September 30, 2022

Manchin fires back against accusations over his spending bill resistance

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin spoke out following accusations against him over his opposition to President Joe Biden’s massive spending plan.

“You know me, always willing to work and listen and try. I just got to the wit’s end and they know the real reason” Manchin said during an interview with Hoppy Kercheval.

“[The staff] put some things out that were absolutely inexcusable,” Manchin added. “They know what it is and that’s it.”

Manchin ordered that he is not like other Democrats in Washington who will change their mind to fit whatever the party wants.

I’m from West Virginia,” Manchin added. “I’m not from where they’re from, and they can just beat the living crap out of people and think they’ll be submissive, period.”

The Senate wrapped the December session without holding a vote on the Build Back Better plan after negotiations with Manchin unraveled, leaving Biden without the big win he had pushed for to end 2021.

Instead, Democrats will return in 2022 with hopes to move forward, though the focus may change to reelection as the party struggles to maintain power following the midterms.




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