May 12, 2021

Maxine Waters says Trump should be charged with ‘premediated murder’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is always saying outlandish things. Maybe she’s unaware that she lives in a proverbial glass house this time.

Waters wants former President Donald Trump “charged with premeditated murder” for his supposed role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6 that left five dead, the Daily Wire reported. Many have blamed Trump’s rhetoric for inspiring his supporters in the uprising, but Waters in particular has no room to talk.

“He absolutely should be charged with premeditated murder because of the lives that were lost for this invasion with his insurrection,” she said Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut. “For the president of the United States to sit and watch the invasion and the insurrection and not say a word because he knew he had absolutely initiated it – and as some of them said, ‘He invited us to come. We’re here at the invitation of the president of the United States.’”

During a joint session of Congress last month, a group of Trump supporters had gathered in Washington, D.C. to protest what they believed was an unfair election. After listening to speeches, including one by Trump, a group of his supporters stormed the Capitol building. Although Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani called for “trial by combat,” Trump never incited the mob to violence in any clear way.

Still, politicians like Waters are using the actions of a few to bring down the former president they’ve mercilessly pursued for more than four years. “When he rallied, he said ‘Go to the Capitol, fight hard. This is, take back your country.’ So if that’s not inciting the kind of violence that we witnessed, I don’t know what is,” Waters said.

If Waters is so convinced that using words like “fight” and “take back our country” are enough to incite violence, then maybe she needs to reexamine some of her own past rhetoric. In 2018, Waters urged her supporters to confront members of the Trump administration over the immigration policy that separated children from parents at the southern border.

“Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up,” she said. “And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them,” Waters continued. “And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Had someone listened to Waters’ directive and committed violence, it’s difficult to believe she would have taken responsibility. What happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was horrific and shameful, but it wasn’t Trump’s fault any more than it would have been hers. It’s time to stop the blame game and start moving forward.


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151 Responses

  1. Hate is a terrible thing! Maxine hates anyone who can accomplish anything of value, as President Trump did! Too bad the only comeback is hate and no substance! Lies are nothing new to Maxine! She would not know truth if it smacked her in the face! How she ever is elected is beyond comprehension! All this time in Congress, and what has she accomplished? Lies just make it worse, and she is full of lies! What a disgrace! She should be removed from Congress due to her slanderous statements! The soon the better for the country!

    1. Maxine Waters should be charged with Embezzling the American Taxpayer money in the millions, Treason, Extorsion for not performing her required duties as a Congress Woman, Stirring up violence against anyone who is a conservative. Most likely a great deal more!

    2. It’s possible that Maxine forces, threatens her district to vote for her…OR ELSE. On the other hand, it’s possible that her voters are merely stupid. Her being in Congress has nothing worthwhile for the nation. But then, MOST of the democrats are worthless AND dangerous. I once never hated the Democrat Party. I now realize how stupid I was to NOT despise the Democrat Party. It isn’t a “party”….it is a gang of idiots and ingrates. Anyone with a grain of decency would NEVER even give a thought to being a “democrat” in this rotten time. The democrats are out to totally DESTROY the once great nation called America….the best country on earth. The democrats are unbelievably stupid.

    3. I have noticed how much they hate a good , hard-working man like our President TRUMP.
      That really show their character…. It’s ZERO! Total morons.
      God help us if this is what America produces. HATE.

    4. She has always been useless for our country. I once read that she was a preacher and had her own church. Can you believe any christian would go in a church if she was even inside ? She is one of the biggest liars I have ever seen.

    5. She needs to be arrested for false statements and slander she once Said she’d kill trump kill trump. That’s threatening murder. She could go to prison for that if trump pressed charges I steal have the video if he wants it and you can’t get it off my phone are tablet I have it safe somewhere else.

    6. Absolutely spot on Maxine Waters has not contributed one single thing SHES done nothing for her constituents So my question why is Maxine Waters still in office

  2. Maxine has finally lost he last marble….I want to know how this witch contrived that kind of a charge! She is due a trip to the psycho ward!

    1. Maxine Waters should be removed from Congress. She encourages hate and violence. When does she work for the money that WE taxpayers pay her! She works for us not the other way around As Trump would say. “ Your Fited”

  3. Maxime is off her rocker, President Trump had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol, the people did and it was because of Loony Pelosi and her fraud election! What do you expect from a DemoRAT out of CA. They have no brains there to keep people like that in office! Waters is as bad as AOC who thinks she was threatened when she was in a different building. Maybe if these people went by our ways they could see things as they are!

    1. The FBI warned the DC police that there was trouble brewing back in December, and that there was going to be a protest in early January. The DC (as in Democratic Controled) did nothing !!! In fact, there are videos of them helping the protesters. Only one cop resisted the crowd !!!

  4. This woman is a disgrace to the American people, just look at her precincts that are trash, look for anything positive out of her and you can forget that, uneducated and a loud mouth slanderous woman that’s another politician that has done nothing but draw taxpayer money for a salary, she needs to shut her pie hole and give this hate mongering crap a rest

    1. I am sick of the lies that come from the mouths of the crazy democrats. AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol when the riot to took place. Her office is approximately 4 blocks away.

      1. Cedar arrow to the empty skull would be cheaper than a lead bullet. But, she would surely contaminate the ground she is dumped in. Better to burn her at the stake, just sayin!

  5. Oh really Maxine your sure one to talk I’ve heard what you’ve said many times on TV and all your hateful directions on what to do when you saw a Trump supporter I also listened to Trumps s peach never once did he sound stupid like you do your the problem not him and the Lords knows that and will take care of it in his time.

    I just read this LONG article that TIME published, it seemed to start out like they were admitting that the election WAS STOLEN. It went on and on telling how it was all set up and towards the end, it started making out like TRUMP was the one who set up the STEAL! What a crock. I have to admit since the 2020 election has started and all the FAKE news stories it was a refreshing read of good FICTION! It is a must-read and it is set up to make the impeachment look like it should happen and possibly get Trump for MURDER, as well. FICTION IS FICTION! I STUDIED TO WRITE FICTION AND I SEE IT WHEN I READ IT. Although they named several Writers’, so it is kind of hard to tell who exactly wrote the article. If you change what they say in it and turn it around to the Democrats it would be more like reading non-fiction. It is called, “THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE SHADOW CAMPAIGN, THAT SAVED THE 2020 ELECTION.” I really don’t usually give credit to many writers, but this was good fiction. Congrats to all that wrote it. Now if you could just be honest, decent people, you would tell the truth and reverse who it should actually be written for, “Trump” NOT against him.

  7. If anyone is charged with premeditated murder its the demorats who promote abortion and the lousy Drs who perform the abortions

  8. Maxine waters is a complete loud mouth , non thinking fool. How she got to where she is, I don’t know. Why anybody would even vote for that ignorant fool is beyond me. She should keep her mouth shut because overtime she opens it…she says something stupid. I don’t think she has ever had an intelligent thing to say. Lets not give her any time of day or night.

    1. I guess that’s why the Democrats have her on their side, she is just like the rest, opening their mouths and stupid stuff comes out.

  9. Maxine Waters should be charged for getting in peoples faces and encouraging Democrats to get in everyone’s faces no matter where they were. She was inciting disturbances as well as some of the junior members of congress.
    Trump said let’s go to the Capitol. He did not tell them to break in to the Capitol and cause damage and harm.

  10. Are you kidding me??? She needs to shut that BIG mouth of hers and consider and reevaluate the facts??? I think it has been FOUR long years that Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Omar, and trust me the list is a mile long that ALL of them have caused MANY MANY deaths. They started all this BLM, and ALL the so called peaceful protest against Trump which have caused so many deaths. Not to mention all the life long business’s that were burnt down and all the livelihoods that were lost. And as far as what happened at the Capitol Building I would not be surprised if the DemocRATS were in charge of that as well and just blaming it on Trump like ALWAYS. That is their trait their tactics! They think they are squeaky clean and are not full of hate when they are the main problem this last FOUR years. If they would have left Trump alone and let him continue to do his good work for us the American People and our Country just look at all the good that could have progressed!! But NO they had to shoot him down and make all these false allegations against him. They spread lies about him, They created these riots and protest and they created all the destruction and deaths. Waters better look in the mirror before she starts casting stones!! She thinks she is a saint?? She better think again. When are they ever going to leave the best President ever, alone? He did more for our Country in only four years and would have done more if all the DemocRATS would have left him alone. He made our Country safe, he created more jobs, he helped the economy, he helped create a vaccine for covid in less than a year which is unheard of. He protected our borders to keep us safe and protect our jobs, security and income! Biden let all these foreigners in his first day in office!! How many other disease’s and virus’s are going to pop up next when we are already have a huge pandemic? They did not stop to think of that did they?? Yep I think they need to STOP turning the parties against each other and work on FIXING our Country.. It starts with leaving the Republicans alone and our President Trump. Bring the parties back together. I have never seen such destruction or separation in all my adult life. God Bless America and please help us heal..

    1. There is no hope for the Democrats. These people are mentally ill and need to be institutionalized for the safety of all Americans. They are ripping our country apart piece by piece. You can not reason with deranged misfits because they have no common sense or intelligence to see the difference between right and wrong. They are out of control. For the last 4 years they have gotten worse with their hate of President Trump and those who support him. Realistically, I don’t see The Democrats and Republicans coming together to solve the problems we all face. Biden has put his signature to 47 EOs and not a single one is to help America on the path to greatness. The Democrats are digging a crave for all of us!

  11. Maxine Waters should be charged with hate crimes with her hateful rantings about getting in peoples faces and tell them they are not wanted anywhere, anytime, and get them out. Then she wanted President Trump murdered by saying she would take him out tonight. God help America and we the people from these evil, hate filled, leftist democrapic dung beetles.

    1. They won’t listen to reason because of their hateful anger towards Trump and America. The Democrats are the Party of Lunacy.

  12. Will the Democrats discipline Waters for the DIRECT call to violence against Republicans? What about removing Sen. Feinstein and Rep. Swalwell for hiring Chinese spies and sleeping with Chinese spies? What about Pres. Biden for his corrupt dealings with China?

    How about impeaching and convicting Mr. Obama, Sec. Panetta, and Sec. Clinton for TREASON over Benghazi. How about removing Pelosi for violating the Logan Act over her visit to Syria during the Bush administration?

    I think we all know the answer how Democrats discipline their own. They exonerated Sen. Kennedy of drunken murder and a House member of treason for revealing specifics about recon flights to an enemy during the Reagan administration that cost us a crew and aircraft.

  13. If congress continues to push this unconstitutional impeachment BS.
    It will set the precedent to impeach everyone in congress. Biden for China and Ukraine. Kamel toe for aiding & abetting the rioters. She bailed them out.
    Clinton, Obama, FBI,DOJ(that’s a bad joke) pelousy,omar,waters,schumer,Kerry, Aoc
    Schiff…..list goes on and on.

  14. Maxine Waters is the poster child for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). I don’t know where we’re going with all of this. But it is my prayer that sooner or later someone in DC will grow a pair and finally call it what it is—a coup that used dishonest election and monopolistic media platforms to accomplish. 2022 is coming and so are 80 million rabid Republican voters.

  15. I was born and raised a yellow dog Democrat. Left the party when instead of putting that drunken coward in prison for killing that young girl they still wanted to run Ted Kennedy for the presidency. It is Dems like Waters who make me feel ashamed that it took me that long to leave that disgusting political party I am so ashamed that I ever was a democrat


  17. Maxine Waters is a disgrace to AMERICA AND DEMOCRATS. Waters is so corrupted in Washington that she believes her own Lies. Why she was ever elected for Congress, We will never Know. Waters has Lost It for Good. Waters needs to be Removed from Office, Bottom Line. Waters has don’t nothing for The American People but Lies about Everything. Waters is a “LOST CAUSE”. Waters is in The Twilight Zone. WAKE-UP-AMERICA. Enough is Enough. We need Term Limits on All Congress And The Senators. May God Bless Us All. May God Bless The United States Of America. Good-Bye

  18. when are these old trolls going to throw in the towel and retire,, It’s time for some young bloods to take over the helm,,, I’m so sick of seeing old people who think that they know what is best for my country,, when they can’t remember what they said an hour ago,, out with the old,, in with the new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. An old chimp that’s been stealing from the other primates for to long, she can’t even limb swing anymore just grunts and releases banana gas.

  20. Oh, my goodness! She is not dead yet? Awful insane being. Spreading so much hate for Trump with her other cohorts Pelosi & Hillary.

  21. Maxine Waters is a nut job with her comments re: Trump premeditated murder charges. She definitely has a few screws lose as does Biden with his denigratingthe American people. He has a disdain for theAmerican people and should be deposed for that. Trump in contrast had a love for the American people Biden isa wack job of a president.

  22. Maxine Waters, lives in a very nice luxurious home, while the city is suffering and full of homelessness tent city destruction destitute pain and anti American treatment being the “democrat” for the people helping the poor and those in need. Hypocrisy at it’s best- while she was promoting people not to stop violence – but continue and attack People in the restaurants to get into their faces and not to stop we’re her own words.. as they did do Trump administration Sarah Huckabee having dinner with her family was attacked by these remarks from Waters Kamala Harris and other democrats she had to seek secret service protection because her life was at stake.. Waters and Harris needto be held accountable for the actions that cost millions upon millions of dollars with Riots burning attacking innocent people businesses promoting violence and looting for months to come.Waters need to be held accountable and she needs to resign.. Not once did she say:demostrate in peace…President Trump has always denounced any violence from any party over and over again. and he said no March in peace Maxine Waters never did say that neither has Kamala Harris, they encouraged violence attacks looting burning and fights month after month – We the people want justice!!! and stop lying waters ad Harris need to be held accountable for their actions past months and there is plenty of evidence for their “freehatespeech” against the President Trump and us the people that support him

  23. Maxine Waters should be charged with threating a US President and being just plain stupid.They have let their hatred for Donald Trump rob them of any common sense they ever had. Maybe they never did have any. They are afraid he will run again in 2024 after you all screw everything up this next 4 years.

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