May 23, 2022

Massive poll finds Republicans hold 13-point advantage on generic ballot

President Joe Biden has not been good for the Democratic Party. The proof is in the polls heading into the 2022 midterm elections — and it is shaping up to be an electoral bloodbath.

A recent Trafalgar Group shows that on a generic ballot, Republicans have a 13-point advantage over Democrats, Breitbart reported. This could spell trouble heading into the midterm elections in 2022 as Democrats struggle to hold onto their majorities in Congress.

Despite the poll oversampling Democrats — it asked 39.3% Democratic likely voters versus 35.6% GOP and 25.1% “other” or “non-partisan,” — the responses were still definitively in favor of Republicans. For 55.7% of the voters, their choice was the generic Republican compared to the 42.2% for the Democrat.

With President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory, Democrats took the White House plus a majority in the House of Representatives and the tie-breaker vote with Vice President Kamala Harris in the Senate. However, this poll underscores why Republicans are so optimistic that it may be their time to make the flip in Congress.

As it stands, Republican candidates have amassed a hefty sum heading into the 2022 elections. GOP candidates and right-leaning organizations have raked in millions that will be used to fund candidates and committees.

The National Republican Congressional Committee took in a record-breaking $140 million last year despite it being an off-year for elections. The National Republican Senatorial Committee similarly took in a record $104.8 million in that time span.

Moreover, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took in a record $72.4 million for the 2021 House Republican conference. McCarthy would vie for Speaker of the House if the GOP manages to flip it, knocking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of the role.

Republicans couldn’t have positioned themselves any better, and it seems they have Biden to thank. One year into his presidency has already revealed him to be a weak and incompetent leader overseeing a party in turmoil — and that could translate to big wins for the GOP.

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