August 14, 2022

McCarthy: ‘we don’t know’ if Biden could ‘legally’ stay in office if elected

The media may be trying to ignore the scandal about shady foreign business transactions Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family were possibly involved in, but the problem won’t just go away if he wins on Election Day.

On Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) hinted that Biden could be removed from office if he wins next week because of apparent corruption and physical and mental unfitness.

While speculating on President Donald Trump’s re-election prospects, McCarthy touted the GOP incumbent’s enthusiastic supporters who show up to rallies across the nation by the thousands as a positive sign. He juxtaposed that with Biden whom he hasn’t seen “having any rally more past a few hundred people” coupled with his consistent inability to get out and campaign signaling Biden’s poor health.

“The interesting part here is, Joe Biden, for those who know and those who are sitting out asking, they know he cannot sustain that job as a president,” McCarthy later said. “So, if Joe Biden cannot sustain it, one, for the activity we’re finding out now with Hunter Biden and himself — so we don’t know if legally he could stay in the office. You don’t know from his capacity if he has to put a lid on it, almost every other day, from a physical point of view to do the job. But Kamala Harris taking the job of presidency?”

Meanwhile, the president has been able to accomplish so much with “just the number today, 33.1[%] for GDP,” McCarthy continued. “That’s not a good number, Lou, that is the greatest number this country has ever seen in its history. This is the leadership of this president and what the future holds.”

The Biden family is embroiled in a mess that the mainstream media have downplayed and social media suppressed. A cache of private emails revealed how members of Joe Biden’s family allegedly traded on his name and political position to make deals oversees. Tony Bobulinski, one of son Hunter Biden’s former business associates, has gone on the record saying as much and confirming it may have also happened with Joe Biden’s knowledge and consent.

“There’s a possibility that Joe Biden is actually compromised by the Chinese Communist Party,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw, (R-TX) said on Fox News’  “Fox and Friends” Wednesday. “Here’s why,” he continued. “We know for a fact, this is undisputed, that Hunter Biden has gone around the world getting sweetheart deals because of his family’s name.”

Crenshaw, McCarthy, Dobbs, and anyone else paying attention can see that Joe Biden is the most problematic presidential candidate in modern times. Had he not benefited from the assistance of the liberal media in cahoots with Big Tech to run interference, the 2020 presidential race would be a blowout for Trump — and it just might be in spite of that anyway.

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Diane (@guest_1068476)
1 year ago

Don’t only punish Biden drain the swamp get rid of the trash.diane

Dolores (@guest_1068490)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

Also get rid of Kamala Harris. She is the most liberal person out there.

Onederer (@guest_1068502)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

Kamala Harris is even much more dangerous than Mushbrain Biden! She is salivating at becoming the next president. If so, we’ll quickly become the next bannanna republic. No more private property. Digital currency that can be cut off at the will of the dictator, if they don’t like you. No more trains, or planes. You’ll have to swim to Europe. Hook up a horse to your car. No more gas. Everyone gets herded to small town apartments for easy manipulation and control. No more country living for youse. Privacy, that will become an antiquated thought. Religion, yeah, worship the Gov’t ala the Chicoms.

And this only touches the surface! Just say good-bye America!

Sallie (@guest_1068599)
Reply to  Onederer
1 year ago

Kamala will not get away with coming in the back door of the White House. She has not earned that privilege and the American people know it …most don’t like her for it.

Doc (@guest_1068612)
Reply to  Onederer
1 year ago

Don’t forget La,Nancy !!?? even worse !!

DeadTiredOfLeft (@guest_1068510)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

Kameltoes is the FIRST contact point for bringing others into the BIDEN FAMILY BUSINESS in 2017, her first year as a Senator.

I fully believe she dropped out of the Presidential primary because her candidacy was to get her some NATIONAL recognition–not for Senatorial accompllshments…because Ovomit couldn’t wait another 4 yrs. She dropped out before Iowa not because of running out of money or her unpopularity. She agreed to run as “VP” behind a Joe Biden becsuse Ovomit didn’t want Bernie running as President.

The Democrat Communist Fascists know they are nor ready for prime-time because they don’t have enough Senators & House members on board.

So it’s a win-win even w/Joe.

The Redhawk (@guest_1068517)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

SO if LEGALLY HE CAN BE DETAINED ,,,,,IS this why Antifa with CCP/DNC/ Wall Street are Plannong a total insurrection in MOST BLUE STATES/Coties for 5 Nov 2020???? Are FBI nad DOJ really at WORK on this TREASON ISSUES???

robert sanders (@guest_1068543)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

send them all to hell

Spurn (@guest_1068479)
1 year ago

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Biden is totally compromised driven by his own greed to sell his office and influence disgusting politics. Shameful that an election is underway and this apparent corruption exists and media ignores the Elephant in the room. Fie!

Dolores (@guest_1068493)
Reply to  Spurn
1 year ago

We don’t need a president/Vice President like these two. They would totally run-in our country.
Be careful how you vote, it depends on our lives.

Van (@guest_1068483)
1 year ago

Trump 2020, Republicans will keep the Senate, take back the House. God bless America.

judy (@guest_1068486)
Reply to  Van
1 year ago

We sure hope so !!! Drain that nasty swamp and get rid of corrupt name a few, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and that nasty little creature AOC and her pals…they are no good for this country or congress!

Linda Evans (@guest_1068496)
Reply to  Van
1 year ago

Yes, they will take It back & I second GOD BLESS AMERICA

Julio Carr (@guest_1068497)
Reply to  Van
1 year ago

These are our prayers.
In God we trust.

Mary Mendonca (@guest_1068744)
Reply to  Van
1 year ago

Well said. Cheers to you

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1068487)
1 year ago


Howard (@guest_1068519)
Reply to  Daniel R Smith Sr
1 year ago

Right Daniel, fired as in firing squad!!!!

Tom (@guest_1068488)
1 year ago

Joe Biden should not be allowed to run for President, he should be disqualified for being in bed with the Chinese. This goes much deeper than the Chinese, it involves Ukraine, Iran, Russia, just to name a few. I can’t believe the fake news would want this man in office.

If I were one of the fortunate ones, and Biden got elected, as much as I hate to say it, I would leave the USA. This is a sad state of affairs.

CHARLES E THOMAS (@guest_1068492)
1 year ago

With the current cache of evidence that has arised to if nothing else pose as a very serious possibility of Abuse of Office, Quid Pro Quo and Bribery, Joe Biden needs to concentrate on protecting and clearing his name and record if nothing else. If, again I say IF one third of all that has surfaced has any validity than Joe Biden would be Compromised a POTUS, should he win on Tuesday. I total fairness to the American people and Joe Biden supporters. He should be made to step down and away from his candidacy and the Democrats be allowed 60 days to select a replacement candidate, instead of an automatic move up for Harris. As I totally believe that Harris is not a viable replacement Candidate given her poor showing as a previous nominee. Don’t get me wrong I am an Independent was votes Conservative and would love nothing better than to see a forfeit from Biden and an automatic victory for Trump as they are the two Candidates for President. But I do not believe that would be a fair deal for those who have already voted for Biden or those who are planning to vote for him. I believe that Harris is the Democrat Backdoor Candidate but that still does not offer those who have or would have voted for Biden. But Justice is of a paramount issue here especially for the office of the President and the future direction of the nation under the leadership of the Office.

MARY WOLF (@guest_1068513)
1 year ago

AMEN to you all, you’ve done a good job of spelling it out, but how do we get the rest of America to hear it and believe it as truth????

Howard (@guest_1068521)
Reply to  MARY WOLF
1 year ago

The rest of America chooses to believe the lies on the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc. They might actually have to think if they dared to get the truth. In other words, don’t confuse me with the facts!! I’ve already made up my mind!!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1068554)
1 year ago

Well maybe it’s the Clinton mafia the FBI n DOJ is so scared of. They also have to be fired right along w the rest of the swamp creatures. We the people have spoken.

Marsha Smith (@guest_1068600)
1 year ago

The e-mails are proof enough.

JC (@guest_1068608)
1 year ago

The whole bunch should be in jail for a very long time and it should happen now! That ticket should be disqualified and Trump re-elected!

Carol (@guest_1068627)
1 year ago

Get rid of Harris now! and Biden, the rest of them. None of them are fit to be in the USA gov.

bruce cagenello (@guest_1068647)
1 year ago

What a potential MESS
the Republicans MUST win !!!

mightywarrior77 (@guest_1068684)
1 year ago

The Dirty Democrats know Most Americans would not Vote for Radical Harris So they Put her in the VP spot because Biden is incapable to run this nation. They will remove Biden because Of His health & Put Harris on top if they get elected. Both of them can not get elected or America would become a communist dictatorship one party rule. Higher Taxes, Americans forking money to cover for Illegals, Green New Deal which would destroy American Jobs, loosing freedoms.

Jorge Barreiro (@guest_1068694)
1 year ago


Phillip W Lewis (@guest_1068725)
1 year ago

TREASONOUS ACTS. votes Conservative and would love nothing better than to see a forfeit from Biden and an automatic victory for Trump

nana dee (@guest_1069357)
1 year ago

Biden and her, I can’t say her name. I don’t understand why the media is not telling the truth. Donald Trump just needs 4 more years to clean the swamp. I only hope the Democratic Party cleans their swamp and cleans out their party of so much evil. We all need to help our President continue his wonderful good work. He loves our Country as do I. God bless America.

Wesley Shorts (@guest_1070329)
1 year ago

? if Harris is an anchor baby and therefore may not be qualified.



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