June 14, 2021

Marianne Williamson unloads on Biden campaign: ‘Fire your strategist’

Former 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson attacked nominee Joe Biden’s campaign strategy, calling for Biden to fire his strategists because of their “sophomoric” tweets.

“Fire your copywriter and fire your strategist. Your tweets are sophomoric,” Williamson said in a tweet directed at Biden on Sunday. “Trust us enough to say what you really think. More people agree with you than you have any idea. Engage our passion by speaking from your own.”

Williamson’s abrupt criticism does not appear to be linked to a particular Biden statement, but Williamson has been on the attack against Biden’s campaign for some time now.

Williamson, who rose to prominence in the 1990s as a spiritual guru and author, also went after Biden for his weak campaign platform.

The failed presidential candidate tweeted on Saturday towards Biden, “your campaign is everything people said that I was but I actually wasn’t: platitudes but no substance and no policy. Enough with talk about hope and love: show us the policies that provide it!”

Biden has come under fire from the GOP and even some on the left for adopting his unprecedented “basement” strategy, which some see as a sign of cognitive decline or at the very least, a sign of weakness.

“The Biden campaign seems to think they need to act all gentle and nice during the campaign, then once they’re in office they can get tough.” Williamson continued. “But @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris you’ll never get into office unless you get tough right now! Get fierce or it’s all over. #takeyourglovesoff.”

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17 Responses

    1. Marianne Williamson is such a wonderful whore. She really gives me good blowjobs. I would like to have her on my campaign so I could get blowjobs every day from her. She is so fantastic at sucking weenies. And she’ll blow you weenie for just $25. Just contact mariannesucksem.com to set up an appointment for a blowjob.

    1. That’s the plan! The DNC doesn’t give a hoot about Biden, except as a vehicle to get Harris into the White House! After the election (if they win!) Biden’s toast!

  1. Bribe em has always been weak and corrupt and he is just getting weaker by the day
    He’s even forget how corrupt he has been in the past or he wouldn’t be stupid enough to run for potus gonna be a 3 time looser in NOV. and Harris forget it look at her past record as D.A. and see what her father says about her corrupt as can be
    TRUMP 2020 SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

  2. I realize that GOD is in full control of who He wants as President. I just pray each day
    that He wants Donald J. Trump. Because,if not, America will cease to be “America”
    as we know it. I do not feel that Joe Biden has an original thought. Listening to
    the ultra liberal Democrats and media. We all should be praying for GOD’s

  3. Biden and Harris make a pathetic pair at best. They are the living breathing example of oxymoron.
    They’ve already lost, just don’t know it.

  4. Well now, just read on Daily Wire,
    Biden says “violence won’t stop if Trump Reelected”.
    So now he’s promoting violence to get elected?
    Now wonder Portland’s Burning.
    The DNC separated from him also (2 Campaigns) DNC & Democrat hopeful Joe Biden? So who besides the other 5 are running for office? No wonder they “don’t want a debate”. Then the real Trump / Democrat would have to be involved in the 👉”PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE”👍

  5. Their horse sat down at the date while Donald’s is 3/4 around the track!

    In udder woods, day ain’t got a leg ta stand on!

  6. Crazy Joe really is! The Democrats do no have a plan. That is why everything out of their mouths is not acceptable to anyone. The Antifa needs to be defeated and Trump is the only one who will do it. The Commie Block of Bernie the Squad (or Squat) is not acceptable anywhere in the world. As for the green crap spouted by AOC is a game loser so why are we having an election except perhaps to watch the liberals as they go despicable again.

  7. Poor advice..Now Kamala is admitting to cheering on and supporting the anarchists and rioters in all the Democratic cities. Encouraging these ignorant fools to continue with the rioting and burning as a ‘movement’ as if it was a Christian and moral sanctified oursuit. “It will go on and on” she said, what an i—- of little civil intelligence.

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