July 7, 2022

McCarthy broke House records with 8+ hour speech on the House floor to stop Build Back Better

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) broke a House of Representatives record utilizing his right to filibuster against President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan on Thursday. 

Breitbart News reported that McCarthy delivered a “fiery” speech that lasted eight-plus hours where he slammed the Biden Administration and Democrats for the crises facing the nation, from the border crisis, crippling inflation rises, as well as supply chain issues, and the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

McCarthy effectively nuked the massive plan with his strategic diatribe against the Democratic Party ahead of Thursday’s vote, pounding the drum of the damage done by the legislative and executive branches being controlled by the Democratic Party saying, “Do you know what the common denominator is? One-party rule for one year,” McCarthy said.

“This is the single most reckless and irresponsible spending in the history of this country,” McCarthy said of the massive spending plan being pushed by Democrats and the White House. 

“Never in American history has so much been spent at one time,” McCarthy remarked. “Never in American history will so many taxes be raised and so much borrowing be needed to pay for all this reckless spending.”

The House leader pointed out some of the most damaging parts of the plan, including the provision to hire tens of thousands of IRS agents to spy on Americans, one that would provide a child tax credit without a requirement that a parent be working, and a portion that requires the abandonment the Hyde Amendment which has halted taxpayer-funding of abortion.

“Democrats told us what they want to do: spy on every American’s bank account for spending as little as $28 a day. That’s less than $200 a week. Democrats have included a Heat Your Home Tax in this bill that would increase families’ heating bills by as much as $242 per year and eliminate as many as 90,000 American jobs,” McCarthy said.

“From bank surveillance to bailouts, this bill takes the problems President Biden and Democrats have already created and makes them much, much worse,” McCarthy said. “This bill bans drilling for oil and gas development on federal land. That means less American supply, more price shocks, and more pain at the pump is on the horizon. All at a time when gas prices are already at their highest in seven years,” he added.

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