July 7, 2022

McAuliffe staffer attacks Fox News reporter over hard questions, Democrats getting desperate

The Virginia gubernatorial race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Younkin is heating up as the election draws near. The fact that one side seems to be acting in desperation may hint at the eventual outcome.

A campaign staffer for McAuliffe told Fox News reporter Houston Keener to “f— off” simply for trying to ask a question, Breitbart reported. This is not the first time the Democrat’s side has used profanity against perceived adversaries.

It happened while Keene was at a McAuliffe campaign stop in Harrisonburg, Virginia, one of many of the candidate’s last-minute but “sparsely attended” events. Rather than allow McAuliffe to answer the question, the staffer shut Keene down with the expletive.

This comes on the heels of another vulgar display from McAuliffe’s 21-year-old daughter. In a photo shared to Instagram and obtained by the New York Post, Sally McAuliffe posed near the Lynchburg Republican City Committee headquarters. While others in the photo gave the thumbs-up, Sally held up her middle finger.

The newfound venom for the opposition is likely the result of the tide turning against McAuliffe. In a recent Fox News survey, likely voters chose Younking over McAuliffe 53% to 45%.

Just weeks ago, McAuliffe was the one with the comfortable lead, handily beating Youngkin 51% to 46% in the polls. However, the campaign has been turned on its head by revelations about the Democrat’s views on the role of parents in their children’s public school education.

Republicans have the edge in enthusiasm as many in the state see this as a referendum on the radicalization of their children through leftists who run school boards. Youngkin has promised to outlaw Critical Race Theory on his first day in office while McAuliffe is on record saying parents should “be telling schools what they should teach.”

It seems that McAuliffe’s campaign is sensing the seismic shift and responding the way all cowards do — by turning to the basest expressions of the language. If the polls are correct, perhaps the Democrat’s concession speech will need a parental warning.

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