July 4, 2022

Mass shooting in Virginia leaves three dead and two wounded, nation in mourning

Violent crime is on the rise in the U.S. While statistics tell one story, the true impact of these events lies in human suffering.

Three women were killed and two others wounded in a shooting in Norfolk, Virginia, Wednesday, according to the New York Post. Police think it was “domestic-related,” but the brutality in a residential neighborhood is unnerving.

Cops are calling this incident a mass shooting given the number of victims, WAVY-TV reported. The 19-year-old and a 39-year-old who were wounded were taken to an area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries while 42-year-old Detra R. Brown, 44-year-old Sara E. Costine, and 45-year-old Nicole Lovewine were killed.

“Nicole was a sweet girl,” a neighbor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said about Lovewine. “Nicole would come and go to work. When she’d get off work she’d come straight in to the house. She never bothered nobody,” the neighbor said.

“When you see Nicole, you saw [Detra]; they were always together, wherever they went,” the person continued. “When they left out in the morning to go to work they were together when they came home from work. They were together.”

Police Chief Larry Boone called the suspect a “coward” and lamented the senseless of the alleged crime. “This has to stop. We need to start speaking up because this, I’ve never seen this in my 30-year career: five women shot,” he said. “This nonsense has to stop and this idea that everybody can be saved, that’s gone by the way of the dodo bird.”

By late Wednesday, police identified the suspect as 19-year-old Virginia Beach resident Ziontay Brian Ricardo Palmer. He was apprehended and charged with several crimes including three counts of second-degree murder.

Such stories often get lost in the enormity of crime statistics, but what really matters is that at least five families are now shattered with grief. The criminal justice system is often denigrated by leftists, but the truth is that police and prisons are effective at preventing exactly these types of situations — that is when they’re allowed to do their jobs.

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