September 26, 2022

Manchin reveals he will not support filibuster change

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin told reporters on Tuesday that he does not plan to support a change to the Senate filibuster that would allow Democrats to pass voter reform legislation and other bills.

The remarks were shared with Politico reporter Burgess Everett on Tuesday.

“[I’ve] always been for rules [changes] being done the way we’ve always done them, two-thirds of members voting, and anyway you can do a rules change to where everyone is involved, and basically that’s a rule that usually will stay, that’s what we should be pursuing,” Manchin said.

“[We’re] still having ongoing conversations as far as voting because I think the bedrock of democracy is making sure that you’re able to cast a vote. If you’re legal, of age, and a United States citizen, you should be able to cast a vote, and it should be counted accurately. So we’re talking about those things there,” he added.

On Monday, Manchin also said he would not support ending the filibuster under any condition.

“I am not for busting the filibuster,” Manchin said, according to The Hill.

The clear message reveals any change to the filibuster will not move forward, as all 50 Democrat votes would be needed to give the reform a chance in the Senate.




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