April 17, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany dunks on liberal media’s coverage of rising violence in American cities

Democrats struggled to find any way to criticize President Trump’s Independence Day address, so they quickly moved on to attack Trump’s comments about NASCAR’s handling of the Bubba Wallace noose hoax and the banning of the Confederate flag.

Has @BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!” Trump tweeted on Monday.

The media immediately latched on to the tweet as an admission on Trump’s part that he supports the Confederate flag, bombarding White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany with questions about Trump’s position on the flag.

She lost patience after several questions, slamming the press coverage of Trump’s tweet instead of the real issues America faces. Watch below:

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33 Responses

    1. We the people see thru liberal media propaganda. This dirty media must never be trusted. They continue to campaign for democrats by twisting the truth and villianizing our President without having to answer for their lies…until now ! We will show them in November how much we never believed them..Trump 2020 !


  2. Guess she doesn’t know that they are all more concerned about Bubba’s feelings and something that happened that occurred close to 160 odd years ago than innocent people and children dying today . They need to wake up and Bubbie Butzala needs to grow the hell up and get over it . Next he’ll be crying that racist NASCAR drivers won’t let him win

  3. Bubba didn’t even black he’s mixed the new scared him so bad he forgot he had a white dad

  4. Trump always seems to like smart, attractive women. Kayleigh and Melania fit that description. I have to say that I agree. Kayleigh comes across as not just smart, but crazy smart and not afraid to go after any of the idiots in the press at her briefings.

  5. Good for Kayleigh, it is a sad day when this communist media that is out there does not even care about the real issues facing America!

    1. The main stream media does not understand, that when the communists take over, they will be out of a job. There will be a central news agency, that will censor all content. It will not need all of the editors, and reporters, so called journalists. They will be out of a job. Just goes to show you stupid is as stupid does. keep up the dirty work Acosta. Can’t wait to see you in the rice fields, or a Siberian slave labor camp.

  6. Bless her, She has a heart of gold.Give her a little room to rant , because the press deserves it. If they think people can’t tell what’s going on , they better think again.

  7. Hurray for HER!! The media of this time period deserve to be scolded more frequently than they are. Instead of reporting news worthiness issues that have meaning to life matters, they are too busy reporting Dirt! and stupid meaningless issues, or more simply creating new articles of meaningless ends. In more plainer tones they are too busy trying to fan the flames of hate and blame than more important issues that may have meaning to the multitudes of the human race, and may help everyone get along better and safer. Issues that may help communities exist in a stronger, safer environment, or the need for a stronger better security force to protect the members of a community. They would then be doing the community a greater service. But that is not their goal. Which is quite not their intent.

  8. Sure Glad We Have a Press Secretary that doesn’t Put Up With Any of the S _ _ _..!!!! Probably the
    BEST DARN – Press Secretary there ever was. OH, and YES, she is part of the Trump Greatness….Only
    Our Greatest Press Secretary.!! Good for You….Kayleigh.!!! Keep letting the Media know – where they
    actually stand with the American People, which is close to the bottom of the bucket…..The Media Needs to
    Get Back on a Believeable Status of Reporting.!! I’m so tired of not being able to believe ANY NEWS –
    These Days.!! How Sad is That…!!!???

  9. Kayleigh is one very strong LADY. I would not want to get in an argument with her in an alley. She would outsmart me before I could grab for her. I am so happy that PRESIDENT TRUMP has her in the position she is because she does not back down, accepts all the idiocy questions, is far better prepared than they are and is UNAFRAID. The word intimidation is afraid of her. Keep it up Kayleigh. Your parents did a GREAT job in instilling a strong work ethic, self confidence and poise in you.

  10. Even great Sarah Sanders was not as good as this brilliant Lady. God bless her for ability to deal appropriately with one of the worst enemies of our country and American people – modern media? disgusting slave of demogang.

  11. Kayleigh is outstanding. Nobody seems to care about the shootings and deaths, even the deaths of children. It almost seems like Black Lives Matter only when a black person is killed by a policeman. Do Black Lives NOT Matter when black people are killed by other black people?

  12. Good for her!!! She put them where they needed to be. You ask stupid questions you get stupid prizes

  13. Love Kayleigh! She puts it like it should be and firm on the questions and remarks. Don’t let the fake news get away with anything! She is a huge plus to the White House! Thank you Kayleigh! Thank you so much!!

  14. Typical M S M fake crap make it about race not about people dying all the little rainbow people on M S M parroting what the demon commies tell them to do all these demonrat/communist pigs can’t have a snowballs chance in hell getting Brib em elected if he should win then we know they cheated and we will empeach the Mother
    F. Er. TRUMP 2020—2024

  15. sports fans have no intelligence as they sit enrapped in a sport that takes away any form of mental acquity.. after a game they watch has been sports figures telling them what they just watched —how dumb can you get

  16. Wow! Finally another fighter with a spine besides President Trump. I’d love to see more Conservatives man (or woman) up and be heard. Where are you guys hiding?

  17. Thank you Kayleigh. We’re so proud of you ❤️💙😍💕💙👌. You go Girl 💪👊. Keep up the good work 💪👌💯 winner. God Bless 🙏 you 🙏😇

  18. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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