May 24, 2022

McCarthy reluctant to say impeachment would be on his agenda if Republicans take the House

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy isn’t quite ready to impeach President Joe Biden if Republicans take the House of Representatives in the upcoming midterm elections.

According to a report by The Washington Examiner, McCarthy, who is thought likely to be the next House speaker, was noncommittal about whether his party will vehemently pursue an impeachment push against the current commander-in-chief.

McCarthy cited the way Democrats treated impeachment like a weapon against the previous president, saying he doesn’t want to do the same thing if he is able to take over as House leadership.

“Look, one thing we learned that the Democrats did is they used impeachment for political reasons,” McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo in an interview that aired Sunday.

“We believe in the rule of law,” he added. “We’re not going to pick and choose just because somebody has power. We’re going to uphold the law.

“At any time, if someone breaks the law and the ramification becomes impeachment, we would move towards that, but we’re not going to use it for political purposes.”

McCarthy was referencing the constant threat of impeachment used against former President Donald Trump, including the accusations that he incited the Capitol Hill riots.

Biden is facing similarly vehement frustration from Republicans on issues like the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the record-breaking illegal immigration at the southern border.

However, McCarthy says that Republicans want to calm the political waters when it comes to the Oval Office but said he wouldn’t rule out impeachment if the situation demanded it: “Our focus is going to be securing our border, making us energy independent, bringing these prices down, making our schools and streets safe again, and holding this administration accountable,” the California Republican said.

“And we will take the facts to wherever the facts go because America’s been through too much with people playing politics with the concept of impeachment. But if it rises to that level, we would have the law determine that.”

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Antogeny (@guest_1285798)
1 month ago

I get why Republicans wouldn’t rush to impeach Ole Joe. He’s demented; Hyena Harris thinks like a 2-year old. Not much difference. Add in Piglosi, and the country has a clown car. No wonder the WHOLE WORLD is laughing at us. Who knew the Saudis had a sense of humor – even if WE are the butt of their jokes? I think everyone who voted for a demented old fool and an airhead should forfeit their right to vote – forever. I’ve said our education system has been failing us since the 70’s. If you don’t have an educated populace (one too smart to elect a demented old fool), you cannot maintain a democracy. I am very afraid this country is circling the drain…



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