June 24, 2021

McCain: It’s time for Biden to remove Fauci from leadership

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), might not be in the best graces of the Trump-centric side of the Republican party, but what she said yesterday about Dr. Anthony Fauci is something with which many conservatives will undoubtedly agree.

According to The Hill, “The View” cohost dropped a bombshell on Monday, calling for President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser on COVID-19 to be fired, citing Fauci’s “inconsistent messaging” throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think we need to have more people giving more opinions, and honestly, quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places who are doing this successfully,” McCain said.

The host went on to criticize Fauci for making confusing statements on how, exactly, many Americans would finally receive their COVID-19 vaccination, claiming that instructions, so far, have been inconsistent.

“The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of ‘The View,’ don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous, I have no idea when and how I get it,” McCain said.

According to the New York Post, McCain doubled down on her anti-Fauci rant on Tuesday. McCain attacked Fauci for putting out an “intentional lie” toward the beginning of the pandemic last year when he clearly stated that there was no need for Americans to wear masks.

“He told me not to wear a mask and that masks don’t work when I was 3 months pregnant in the middle of Manhattan. He then later admitted it was an intentional lie so we would donate masks to essential workers. Now I’m being told to wear 2 masks. But yes I’m ‘misguided,'” McCain tweeted on Tuesday.

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61 Responses

    1. Fauci has changed his “messages” way too many times since the very beginning. He strikes me as a “wannabe” for power!

        1. He paid china to do research on corona viruses the when we are hit by one he doesn’t know anything about them. I say BS he’s a liar and likes having the last word and the power it gives him.

      1. Fully agree with you. Both have negative influence on the people of this nation. Neither believe ‘In God WeTrust”

      2. True. And so is Mc Cain
        But glad she’s speaking up about Fauci , he’s full of it!!
        He’s clueless!!

      3. AGREE, 100%. FAUCI and Bill Gates are evil both of them evil incarnate, almost at level of Mengele and Hitler. not quite. but very close,
        Fauci for money only, Gates for political purposes, goal 90% depopulation, for his one world order. Gates has no medical training, none, yet he goes around Africa poisoning the population, heck, i have commented about this several times, so this time shall resist ad hope that the reader who is not informed on this topic will google (sic) duck duck go the topic of Gates and his vaccines in Africa. Evil man. may G-d give him his punishment in Gehennom, hell. May he spin on a BBQ skewer for 2000 years. up until now.
        I greatly fear that that punishment will turn out to be far too lenient, unless someone knocks him off. I am not suggesting that someone do that, but suggesting that if it were to occur, his sins would be ceased.

      4. I don’t understand how he is getting over $400.000 a year, more than the president makes. What are the taxpayers getting for that money? Nothing but a bunch of garbage that is making the country getting closer to bankruptcy. Is there anyone that believes we are getting our money’s worth?

      5. You can say that again. They both speak with forked tongue and wouldn’t know the truth if it stared them in the eyes.😡😡

    2. Definitely agreed. How can anyone trust a man who actually funded the research on C-19. His boss at NIH recently complimented Pres. Trump on his speedy actions in dealing with C-19. The citizens of this country have to take control of the economy but opening up with or without State approval. It has started in California. The last priority of the Biden administration is to see a rapid recovery.

    3. I also definitely agree. I have always thought that he is not qualified and I have no confidence in anything he says.

    1. Hang him high traitor to this country strip him of all his ill gotten wealth and give it to the people he killed with the pandemic he created

  1. Dr. Fauci, should have been fired along time ago. everyday his story changes. He just wants to be on the news so he will say what ever will get him attention. I don’t understand why Mccain is having such a problem getting the vaccine. My doctor called me and asked me if i wanted it. so i have had the two shots.

  2. Maybe Fauci is in early stages of dementia &doesn’t know it.
    Cognitive testing is fair prior to firing; for now there is no scientific reason except for the fact that he is flip-flopping ; men of his age shd retire gracefully

  3. He also said I Jan2020 the the Covid was nothing to worry about it’s hard to believe anything they tell us they should call it a hoax like TRUMP said it was there to hide the corruption that is in our government

  4. First of all , I do not endorse Meghan McCain. Fauci is a sham. He was on board with the Hydroxychloroquine and Z pact treatment , UNTIL , he was called out by NON-Science , NON-Medical “experts” , and he folded like a cheap rug . The next thing , he was found to have bought a huge stock purchase of a “particular drug” , as did Billy Gates , then he was all GUNG-HO for that “drug”. Karma bite him when he got “his” shot and he got sick.
    NO ONE CAN SAY with authority how long any vaccine will last , or how it will be affected by “mutations” of the CHINESE WUHAN Virus . No ONE can say WITH AUTHORITY if there are serious side effects , long or short term. I say , test all democrats and “blm” and “antifa” and let us see if there is any detrimental repercussions.
    Also , the “MASKS” suggest strongly , that there is CO2 retention , and CAD patients. Just get a pulse oxymenter and try it at home.

  5. I think that Fauci is being persuaded by the countries in the “WORLD ORDER”, and he should be removed immediately. But, I seriously do not believe that will happen, because Obama is pulling on the strings of his puppet, Joe Biden.

    1. Albert, I believe that Gates, Fauci, McCain, Biden, and others are in this up to their necks. Need to read the science but ignore anyone with “their hands in the cookie jar”…..

  6. Dump the guy President Trump used as an expert. Not that I like fauci in anyway. This is just a side ways means of dumping on President Trump. She is a never Trumper and if tossing fauci under the bus will make President Trump look bad in any way then it will happen.

  7. He was all talk and no walk. Never really said anything ‘different
    but same stuff each time.In it for the money!!!

  8. He is a camera hog and a narcissist. Has no clue what he is talking about. He should have been gone a long time ago. A very big mistake Trump made. Wonder who advised him that hiring this nut was a good idea.

  9. Fauci is a bureaucrat. He not deep in science. He and the country need to move on. We simply are not going to wear masks forever. Get the gov’t out of our lives. Trump got the vaccine — now open up the country

  10. That’s probably been the worst part of the whole pandemic who do you believe… and look at the vaccine… one minute they say it safe then you hear that people are getting really sick and even die from it… but then again most of these people have their heads on backwards

  11. Don’t watch The View and never thought I’d live long enough to thank the show for the anti-Fauci statements. I lived through polio while in schools in the 1950s and schools were never closed. In fact, the first vaccinations were given to school children. Such lunacy that I’ve observed about closing society, churches, sports, and education is ruining our country. Keep reason rocking, please!

  12. Megan is right on target, get Fauci off the stage….he totally confuses everyone and is not be any means CONSISTENT in his thoughts! Must be why he and Biden get along so well and of course thier Chinese dealings. Yes Fauci makes money also!!!!!

  13. Fauci been wrong from day one..influenced by the corupt Democrats and loves going on camera and making money off the virus.

  14. STUNNED? Hell no, I am rejoicing! He is a fraud, every day he changes his mind and tries to get us to do a new bidding. He had no idea of how to control that virus any more than biden does now. In fact, I think of Fauci and biden as the blind leading the blind. I will be happy when he is replaced!! Then maybe someone intelligent will take his place, but seeing biden’s other choices, I highly doubt it.

  15. Fauci has been wrong as much as he has been right. It is trial and error and I think I will get me one of those Doctor Degrees Mrs. Biden has and go to treating the mentally ill. God knows there are millions of those in America.


  17. FAUCI should have been fired since the day he shut down Hydroxychloraquinne as a potential aid against the virus, saying Trump was a deluded “layman” having a fantasy! The study used for HDC was flawed and could have helped but then FAUCI couldn’t get huge grants for his friends at BIG PHARM! He was involved with the NIH giving the Wuhan Virology Institute a grant to study BAT VIRUSES! He waffles back and forth and is the MOST UNSCIENTIFIC person on the air! You just need to do what we are doing here in Taiwan, quarantine people coming in and wear masks on public transportation, and things will be ok! DON’T SHUTTER YOUR ECONOMY OR LONGDOWN THE CITIES! That, I can tell you, if a DEM falacy to hurt Trump by ruining our economy! That shows you how much they care about YOU! Trump knew it was valuable to see what Taiwan was doing! Since then, Communist China has disappeared us! WE ARE STILL DOING GREAT, AND THINGS ARE QUICKLY GETTING BACK TO NORMAL. NEVER SHUT DOWN OUR ECONOMY! The problem now is what political DEM HACK will Biden replace FAUCI with? Will only be worse and ensure our economy crashes!

  18. Fauci is a total buffoon. He’s nothing more than a deep state , Washington DC, swamp dweller! Anthony Fauci may be the dumbest “so-called” epidemiologist in the history of our country. He is extremely overpaid, and extremely corrupt. By now, we should all understand that anyone loved and adored by the media, the Democrats, and the never-Trumper’s, is untrustworthy, and dishonest.

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