May 14, 2021

Maricopa county election audit to continue after Dems refuse to meet conditions for pause

Maricopa County, Arizona will have its 2020 election audit after Democrats chose to not pay the $1 million bond to halt the Republican Senate-led effort, according to The Washington Examiner.

Democrats announced their decision on Friday after they filed a suit to stop the audit on Thursday. Included in the group attempting to put the breaks on the audit were Democratic Party and Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Gallardo, who would have had to provide the $1 million bond by 5 p.m. local time.

The bond was reportedly set up to protect the audit team, including Cyber Ninjas, from financial losses, but the Democrats leading the charge to block the effort choose not to go forward with their suit.

“This would have put the review of voting machines, 2.1 million ballots, and other election materials, which has the backing of former President Donald Trump, on hold at 5 p.m. local time until Monday at noon,” the Examiner announced.

However, sometime before the 5 p.m. deadline, the Democrats shared their disdain with the proposal, saying they wouldn’t put up the “laughable” $1 million bond, citing a “lack of transparency” about the cost of the audit.

“The Arizona Democratic Party will not risk our supporters’ hard-earned dollars to pay off the Cyber Ninjas for a procedure they are billing Arizona taxpayers to the tune of $150,000, and fundraising on OAN with the help of Lin Wood, an election conspiracy theorist who called for the execution of former Vice President Mike Pence Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Raquel Teran said in a statement Friday evening.

“The fact of the matter is that no one knows the actual cost of this sham audit and President Fann and the Cyber Ninjas have not once made this figure public.”

They are also calling for Gov. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich to “put an end” to the audit, claiming it was pertinent to defending “our election systems from conspiracy theorists.” However, Arizona Republican Party chairwoman Kelli Ward announced that the audit would continue over the weekend “uninterrupted.”

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94 Responses

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        1. I can tell you several people that were forced to work in their homes are going nuts! Americans got sucked-in with this coronavirus/COVID-19 to the point of wearing these useless facial masks that offer no protection and a virus who’s life expectancy lasts for about 30 days, similar to the common house flies. People that have a thirst for work would rather travel to and from work which makes their lives even more productive. The yo-yo Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that people my age would contract the coronavirus and die. Well get this; every morning I open my front open and take a few breaths of oxygen before my workout, and perhaps I breath-in a little coronavirus. I’m 89 and still going strong!

          Has anyone ever take the time to think that the coronavirus/COVID-19 had been exploited in order to destroy U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s economic recovery. And did anyone ever take the time to research natural deaths in the United States every year from 15 leading causes? For example; according to the CDC there were 2.8 million deaths in 2017, and similar amounts for 2018 and 2019; before the exploited coronavirus. Come on folks! We’re being taken for suckers!

          USAF (RET)

          1. As a retired Critical Care RN whose husband is a retired critical care respiratory therapist, we’ve known this from the beginning and the numbers just shortly after that!
            We have not changed our life one iota, wear masks only to go into a store, don’t change any cleaning procedures we’ve always done including Normal hand washing, and have not and will not get vaccinated. We are quite healthy and happy!! And yes, all this garbage the publicis being fed is just that, garbage!! And I know any number of medical people that will back me up!

      2. i don’t believe this it’s all a scam as far as i am concerned if it’s true i want proof of it all

      3. you are using valuable space for persons to respond to the article at hand; not you stupid advertising for personal gain. Get a Life, Get Jesus in your heart, and God will reward you IF you are sincere.

        1. That is why they are keeping the cruise ship in port. They are getting ready to make a break for the 12 mile limit. Those ships will be packed with Democrats and Rhinos.

          1. If the demos and radicals take a “sea hike” on the cruise ship, did anyone think that might make a great
            “moving target” for torpedoes and/or air-sea rockets. Interesting thought.

    2. Simply stated. If NO FRAUD why all this delay and shouting? If it’s a legal it will be CERTIFIED as such. When you CHEAT you try to hide. Exactly what’s happening on the left.

        1. Dominion said that these machines could not be breached, because they were not connected to the internet. Guess that is why they all came equipped with wi-fi, did not need a plug.

        2. Let’s keep in mind that the Electoral College is not immune from voter fraud corruption which actually occurred. It takes many years to seduce a great nation such as the United States when left unguarded to be exploited by the Godless Democratic Party of Treason.

          USAF (RET)

          1. I Think after the Fraud is found in AZ and GA. All the states ought to AUDIT the 2020 election for this Election Fraud. WHEN found the Supreme Court needs to STEP UP and declare Bidens election NULL and Void. We as a nation need to place Trump in the WH and arrest anyone having anything to do with the corrupt election like Big Tech, Soros, Bill Gates, every democrat in congress, Biden, Obama, corrupt lying media, pelosi, schumer, just to name a few. By the time we get them all GITMO will be full! Some will need special handling as they need to face TREASON charges. I as a retired service member takes this VERY SERIOUSLY as what has happened in our country is a Legislative COUP which is still ongoing. It needs to be stopped and those responsible need to be charged—NOW!!!

    1. Honesty of the democrats?!?!?!?!?! There is no such thing. They haven’t a clue re what honesty is. They are as rotten as a rotted steak and just as important, garbage …..they are TRASH….AND THEY SEEM TO ENJOY BEING TRASH. The left cheated big time, and all people on earth who can THINK, knows the left is as crooked as most prisoners in prisons… it time we put a stop to their destruction of OUR NATION…….the left may believe that having a few idiots in office that they can do as they please – AND IF our right wingers bow to them, our country can be considered dead BECAUSE IT WILL BE. Fortunately most right wingers can THINK, can READ, and be civil. The left considers decency to be a laugh….and for them it just may be.

        1. Why it is not the Democrats, don’t you know that Pelosi and Schumer and AOC are Communists. You know that communists are born to lie. They lied when they toke the oath of office. That is why they should be removed from office. They committed treason, and they are trying to pull off an insurrection from with in the government.

          1. We received several early warnings from prominent individuals like Abraham Lincoln who said; “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

            This meant that we left our country and representatives unguarded to do as they pleased from within, and kept secret from the govern. And this my American patriots is how a country is destroyed from WITHIN!

            MSGT JOHN CORREA
            USAF (RET)

      1. WOW..Thank a (former) new jersey democrat “lackey”,who actually participated in election fraud (i was 15 at the time) and I was paid .20 cents for each “ballot” (they called them “tickets” at that time) that I filled out AND signed this occurred in Newark ,new jersey since i was born in 1938 that would have been about 1963. I did not think any thing of it (at that time) since the “ward” (that is what some areas were known as) “president” just happened to be a “family” friend. (yep,THAT family). To think for one second that ANYTHING has changed since then is to place yourself in the “house of idiots and fools”. After I returned from my “tours” (certainly NOT a vacation) in Nam ,I NEVER went back to “joisey” . Bottom line . democrats were scum,ARE scum,and will ALWAYS be scum, UNLESS citizens actually realize they are abetting criminals who would destroy our nation for a “buck” (or less) !!


  1. Well, maybe with this required audit, it will prove that there was systemic fraud in the 2020 election and it will require every state that there was suspicious fraud to have audits as well. Proving that Donald Trump actually won the 2020 election and will be put into office by the fall of this year. Putting the Democrats in their place and required to be put into prison the people responsible for the fraud.

      1. There are too many people with guns that will say otherwise. They will not reward someone for cheating.

    1. God IS good!! I just KNEW that He was looking out for us! I hope all involved in this election fraud look good in orange!
      It always comes around Demonrats! ALWAYS!!

    2. We need all the states with question of fraud! Let them re-vote, no mail in ballots, all must be in person. Not unless you have medical problem. They can only use pen black, the person that’s voting needs to put it into the machine themselves. Open up all area for voting. This farce of a pandemic should have not closed any polling place.

  2. I, in God’s Good Name, can not figure why these democRATS fear such a recount in Maricopa County, Arizona.. If they are so confident that their candidate won, what in the hell is the problem?? It should be a BIG feather in their cap, RIGHT??

    1. Especially when they had no problem asking for recounts in 2000, 2004, and 2016, at taxpayers costs. Never forget the hanging chads!

  3. seems to me that the socilist dems have something to hide why else all the fear mongering about a simple audit

  4. The money was to pay for the delay. The Judge was right. There are 11 cameras in the room, observers at every table. Security everywhere. This is way a full audit is supposed to be done. Not just plugging in the machines and saying they all worked and calling that an audit, as the BOS did. With companies who were not certified to do anything and used by Dominion previously. Or all these other Audits where they took some small sample of votes and called it an audit. Or where they simply compared how many paper ballots they had to what the machines said they had. Those are not real audits and thats all that has been done throughout the US.

  5. I’m sick of the media suggesting that people who have the proof our Conspiracy Theorist ! Especially when the media have been caught lying time after time !!!! “And Politicians ” Even when they have been exposed with tampering with evidence !!!!

  6. The democrats whine about lack of transparency yet this is exactly the tactics they’re using and have been using for decades. My question for the democratic leftists and the democratic national party is what are you fighting so hard to hide? Is it you’re afraid evidence unrefutable will be found proving voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election? There’s already overwhelming circumstantial evidence of that, irrefutable evidence is going to be discovered and everything you’re doing, everything you’ve been working to destroy will come back and bite your backsides. The best part of it is, even your bought and paid for judges won’t risk their jobs to discredit or nullify the evidence.


    2. the Democrats think that as long as you can’t see the evidence, you can’t prove anything. Deniable Plausibility. So they will do anything to keep the evidence under raps, even if someone has to spend time in jail. A few months is better than ten years. Try them for obstruction of an on going investigation, and concealing evidence and election fraud, make sure they get ten years.

  7. The 2022 election cycle cannot come quick enough. We the Americans , Democrat; Republicans doesn’t matter what ethnic background, We must protect our Great Republic. Our Constitution; Our Education of our young children is all most important!

  8. Of course the Dems are upset, they are 100% guilty of election fraud! The entire world knows it and is waiting for someone to unearth the proof. Should one state prove election fraud, then the other suspicious states will be called into question. I don’t know the end result, but logic says this is the reason the Dems are trying to “steam-roll” their radical agenda. As the saying goes, “this ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!” (She hasn’t sung yet!!) God Bless America!

  9. And regarding the so-called, Voting machines by Dominion; will they still be allowed to be used without repair / overhaul / or total replacement with something that truly WORKS !!!

  10. The corrupted DemocRats are so sold on themselves, that they believe they are untouchable, if they control the system installing fear in the hearts of certain people that they cannot buy/bribe and, make it so we the people can’t stop them through the court system, then we Bear Arms, that’s why the Second Amendment right was made, for they knew someday are government would become completely corrupted, this is why the democRats are out to take are guns to render us helpless, will they succeed ????

  11. What a clown act. Trump gets another recount, selling his “Big Lie’ and pays for nothing, but keeps pushing the “Big Lie”. How many recounts can he call for, again & again. The Republican party pays for another wasted recount. Like everything else, Arizona has had to sue and go to a collection agency for $250k that he stiffed the city for for his election rally event, but never paid the bill. Sound familiar. He treats eveyone the same. All are candidates to be suckered, by Trump.

    1. Your a dumbed down fool
      The truth will come out
      We won’t tolerate your lies any more
      The audit will continue
      Put that in your pipe and smoke it
      We’re on to your lies
      Your goin down

      1. Scott – I think he’s probably smoked too much of something in his pipe, and it probably wasn’t tobacco.

    2. Trump didn’t call for this one, but the Republicans party of Arizona. They new at a certain time, that Trump won AZ. They new when the flip happen. So why did the Democrats in Maricopa county, stall for a recount, and having Dominion machines look at. Because they new they where caught. Let see where this audit goes, you will be eating crow, when this audit is over.

  12. Mr.Trump won the election that’s what there hiding. An obama,is behind the whole thing him an Hilary Clinton covering up the crooked an corrupt Goverment. Just like JFK. Murder by the goverment, it all comes out after years an still no one believes this Goverment is crooked

  13. Never concede anything to the left.
    Anything you offer the left will be rejected. “RACIST!”
    If your concession is accepted by the left , it won’t be enough. ” I know they slit their own thoughts for us, but it’s just not enough.”
    The left never values what is given to them. “Oh, that? Oh, yeah, that happened last week, yeah wasn’t it stupid of them to just roll over like that!?”
    It was ALWAYS about power and control. It was NEVER about “equality”.

    1. Or equity. I don’t think that the Democrats know what a dictionary is they can’t remember what a word is suppose to mean, so they just make something up. Did you ever wonder why ambulance chasers become politicians, it is because they can’t catch an ambulance, and this is what we elect to lead us. Once in a hundred years we might get it right, like we did with Trump. Trouble was all he had to work with was communist plantation owner wannabes. Make no mistake every time we go to the ballot box, that is what we are doing, putting our future, and our children’s future on the line.

    1. The entire government is gone now the military too nsa fbi home land thy know the dem bought compromise election equipment let it happen let BLM and antifa commit terror loot because they are corrupt at the highest levels think about obummer didn’t fill any judges cause he corrupted it higher up

      1. If you want to destroy Antifa and BLM, that is easy to do. Quit equating them to anything to do with justice or anything righteous, instead call them for what they truly are, they are common criminals, call them that. Don’t call them or give them credit for anything good when all they do is destroy. And call MSM SM and Big Tech out as accomplices. Talk about them in that way. And do it all the time. It will destroy the Image that they want people to see. When ever the media or press try to put out fake news just tell people to consider the source.

  14. Interesting to see the results however I believe Democrats ballot-counting people did the damage already at election time and got rid of ballots nothing surprises me about the fraudulent election FB and other social media being involved – Dominion machine that kept voting for Biden – I am hoping the best possible results somehow I am very skeptical due to the fraud that took place in our election Democrats know how to lie steal destroy and kill the all evidence they make everyone distracted and burn the truth in process…so if nothing comes out differently they were ahed of the game as usual.

  15. I am sure that when the audit comes back it will show fraud but the democrats will come up with something to criticise saying it’s not true in all that and the media will go along with it. The democrats can just not handle the truth

  16. You wouldn’t believe the truth if God spoke it in your ear. Anyone who follows the UnAmerican Digest qualifies as ignorant, Putin propagandist, Trump anti-democracy sycophant or something else equally glorious.

  17. If the democrats did not steal the election why are they afraid of the audit?Me thinks they protest too much.The thieves will be exposed, expelled and an explosion of people will be be turning to God

  18. Well let’s see the frauds they going to find. Oh wait then Democratic are PAYING 1 million to stop it. Well how many said it’s a pay off. Just like them democratic. So now let’s see if they get the win on this one too. Money buys a lot of things. And we going to see if it can buy these audited off. Time will tell. Because they are flashing a big chunk of money. And most like the money. Knowing you could be selling your soul to hell for a big lie. So sit back people and let the game begin. Once again.

  19. DS Communist Democrats Know the Election was Fixed and crooked using controlled voting Machines and Fake Mail in Ballots and many other illegal ways. IF They thought they have a winner they would welcome a Recount of all votes and demand the recount……..THEY KNOW President Trump is now today the true president and Nov. 3 winner.

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