October 3, 2022

McCarthy: Pelosi’s proxy voting rule is an ‘unconstitutional’ power grab

Speaker Pelosi’s secret plot was just blown wide open by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who exposed the real reason she has refused to call the House back into session, instead, instituting a new proxy voting rule.

“This is endangering the Constitution to ensure Pelosi has more power,” McCarthy said on Wednesday. “Our Constitution, our country expects us to convene,” he continued, pointing to several examples of other catastrophic events in US history that did not prevent Congress from meeting in person.

“63 Democrats are not coming to work, and they’re still being paid,” McCarthy explained. “They were able to come to work a couple of weeks ago but now they can’t. Why? Because it empowers Nancy Pelosi to have all the power. Only 20 members can hold all the proxies to be able to pass bills they want on the floor — unheard of. And it is not what the founders believed this country should do.”

House Republicans filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to block the proxy voting rule, which was approved in a party-line vote two weeks ago, characterizing it as an unprecedented and partisan power grab.

Pelosi responded to the accusations on Tuesday, saying that the rule change was meant to “save lives, defeat the virus and grow the economy,” calling the lawsuit an act of “dangerous obstruction.”

Watch McCarthy’s full remarks below: (H/T Fox News)



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