July 4, 2022

Maskless Virginians turned away from voting places during Tuesday’s election, Democrats tried to suppress voters

Residents of Virginia were turned away from polling places on Tuesday if they appeared to vote without a mask on, according to a report by Breitbart News

Even counties that did not have mask mandates in place were denying residents with uncovered faces the right to vote, according to the report.

The Chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, tweeted on Tuesday that he was rejected from voting because he came to his local polling place without a mask on:

“I was told at my polling station I couldn’t vote without a mask,” he said.

“Knowing what the GOP thinks about masks, isn’t this just an illegal barrier to voting?” continued Schlapp. “But I can count on one thing our judges will do nothing.”

This didn’t sit well with many conservatives, including the founder and President of Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk who also tweeted  his disdain for the precincts that were blocking the massless voters:

“Hearing that voters in Virginia are being turned away from polls for not wearing a mask,” Charlie tweeted. “If this is true it’s unacceptable. Voters CANNOT be denied their constitutional right based on an unconstitutional mandate Virginia Voters: hold the line—don’t let them block your vote.” 

Senior Writer at Real Clear Investigations Mark Hemingway also reportedly received word that masks would be required at many polling places and that he should plan accordingly:

“Just got this text. They were trying to require masks at my polling place in a jurisdiction with no mask mandate in place,” he tweeted.

The alleged text reads in part, “URGENT: Some voting locations are asking voters to wear a mask in order to vote. YOU CANNOT BE TURNED AWAY FOR NOT WEARING A MASK.”

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