June 30, 2022

Kevin McCarthy On Why Dems Will Lose,’They Have Accomplished Nothing.’

During a Monday interview on Fox News Channel, Kevin McCarthy did not hold back as he discussed the future of the Democrat party. McCarthy blasted the policies of socialism, the progressive foursome known as “The Squad,” and the reason why he will likely be the next Speaker of the House.

After the host asked if Sander’s nomination would make it more likely that McCarthy would be the next Speaker of the House, McCarthy responded, “Yes.”

But he didn’t stop there.

“But it’s not because if Bernie Sanders is the nominee, it’s because what [the Democrats] embrace,” McCarthy said. “They embrace Bernie Sanders’ policy. They embrace socialism. They’re just embarrassed of Bernie.”

McCarthy then went on to outline why he thinks Sanders is not far off from the policies of the modern Democrat party.

“More than half of the Democrats in Congress have co-sponsored ‘Medicare for All,'” said McCarthy “Almost half, his Green New Deal. They call themselves socialist Democrats — the squad that controls the floor. The real reason why they’ll lose the majority — what have they accomplished? They have accomplished nothing. They have issued more subpoenas than they’ve created laws.”

Then McCarthy explained why he believes the investigations into President Trump and his associates will backfire on the Democrat party. “All they do is investigate,” McCarthy said. “They have not lowered prescription drugs. They have not been in infrastructure. They have not moved this Congress forward. They promised that they would govern different and they’re wrong. They did not.”

Then McCarthy spoke about the state of the modern Democrat party claiming its pro-socialism positions are not limited to Sanders but are instead reflective of the collective party’s shift over the past few years. “This is really a Bernie Sanders party,” McCarthy explained. “This is AOC. This is Tlaib. This is Omar. These — they call themselves socialist Democrats, not when Bernie started running but when they elected inside Congress. This is a — this is a movement of politics of — this is not the Democratic Party of the past. This is a socialist Democratic Party that thinks Fidel Castro is a good person.”

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