April 11, 2021

McCarthy goes after coronavirus ‘relief bill,’ says it’s a payoff for Pelosi’s friends

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package a “waste of money” and a “payoff” to the “political friends” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in an interview on Fox & Friends Friday.

McCarthy outlined the expansive work already done on vaccine rollout, which was one of the key selling points of the bill, and credited the incredible American fortitude and ingenuity that he believes are responsible for gains made since COVID hit. 

The House Minority Leader then went after the excessive spending in the massive taxpayer-funded spending spree.

“Your money is going to pay for illegal immigrants’ healthcare,” McCarthy blazed. “Your money also is being sent to San Francisco city where your money will be spent giving alcohol and marijuana to the homeless.”

“That is what that bill is doing and two-thirds of the money for the schools don’t even come forward to 2023 and there is a trillion dollars still sitting there from the five bills we’ve already passed. This is a waste of money, less than 9% is going to Covid. This is a payoff to Pelosi’s political friends,” he declared. 

Republicans appear to be working in concert to cut off Pelosi’s credibility ahead of their efforts in the 2022 election to retake the House of Representatives. 

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert released a video attacking the House Speaker where she called for Pelosi to “tear down this wall” in reference to the razorwire still encircling the capital building. 

The Republican Party, led by politicians like McCarthy (and some would still say, former President Donald Trump) likely recognizes this time as their golden opportunity to use Americans’ frustration with corruption in the political process as the foothold they need to regain strength. And they will need all the strength they can get to fend off Democrats’ ever-increasing mad grab for power. 

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62 Responses

    1. I totally agree – In my opinion, she is the enemy of the State; the enemy of honesty and definitely is not thinking of the American people when she sponsors’ ridiculous bills that hurt the economy, and is anti-constitution.

  1. Are honest democrats happy with this woman as a representative of the values they hold dear? Why are they doing nothing to rid themselves of this stain on their decency. Surely they cannot all be corrupt careerists? The future of the nation is in their hands, because the Republicans have failed.

    1. Well, yes they all CAN be corrupt careerists. And even if a few are NOT, they are too scared to stand up to the corrupt careerists!

  2. Yep. Prisoners (including the Boston Marathon Bomber) and 22 million illegals are getting $1409. Plus federal employees who have has increased childcare costs due to COVID get and additional $1400 per week for 20 weeks. Your tax dollars at work.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is a complete IDIOT. Same with dear old Biden. Oh, let’s not forget that Harris should be included. IMPEACH THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. She’s not an idiot…she’s a corrupt old hag who needs to be dragged out of the Capitol by her hair! Well, that would be ideal, but I guess we have to wait for the next election to kick her out legally!

      1. Yes, but California has to kick her out–she is supposedly representing THEM–and the Land of Fruits and Nuts apparently LOVES Nasty Nancy because they keep re-electing her!

    2. AGREE! These Democrats, everyone of them are evil to the core. Pelosi in nothing but an arrogant, ignorant, old hag that should be thrown out of office immediately. The Democrats are crooked every single one of them. Look at Hillary, (as I call her LUCIFER HILLARY) and Pelosi is her twin. They live in mansions and neither of them have no
      care for America & Americans! All they do are lie, lie, and lie again. Their ego is so high both of them think they are above the laws of this country. Look at how long Pelosi stalled the stimulus package! We need these career idiots to be impeached. They need to go NOW!

      1. I agree they need to be removed from office, but that doesn’t go far enough. Once removed they should be indicted and tried for treason. There should be more than enough evidence to convict.

      1. Shooting would be faster. Oh that’s right, they don’t want us to have the 2nd amendment right to bear arms against enemies within and without the country. And we all know the demoncrats are our country’s enemies. They need to be stopped immediately. Pelosi owns California and the Governor. They are relatives. Wow, and they complained about Trump and his staff. At least they knew what they were doing. They are business people. God help us and God bless America.

  4. Pay Day for All the Inept States who are Incapable of Managing their own Budgets ! Mot to Mention the BILLIONS $ going to Foreign Nations that Stuff the Windfall winnings into their Elites Pockets Never going to those who NEED It ! The Marxists Demorats magic wand !

  5. For some reason, Pelosi thinks that American workers’ taxes is for her to spend anyway she pleases. She is nothing but a greedy idiot.

  6. The same old story. Corruption at its most disgusting level because the Leaders of this Demonic Party have no shame nor pride anymore. They are so disgusting they are playing with fire. People have had it up to their eyebrows with this garbage. No wonder that skinny old witch built a 10 foot high fence topped with barbed wire to keep the citizenry out. She knows she’s gone too far and now she’s worried about it!!!

  7. This congress is so corupt that unless we get busy and try to vote in some honest Republicans our country is done for and it breaks my heart to see such a great nation sink to the level that we are ashamed. I guess Obama is getting what he said during his administration that people were ashamed of us, well now we are ashamed of our congress!!!

  8. 🤔so if you don’t follow the law you get rewarded! Unbelievable!! The only people that should get this money are” United States citizens, no exceptions!! What a total disgrace 🤬come 2022 the republicans need to flip 6 seats! Then they need to go after Pelosi, Schumer, for starters!🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Only REVOLUTION can help. All red states have to stand up otherwise talking or calling or comments not help.

  10. I kept telling myself before the election, that all democrats are not corrupt. I thought the honest
    Americans in the bunch (the ones who ran for congress to help solve our problems) would step up and
    be heard. But for some reason, that did not happen. Just like some of the Republicans who wimp out and
    let the radicals run the show. People – you all have a vote – use it to take back our country. Why did
    you run for congress in the first place? I do not believe you joined the club just to become a member
    of the club – you thought you had a chance to help our country – now help our country. We need you.

  11. To restuff next budget bill: Id add these from our side:

    Term Limits for House & Senate & Supreme Court & GS 7 employees
    Cut pensions
    Privitize Govt food services for Senate & House.
    Reform OMB & OPM
    Automate more
    Reduce manpower
    Cut Cong & Senate staffing
    No budget= No pay
    Pay for Performance
    Work for lobbying firm after 10 years from leaving office

    Add yours

  12. What we need to do is take back our country, lets go to the wh and take back our country. They are taking away Christian values and our voting rights so let’s go take back our country with every means possible. I don’t understand why we can’t impeach the president ,Vice President, pelosi, shummer, all democrates thats siding with this movement. This is America not some communist country, so let’s go show them how’s country this is. It’s not about black or white it’s about our rights!!!!!

    1. Please Bradley don’t go there, you will be caught on camera and go to jail. They want that to happen. They love locking up Conservatives. I hate Biden, Pelosi and schmuck the ho ho Harris who did nothing for us California’s. They are all corrupt. That fence is up there because they know they stole the election and it was going to finally come out. This is how they locked themselves in so no one could touch them. Sickos!

  13. To take back our country we start with REMOVING NANCY PELOSY FROM OFFICE NOW FOR ABUSE OF POWER.
    We have her for:

    Then we go for Biden/Harris & the rest!!

  14. All I can say is if Biden does not like the way a Neanderthal thinks, then he should quit hiring them. Case in point Jen Psaki, if she circles back any more I will be getting dizzy.
    Oh! is that Jen Psaki, or Gin Psaki, it gets confusing.

  15. Agree with all posts! One question, mr. Mc Carthy, instead of talking, why aren’t you doing something about that old hag?

  16. why aren;t the senisble/sane demo;s fighting against her – she is the leader in chief in destroying the USA

  17. News Flash there media idiots New Zealand came out publicly to their citizens stating the Coronavirus pandemic was nothing but a Propaganda Campaign no one in New Zealand died of Coronavirus it never existed in New Zealand! So with America being the only country still pushing HYPE and BS about the imaginary disease of Covid-19 when do we get to finally stop wearing masks for no reason and gain back all of the rights that the DemoRAT Party stole from us including unseating the FRAUD IN Chief and reinstating the actual fair and honest winner of the election Donald J Trump! Everyone knows the Plandemic was just something fabricated to steal the election!!!!!

  18. First off, I will never accept Joe Biden as the President of these United States of America. He has now destroyed his legacy as once being a Senator and a Vice President. The DEMONCRATS inclusive of Queen Nancy must not be aware of what WE THE PEOPLE, feel and believe. There are nearly 75 million of us who have been totally DISENFRANCHISED of our Voice, our Vote, because various judges and our Supreme Court, and various state officials that have been voted or appointed into office have basically stated that approximately 16 million ILLEGAL votes are more important than we the true legal citizens, you know the real “TaxPayers”. Those votes were made by multiple counted ballots, or those people who voted from the grave, or those people who voted illegally because of their age, and of course the ILLEGALS who voted without being a Citizen, or those who were not even registered to Vote. If you do not believe that, then give Donald Trump and his staff the opportunity to offer such proof to an open and free venue and allow our Voices to be heard. That is our Constitutional Right, that WE THE PEOPLE are the true voice of these United States of America. Not this DEMONCRAT corrupt form of politics that is being forced down upon us now. I believe that there are “True American Democrats, that believe in our Constitution, that believe that WE THE PEOPLE are the reason that they have taken their OATH of Office, well now is there chance to prove it. LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD, RECOUNT THE TRUE VOTES NOW.

  19. Guess we know now who the dictator is that is running this country. It is the wicked witch of the west!

  20. Is is true that everyone surrounding the Democrats are related??? Someone sent me a list of all the relatives of so many of these hypocrits/thieves/etc. As an example, I was told the governor of California is related to Pelosi. So, if many, many, many of those Democrats in politics are somehow related to Pelosi (the biggest loser — not to be confused with the reality show!!) and others, FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! We, the people, will NOT be the winners when it comes to money,etc. it will be all those the Democrats are in bed with!!!! Why did the Republicans allow everything NOT connected to Covid to be allowed??? They should have crossed them out. If the $15 minimum wage section be taken out because it did not meet the criteria, then everything else not related to Covid should have been deleted also.

  21. Kevin McCarthy, you said it for all of us, payoff for Pelosi’s friends. Thank you. We went to Palo Alto today with our best friends 73rd birthday. Nice restaurant. We were there, no masks, no nothing, bunch of rebels including our friends in that restaurant. 😂😂😂🎶❤️🇺🇸✝️Thank you again Kevin for your voice. ❤️Susan

  22. US Supreme Court, 1 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543
    You cannot call or email — you must write a letter!!!
    Let them know we want them to look at the voter fraud again. And we want that treasonous old Bat removed from office. Then the rest of the traders before its to late.

  23. We’ve been saying the same thing about the Democrats spending habits and hidden agendas for decades, but we must like the seduction…..we keep coming back for more. Let’s reelect them again so we have much to talk about but never do anything to get rid of them.

  24. There should be a special hole in hell for these tyrants because they are special , at least in their own mind .

  25. This is the perfect example of what and who the “Deep State” really is and what they do! They are NOT for Americans but for themselves, power, and giving money away to illegal and non-producing people to ensure that they all vote Democrat, even if they have to produce and vote the ballots themselves!


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