June 25, 2021

Maxine Waters accused of using air marshals as ‘concierge service’

A Fox News report indicates that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is being accused of abusing a federal protection plan put into place for Americans protection post 9/11, for personal use. 

According to the outlet’s reporting, several congress members, including Waters, are using the federal air marshals as their own VIP “concierge service” for security.

The Air Marshal National Council said that the problem began after the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot when lawmakers began requesting security to and from not only their districts but their vacations.

“Air marshals can only be assigned to high-risk flights. That means flights that have been deemed through our vetted process that have a security risk,” said Sonya Hightower LoBasco, executive director of the Air Marshal National Council.

“When these processes are violated and they’re taken advantage of and they are just tossed to the side now as if they don’t matter, we’re really looking into creating a major problem for ourselves in the aviation domain.”

Air marshals became angry when they were reassigned from the flights they were supposed to protect and put on protecting politicians as their primary directive.

In one such case, Waters, accompanied by two armed Capitol Police and two U.S. Secret Service agents, flew from Washington, D.C., to Minneapolis on April 17 to attend the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin. The California Democrat reportedly also asked that two air marshalls accompany her and that two more would be waiting to escort her in the airport after she touched down.

US Capitol Police and US Secret Service deny those claims according to Fox News, saying that, “Congresswoman Maxine Waters utilized numerous government resources inappropriately,” the complaint reads. “Federal Air Marshals were removed from a ‘High Risk’ flight to cover Ms. Waters flight to Minnesota. The High Risk flight took off with no armed law enforcement on board leaving a gap in National Security.

“Air marshals for Miss Waters trip were assigned high risk missions, they were removed from those missions and assigned to Miss Waters mission on top of her already armed security detail from the Capitol Police,” Hightower said. “That was not an official business trip. We still don’t have any justification as to why government resources were utilized to fly Miss Waters out to Minnesota.”

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71 Responses

  1. Abuse of authority. She opens that fat big mouth and expects us to pay for her security. That should not ever be allowed and the press needs to report it too

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    2. The only place this ugly Black POS belongs is in the L.A Zoo with a bunch of bananas. I am sure she would feel right at home.

      1. I fully believe she should be fired and charged for inciting riots, etc. BUT YOU, you’re comments feed right into their rhetoric of Republicans as racist red necks, toothless white trash, etc. You can very well voice your opinion of this disgraceful excuse for a representative of her party, but you don’t have to dive into the dirt and mud pool with her.

    3. Saying my prayers. I hope to read in the paper soon that Maxine Waters caught a terminal case of coronavirus. Or got run over by a drunk/drugged driver. Same for AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, Feinstein, Pelosi, and a few more in Congress…

      1. NBC’s chuck Todd is the worst person I’ve ever heard talk on the TV show meet the press his disrespect for anyone who is with the Republican party he is pigloser best friends he has nothing else to report on but the Republicans that is all he has

    4. The last time I saw a face like that, it was perched on a high-tension line waiting for something to be struck by a car on the freeway. This woman needs to pay for her crime of inciting violence.

  2. She is off the wall..She is the one that should be impeached.. she causes insurections each and every day.. not appropriate behavior for a cabinet official….
    Somesone stop her!!

    1. Abuse of power her and Pelosi well those 2 aren’t the only ones you have Omar and several others

      1. When politicians abuse the rules and regulations of the system, the American people end up paying the price. And when they believe that they cannot be prosecuted for their indiscretions, they need to be proven that they can , and will be. Stand up American people and show them they are wrong.

        1. Mad Maxine should be given the bill for escorting to that combat zone. There was no good reason for her to try and stir up trouble. She was trying to cause a riot. She should be prosecuted for her actions.

    2. she is one biased,angry woman. WHo knows why..she owns a mansion and whatever else. She is big on instigating to cause trouble. She is not a representative of the US and should be retired.

    3. I agree!!! Mad Maxine is a closed-minded, mean-spirited, evil, hateful, bigoted person who incites violence!!! She She should be removed from Congress immediately before she gets people killed!!!!

      1. But remember, she is a democrat and democrats can get away with anything. You just do not prosecute democrats even for killing people.

    1. If you did that there would only be a handful of Democrats left in Congress .Im sure there are a few Republicans as well probably mostly The Rhinos!

    1. No one will make them account for it! She should have been in jail for all the trouble she that’s coused ☹️

  3. That old dirt bag needs to be sent to prison for all the horrible things she’s done. She incited violence against President Trump and his staff from the day he got elected. She is a mean-spirited old hypocrite and she should be locked up for defrauding her constituents by pretending to be a congresswoman.

  4. How insulting to the Air Marshals service branch. Forced to be an entourage for a loud mouth who no one would even recognize if her trap could keep from flapping.

  5. This is another case of blatant abuse by Big Mouth waters, she should be tossed out on her ear and put in prison! Also, all the other lying and cheating democrats along with her.

  6. I’ve come to the point that I’ve no reason for reading these Breaking Alerts that Mad Maxine Waters is going down after the latest Racial Arsonist behaviour the Auld Hag has perpetrated.

    It’s a complete waste of time, because nothing is ever done. The Evil and Demented Gutter Whore could drown White Babies on National TV, and the Democommiecrats would defend and applaud her rhetoric and actions. Commie Nazi News’ would praise and declare iher actions as the first step in Racial Reparations.

    Old Gasbag should’ve caught a sluggish in a drive by years ago.

  7. If Greens remarks were inappropriate for a congress woman, how about Maxine’s comments over and over? How come she isn’t being removed from her committee positions? Again, proof of two tiered justice.

  8. the corruption is not limited to a few, but rather it is a product of congresses long lasting duration in office. they get so accustomed to special perks that they believe they are due what ever tey want. using the air marshals as private VIP “concierge service” comes natural due to their corruption. this is why term limits is a requirement for all elected official. two four year terms is sufficient then they have to retire

  9. It’s impossible to keep track of all the idiots who are “going down,” waters, biden, harris, pelosi, etc., etc., etc. Yet the are never held accountable for any of the evil they do.

    1. We need to have to have Honored Special Operations Officer to re-direct all this accusations to the individuals tha need to hear them, not her majority of Blacks that protect her from being accused, she is a mental problem and at her age she needs to get out of Politics, she’s demented and will continue to confuse all U.S. Citizens, get her out, she has stolen enough money to live a rich life, her daughter has the money Hiten so don’t look for it. By the way she is beginning to look like an evil Gorilla.

  10. Once again Waters has placed herself an ingnarames of the law.Who the hell dellegated her with the authority to use Air Marshalls and Secret Serviice for her personal use?Time is here for Maxine to bow out gracefully,colllect her pension and social security,in that she is no longer needed.The sooner the better before a federal investigation takes hold.

  11. Mean spirit, vulgar, full of hate. Should be fired from public service for inciting violence . She works for us, but she thinks she can abuse her power for self interest. Of course, DemocRATS think they are above the laws .

  12. 1) the trip had nothing to do with her district which she doesn’t live in. 2) she had enough security provided by the secret service. 3) all she’s proving yet again is she doesn’t care about the safety of the taxpayers. She only cares about sowing hatred while believing she, as do most democratic politicians, doesn’t have to obey the law.


  14. You actually think Pelosi cares about the nation look who she is covering for. Didn’t her husband just make millions on a deal before it become pubilc?

  15. Ms Waters is a racist-communist—unless you are on the dem payroll!!!—very evident–media quiet–hmmm!!!

    1. Just someone who is very insecure and needs attention..she is more to be pitied than censured..don’t call names, its evident she is just an unhappy person

  16. When is something going to be done about these traitors ? Does a full scale war need to happen why has no one gone after them. I don’t want to hear about the people of our country starting petitions, we know they sit on their thumbs. It would take years for the petitions to even be looked at. Check out Newsome that guy will still be governor for the remainder of his term. Why???

  17. She needs to be FIRED, she is no better than Antifa & BLM thugs & racist, bigots who call out others like police but then run to them for protection when they feel threatened! It would be nice if some of these or all of these Democrats started paying for their crimes!!!

  18. SERIOUSLY, DOES this surprise anyone? HELL NO! She is a big mouth, raist, lying liberal hypocrite who cares about no one except Maxine Waters and it shows! SHE MUST BE FIRED FOR THIS ABUSE OF AUTHORITY AND POWER!

  19. Air Marshalls are there to protect the People, not politicians. They have Secret Service, Capitol Police and enough taxpayer money to hire their own body guards. Democrats are wasting our money at a record pace and this needs to be stopped.

  20. Whatever they can do to get this RACIST waters out makes me happy!!! However, her inciting a RIOT in Minn. that should be the CRIME she’s sent to prison for!!! But, any of her RACIST IDEOLOGIES can send her to prison!!!

  21. So if Waters went to the Trial,how is that Legal ? obviously to intimidate and coerce the Jury,and others by her name and position etc,how come the guys Lawyers.the Judges, so how could that be considered a fair trial ?she went their deliberatly to see that his sentence was guilty,and I’m not saying he was or wasn’t (Derek Chauvin) but is she related to Floyd ? does she go to all trials and throw her weight around ?just asking. and then how impressive it must have been for the Jury to see her and her Marshalls there to find him guilty ! Something to think about !

  22. The air marshals are there to protect the public. In my mind they are doing the job to protect the people on the sir plane from a terrorist, in this case Maxine!!!!

  23. Time too Defund the Democrats
    The Democrats are spending your tax dollars while taxes increase along with food and energy cost remember this at election time. Biden’s border crisis spells out end game for democrats in 2022, throw in the keystone pipeline decision, Biden’s funding of Hamas, Kerry’s/Biden’s love for the Iranian towelheads, who have sworn the total destruction of the US and Israel, thousands of illegals receiving tax payor monies by big time democrats spender, who would kill you for 50 cents from their own pocket.
    New Jersey Hands Out Taxpayer Dollars to Illegal Aliens Like Candy Fighting for Freedom, Gary Harrison, Your tax dollars hard at work, election time right. New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy, has decided that he wants to greet illegal aliens with open arms. Forget about deporting them – he wants to give them $1,000 stimulus checks. State taxpayers would be the ones responsible for funding this project. Imagine working hard throughout the pandemic only to have your tax dollars be given to those who have not worked hard – and who aren’t even in the country legally. Tax dollars should be going toward things like roads, bridges, and education. Murphy, however, is a bleeding-heart liberal. He acknowledges that there were some who were unable to secure state or federal relief during the COVID-19 crisis. Since the Biden administration has proven that they’re all about helping illegal immigrants, they believe that they have rights – so much so that they created a hunger strike where they demanded stimulus checks. People who are in the country illegally are making demands of the country where they have broken immigration laws. How does this make any sense? Oh, wait…we’re dealing with a Democratic-run government at the moment. Common sense flew out the window on Inauguration Day Part of the problem is that those in New Jersey are looking at what’s being done for those in New York. Just across the state border, Andrew Cuomo has screwed taxpayers so much so that illegal aliens are getting approximately $15,600 in aid if they can prove that they were ineligible for state and federal aid. That little gift is costing taxpayers a total of $2.1 billion Well, if illegal aliens in New York can get that, illegal aliens in New Jersey should get at least $2,000 in stimulus checks (per household),

  24. Gatormouth Waters is an insurectionist. She goes inciting violence all over the country, what do the people think about her living in a four million dollar mansion, outside of her district which is a slum. Are all her constituents brain dead,? Or are those voting for her just dead. The graveyard vote is strong in her district.

  25. MAXINE WATERS is still GUILTY of SEDITION against TRUMP, and is now calling for more disruption, chaos, and destruction but as usual WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) did their jobs DEMOCRATS expect of us and REMAINED SILENT!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I challenge everyone who reads this to call their REP in DC and DEMAND MAXINE WATERS BE REMOVED from Office for Sedition against Trump!

    And there is PLENTY of video evidence to carry out the charges against her!

    People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are required to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

    Members of the House


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  26. What makes member of the House and Senate so damn special. No other Americans, in other words, tax payors receive all of the benefits that the House and Senate do, unless they are under arrest. Even then, we get the cart and donkey treatment. How much did that little event of Waters cost the American people? All that lady did was to create more hate and disorder, maybe she should be arrested for all of illegal things she has done over the years, as an elected official. Then, what about all of the unnecessary trips, all over the world, by the Speaker of the House, how much does that cost the tax payors when she’s worth millions, and still getting richer with insider trading? Corruption in Congress.

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