She thinks she has the speakership in the bag again, but—— not so fast old girl! You may NOT get the votes this time! I would love to see Kevin McCarthy get the speakership!



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