May 13, 2021

McCarthy reaches out to President Trump, secures support for 2022 elections

After using harsh language towards President Trump on January 6th, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) seems to have reversed course to reach out to the former president. McCarthy met with President Trump at Mar-a-lago in southern Florida on Thursday.

According to McCarthy after the fact, the talks were fruitful, and the former President reportedly confirmed that he will campaign for Republican party candidates in the 2022 elections — despite prior hints that he was done with the GOP. 

Republicans like McCarthy and former Senate Majority Leader were caught completely off-guard on January 6th. They almost immediately adopted the Democrat narrative that President Trump incited the “storming of the Capitol,” even though the president told his supporters to protest election fraud peacefully. Many Republicans were quick to pile on President Trump that day. Trump supporters are disgusted with Republicans ready to turn on the now-former president as soon as an accusation is leveled by Democrats and are talking about forming a third party.

McCarthy, himself in danger of voter displeasure, reached out to President Trump to join forces to maintain and grow Republican representation in Washington D.C.

According to a statement after the meeting, McCarthy disclosed that Donald Trump “committed to helping elect Republicans in the House and Senate in 2022. A Republican majority will listen to our fellow Americans and solve the challenges facing our nation.”

President Trump helped usher in many new Republican House members in the 2020 election, giving McCarthy a better chance of thwarting at least some of the Democrat majority’s plans. McCarthy acknowledged that achievement in the statement:

House Republicans and the Trump administration achieved historic results for all Americans. We were able to do this because we listened to and understood the concerns of our fellow citizens that had long been ignored. As a result, House Republicans defied the experts and the media by expanding our growing coalition across the country.

President Trump also brought many new and diverse voters into the GOP, but they are there because of Trump, not because of Republicanism.  If Republicans can present a united and loyal front with President Trump’s help, they have a good chance of gaining the majority in the House and the Senate in 2022.

Further assuring Trump supporters, McCarthy condemned the Democrat attempt to impeach the former president a second time in his statement:

Democrats, on the other hand, have only put forward an agenda that divides us — such as impeaching a President who is now a private citizen and destroying blue-collar energy jobs. For the sake of our country, the radical Democrat agenda must be stopped.

It took McCarthy a while to circle back to the source of the Republicans’ success in the 2020 election, but at least he did. He seems committed to repairing the rift in the party.

“A united conservative movement will strengthen the bonds of our citizens and uphold the freedoms our country was founded on.”

Republicans have a chance to regain Trump supporters’ trust during the impeachment trial scheduled to begin on February 8th. The former president’s supporters will be watching.

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75 Responses

  1. Back biting RINOs. Ohhhh!!!! now we like Trump. Watch the pet rattle snakes Donald.
    Once a RINO always a RINO. Get rid of them!!! Loyal conservatives ONLY. No more back biters!!!!

    1. You will know how sincere McCarthy is if he leads house Republicans and all Patriots in Congress to complete a full and forensic investigation into the criminal and treasonous actions on the November abd Georgia runoff elections. After all there is no statute of limitation on treason and voter fraud! It is time every honest American stopped acting like there is!

    2. I agree watch out for these RINOS they are back stabbers we need fresh loyal supporters for president Trump not these has been traitors, I support anything president Trump does he’s for America always has been and always will be.

      1. Guess they needed ugly girls. If BLM can be nominated for a Nobel anything is possible in the Bizarro world. I guess ugly is pretty 🤮🤮🤮🤮?

      2. …. FORMER president tRump!!! … you left out a few words and got some very wrong … he’s “NOT” for America NEVER has been and NEVER will be. Time to come on up out of that rabbit hole and come to terms with reality.

        1. And I suppose you think Biden is. The only thing Joe is interested in is his criminal family and keeping himself and his criminal son out of prison.

        2. Vega, you must have been sleeping for a long time. If you are old enough to look back at the Obama/ Biden administration, you would know the economy was struggling, they were putting every other country 1st. Obama is not a trustworthy person or leader, neigher is Biden. Corrupt as hell, lied, cheated, stole, spied on the public. At least Trump improved the economy, put the americans 1st, didn’t mislead the public. You may not of liked what he said or how he said it, but in the end he was correct and the radical liberals were wrong.

        3. Anything that Vega states is pure liberal…………Liberals are not trust worthy and are constant liars…..They never have been educated to understand that the DEMS/RINOS have NEVER had reality, just like the libs.

    3. Hey, Republicans in Congress. You are to late. We, the people will not support cowards, traitors, back-stabbers . You want support for 2012 ? You should think about it when Dems were stilling election!! Decent people do not support low-life figures.

  2. Former President should align himself with true Republicans. McCarthy is a light weight. True people are Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Blackburn, Paul, Rubio, Gaetz, and the list goes on. McCarthy is a turncoat like Graham. Get rid of them. Mr. President keep up the strong allegiance!

    1. He is going to campaign for the Republicans in 2022, but he will run for second term in 2024, RIGHT? It would be great if he ran for GOVERNOR of NY in 2022 and then for President in 2024!!!

      1. By the time Biden/Obama/Soros/Clinton get done with this Country in four years there will never be another Republican elected to anything above dog catcher. Why? Because they intend if not stopped to pack the courts, one nominee is Obama himself or possibly Michael. Then they want to do away with the Electoral College but of course that would be Unconstitutional right? Not after they pack the Supreme Court with 4 other Ultra-Left Liberals. Then they want to flood the country with millions more illegals with Soros “Open Borders” unless stopped they will do that, millions of new Democrat voters and all they need after doing away with Electoral College is a simple majority of the popular vote to win. That means that Chicago, New York, California would elect every President going forward since they have a majority of the population in Democrat run cities and states. The next big push by the commie loving SOB’s will be to come for everyone’s guns just like Germany did to the Jews. Jews had no idea what would happen next, but now we do, don’t think it couldn’t happen here, with power mad billionaires supporting Ultra-Leftist agenda it can.

    2. Praying that will be the case🙏 Have voted Republican for many years BUT don’t think they were helpful to President Trump very much! Hopefully they will be honestly helping if he runs again. More action and less USING him for themselves!

  3. McCarthy is a backstabbing Moron, that does not deserve President Trump’s support. McCarthy is just another SWAMP creature, like McConnell and they all need to be removed from their Political Offices immediately. These Corrupt idiots turned on President Trump instead of having his back… McCarthy needs a strong Challenger to remove him from the United States of America Congress….

    1. I totally agree – McCarthy is only looking out for himself – like Graham and they both realize our president has the power to ruin them!! Both turncoats in my mind.

      1. Oh Syl … you are not facing reality … “our president” is President Biden … sorry you don’t like that but as they say … elections have consequences …. tRump lost … Biden won .. now, hopefully, we can recover from the chaos and damage tRump caused for the last 4+ years … and also trying to overturn an election has consequences.

    1. I tried to vote NO on BObama being appointed to the SCourt. It wouldn’t take another NO vote. WHEN DO WE GET TO acTually VOTE FOR PRESIDENT and votes be accurately counted. WHERE are the 30 out of 100 who are supporting JBiden?

  4. Trump did not start Trumpism he started what is really known as freedom loving Americanism known as being a patriot who put in order God, country and than ones self. Which is the exact opposite of the neo Nazi party some call democrats want

  5. Better have Trump support, kill this illegal impeachment or there needs to be an American party. For Americans, not illegal immigrants or foreign countries! AMERICA first in all policies!!!

  6. I have to agree with Wally. I am not convinced McCarthy is on the up and up as he too chose to turn his back on our president. President Trump be cautious of the RINO’s and their agendas.

  7. Well President Trump said he would campaign for Republican party candidates. He didn’t say “all” Republican party candidates which may exclude those who didn’t support him and, of course, the RINOS.

    1. He campaigned for RHINO ROMNEY and I “DOUBT” you will see that again and I doubt that he will spend much time with the other RHINO’s! Need to get rid of all the TURNCOATS in Congress and the Senate and put SOLID TRUMP supporters in their place!!!

  8. WE THE PEOPLE have saved videos of congress and senators who back staved our PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP. He May indorse you but WE THE PEOPLE don’t have to vote for you and your flip flopping tongues. When WE THE PEOPLE needed your support you let US down. If you want WE THE PEOPLE’s help stop bill gate’s chem-trailing chemical warfare by releasing COVID-19 with bacteria added on the elderly. It’s a known fact he’s spraying this 🐂💩on the elderly and the young weak children. gates is spraying COVID-19 around the world to prep for his nwo agendas. It doesn’t take Einstein to figure it out. SEMPER FIDELIS

  9. I BELIEVE President TRUMP SHOULD LEAD a 3rd party. It is the only way to get rid of the rino’s. If all 75+ million of us would send 5.00 to the new party it would be a nice start for 22 elections. Without Paul and Cruz Repulicrates have no one. Both are welcome to join the new party!! Republican party has been screwing us for years . It’s time to end them.

  10. Every dam one of those idiots turned their backs on President Trump, now because they have been told that well over 30,000 people quit the party they now have to go beg for him to take them back and once that’s finished they will throw him under the bus again, and I am sorry, if he puts up a challenger to some of these Rino’s and wants help to get them in office I will try to help but as of right now, I am finished with the GOP and Ronna and the RNC When people like those turn their back on a President over something as simple as a rush on the capital They do not deserve his help, especially when he has been stedd fast in calling for these dirt bag Gov and Mayors to allow him to send in the Guard to help put down the nasty people Antifia and BLM But the Stupid people in the Pentagon said they had no role in that either and now look at where all the Guard are and may wind up never being any where else but DC Shame On the Military

  11. He already has the list of the 10 that were going to go for the impeachment scam and said he would remember. I am sure he will

  12. We Patriots need to keep the pressure on our Senators and House Members to ensure that they know we stand for a FREE America and our constitutional rights. I write to my Senators every time there is something they need to focus on for our beliefs and our moral foundations as a nation. Lately, I have been emailing a lot. My Senators do respond to my emails and sometimes write letters. I also attempt to email other GOP members in both houses; however, it is not allowed on some of their sites if you are not a resident in their state. I let them know in phone calls and emails what I expect them to do to earn their salaries, that we pay by working our jobs and running our small businesses. We must be vigilant and make sure they know we are watching and will make them accountable for the decisions they make on our behalf.

    One of the most important things President Trump did for me was to make me more concerned, more observant, and more mindful of the people we put in office and the decisions they make that influence our lives. I now have a different perspective of Politicians and Washington DC and frankly, I do not like what I see.

    1. I Agree. I also agree with Senator Ted Cruz place term limits on legislators Congress and Senators.That would be a start. I say no longer than 10 yrs. For all of them.

  13. You can bet that our wonderful president Trump will remember who the RINOs are. He will help a new slate in 2022 to get elected. Then the Donald will run in 2024. GA is in the process of requiring a copy of your drivers license or other gov ID to get an absentee ballot. When you mail in your absentee ballot it will require a copy of your gov. Issued ID to accompany it. Just like voting in person. Should be a National requirement. Helps Stop voter fraud and dead people voting.

  14. I find ,after 70+ years, that few are true conservatives. Most are Yes people who just want to gain power and get that overpaid pay check. If you become a millionair from a $170k salery in a period of Four years, YOU are a crook. You shouldn’t be in power.

    1. Been asking that question for years and have yet to get answer….no wonder so many crooks want to be politicians. Just look at some of the billionaires…Pelosi, Schumer, O’Connell, Mad Max, and now we can add McCarthy, Romney, etc. And where has Rhonna been during all of this? No where to be seen or heard from. I would tell Mr. Trump, do not support any of the back stabbers including McCarthy….they cannot be trusted and all they see is a fat paycheck.

    2. Well said & let’s look @ king Obama –
      Came in community organizer left a multi multi multi millionaire- homes everywhere – lots of back door dealings & payoffs – hmmmmm Iran anyone????

  15. Liz Cheney is a Democrat insider and Globalist! I am not a Republican and will never be even though I have to stand against the Dictatorial Democrats and the Evil ways while destroying our country and Constitution. Those of you who are able better prepare yourself quickly!

    1. Many of us walking away from RINO REPUBLICAN PARTY!!! They caved while DND (DEEP SWAMP) stole our votes our voices our election- it was heartbreaking to watch but a true eye opener!!!!

  16. I trust Donald J. Trump to be the President of the United States because:
    (1) President Trump will make the decisions that are best for our Republic. His accomplishments in his first term in office attests to this truth.
    (2) President Trump possesses discernment and will know who to trust or not to trust. I have been deeply disappointed by those Republicans (declared RHINOS and others who lied about their commitment to him such as McCarthy). The political games these dissenters played hurt our Republic spiritually and economically.
    (3) President Trump is authentic; what you see is what you get. He genuinely loves America, and America loves him.


  18. President Trump can rise above him and the politicians and now it is clear the Republican party will need President Trump to stay strong time such this our President Trump can rise above and support the Republican party so can we the people – rise above support the future party and our 2024 future President Trump ( 🙏) we pray we all need to stand strong together – Peace

  19. Insanity reigns here. Putin is delighted. The UnAmerican Digest spreads the fascist propaganda. Would be dictator Donald has you by the tender parts. He has not the slightest interest in any of you except for your vote to help destroy the United States of America, bolster his attraction to immoral women and increase his personal wealth.
    Shame on all of you.

    1. Where do you get your information? The lying MSM? Anyone with half a brain can see that the demoncrats are the downfall of this country! Biden and his lying cronies are going to screw the nation. How can you not see that? I cannot understand how so many of you are so stupid and blind to the left. Bidens, Pooploseys, Harris and the rest of them are so power hungry they can’t see straight. They claim to give money everywhere except Americans. Where do you think it really goes? In their pockets you can be sure! So don’t hand me Trump wants to destroy US and bolster his wealth. He had wealth before going to DC. Your side is the fascists, why can’t you see that?

    2. Why don’t you read somewhere else, you must either be rich, or believe all the propaganda the democrats have fed you. You have to create jobs before you take away and you have to educate yourself before you make comments that make yourself look so stupid.

  20. Pres.45 asked Rhinos to take out 230 in Military Bill, Wasn’t going approve Base Names from past Soliders,& the Insruretion Act was in it.They past it anyway. Kevin M.has let His own state California burn down our FOOD BASKET.JAN.6 FF.OUR OWN Military didn’t stand up to Coup.HR1 Bill takes our votes away.Your Votes don’t Matter.RNC Chair Rhonna involved w/machines So is her uncle Mitt R.The NWO in Charge.Patriots are being HUNTED DOWN.PEDIPHILES BACK IN OFFICE.OUR COUNTRY HAS FALLEN

  21. I have been a contributing (monthly) member of the republican party for 10 years. I stopped last year when it was obvious that the party was not supporting President Trump’s re-election, and after all he has done for republicans. Now I only contribute to President Trump. I am glad McCarthy finally got his act together and met with the Pres. Now let’s see if he is all words, and no meaning, but the guy that needs to get on a plane to south Florida is Mitch McConnell (Kentucky). He has caused almost as much damage to Trump as the democrat’s, and as majority leader of the Senate, I hold him responsible for Trump not getting re-elected. There was so much that could have been done before the election to stop the democrat’s from stealing the election. Republicans sat back and did nothing. McConnell would have lost in November if it weren’t for Trump. He owes Trump everything!

  22. I am NOT for starting a 3rd party. Ross Perot did this in 1992 and I voted for him–dissatisfied with the Republican party even back then. But 3rd parties split the conservative vote. We only need to get rid of a handful of Rinos and traitors for Patriots to control the Republican Party. All energy should be focuses on that. Now is the time. Our people are finally ready. We need to hand pick all candidates who are running in 2022. And place patriot republicans in those slots.

  23. Well l think if they will show they listen to the American people, almost 75 million Americans who want a full, honest investigation of the stolen 2020 election (s) and don’t give me the courts found no evidence.. should be reported as courts, legislators, governors etc would not look at evidence, changed laws illegally and on and on. All the info is out there but no-one seems to give a flip about rectifying this blatantly obvious crime. So, republicians listen to us… clean this atrocity up and l will believe you.. until then I hope there is a Patriot Party with our real President Trump and I will gleefully join it and support it fully!

  24. Comes down to whoever Donald Trump campaigns for and backs is who I will vote for and wants to stand him in the back be sure to remember you stabbed him in the back which means you did the same thing cuz every voter that voted for Donald Trump do not think your job is safe you can and will be replaced

  25. My vote will go to Trump whatever his party affiliation. Both remaining parties are scared to death he’ll form a new party. If he does he’ll have the backing of the 75 to 90 million that actual voted for him along with many who voted for the marxist puppet imbecile Biden who is fast turning our Country into Venezuela.

  26. At this rate do you think the US can last till 2022, Biden hasn’t been in office 2 weeks and he has destroyed 1000s’ of jobs, sending trillions of dollars overseas with no way of paying for it or jobs to bring in taxes with our country in crisis, planning re-education (prison) camps for us conservatives, turning neighbor against neighbor, turning our government into a Nazi style regime. During World War II the Nazis’ had gun registration, took guns from most of the citizens, rounded up those that didn’t conform to their way of thinking, this sounds very much like what the democrats are doing now and saying they are just trying to prevent domestic terrorism. An underground and militias’ are already forming in our country and I am on their side unless someone can show me another way to stop these power hungry politicians, mainly democrats.


  28. Yes I will support Republican Party if it is kind to Donald Trump. Anyone could see that he only wanted his followers to s how their support of their President on January 6th.

    Absolutely all the rally s he has had have been positive. He is a man of law and order…..not chaos. I believe all of you know that already and I want all the anger and vitriol towards him to absolutely stop. I want you all stop this impeachment proceedings immediately….we need to get to work on saving America from communism and we cannot get work done if we are fighting.

  29. Accomplishments?? Please tell us what they are? I have to give him credit for over 30,000 false or misleading claims … a/k/a “LIES” … and his ability to get people like you to either believe him or not care that he is a pathological liar …must give him credit where credit is due … otherwise really have to wonder what you like about what is happening in America … that you claim he genuinely loves. And no … America does not love him. Some in America do but not most … but of course you don’t get it that Biden won!

  30. ENOUGH already POOR TRUMP whoever recommended those two USELESS A.G. picks SESSIONS & BARR should be shot! Mr. TRUMP needs a whole new political party screw all these backstabbing RINO’S ?

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