August 9, 2022

Man sentenced for role in torching Minneapolis police precinct

Justice is finally catching up to some of those responsible for widespread destruction in the wake of George Floyd’s death last year, as evidenced by the sentencing Wednesday of a Minnesota man who played a role in setting fire to the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct, the Daily Caller reports.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota, 23-year-old Dylan Shakespeare Robinson received 48 months in prison after pleading guilty back in December to a single count of conspiracy to commit arson for taking part in breaching a fence surrounding the police precinct, entering the premises, and setting it alight with the aid of co-conspirators.

Acting U.S. Attorney Anders Folk explained that “on the night of May 28, 2020, Mr. Robinson chose to depart from lawful protest and instead engaged in violence and destruction. The arson at the Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct put lives at risk and contributed to widespread lawlessness in Minneapolis. With today’s sentence, Mr. Robinson is held accountable for his actions.”

FBI special agent Michael Paul of the Minneapolis Field Office emphasized the importance of Robinson’s sentencing, saying, “The danger posed by the defendant in this case was very real. Today’s sentencing sends a clear message – regardless of motivation, when someone is intent on conducting a violent at that breaks federal law, the FBI and our law enforcement partners will move assertively to hold them accountable.”

In addition to the four-year prison term, Robinson will also serve two years under supervised released and is obligated to pay $12 million in restitution for the physical damage caused to the building. Robinson’s was not the only compromise agreement reached in the police precinct fire, as three other defendants pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit arson.

That Robinson and his Minneapolis co-conspirators are facing very real consequences for their participation in last year’s unrest, the same cannot be said for an unacceptably large number of sometimes-violent demonstrators in other parts of the country. As Portland NBC affiliate KGW noted last month, federal prosecutors there have quietly dismissed over a third of the cases resulting from protests in the city’s downtown, including those of several individuals charged with the felony offense of assaulting a federal officer.

Those dismissals seem to fly in the face of assurances made last summer by then-U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, who pledged to bring accountability to those involved, saying at the time, “Make no mistake: those who commit violence in the name of protest, will be investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and face prison time.”

The need to bring violent rioters and looters to justice and send a strong signal of deterrence to those disposed to committing similar acts in the future was brought into stark relief by data from the Insurance Information Institute indicating that the total price tag for the devastation was on track to exceed $2 billion.

Despite the willingness of many on the left to turn a blind eye to lawlessness and looting supposedly done in the name of social justice, the fate that has befallen Robinson and his collaborators is a small, yet encouraging sign that naked acts of destruction – particularly those targeting law enforcement – cannot and will not be tolerated.

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Susan Staley (@guest_1234092)
1 year ago

Finally, picked some scum up for setting a fire. I believe that all the people involved including Pelosi and the dummy governor’s of these states should pay for every cent of damage. Might make them think. Sell there home if they can’t pay for the damage. The TIME IS NOW

Benton L Bryant (@guest_1234143)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

I agree, Susan, and most Americans will agree as well! It’s about time that those who promoted and actively participated in these RIOTS and senseless acts of destruction in the name of BLM be brought to justice. What about prosecuting the millionaires who financially supported these lawless acts be brought to justice!!

Lin (@guest_1234304)
Reply to  Benton L Bryant
1 year ago

Agree totally! They need to start BLM prosecute them all Antifa! That is the only way we will have some peace in our life’s! Pelosi ,and Wittmore should be prosecuted!

Tonio O. Alling (@guest_1235431)
Reply to  Lin
1 year ago

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Stephen Pettine (@guest_1235595)
Reply to  Benton L Bryant
1 year ago

“… those who promoted and actively participated in these RIOTS and senseless acts of destruction in the name of BLM be brought to justice.”

Rightly so! Too often the promoters of such catastrophic events don’t often bear equal responsibility, neither for the event nor its aftermath.

Susan Staley is spoyt on, “… all the people involved … should pay for every cent of damage. Might make them think.” Thinking is not part of their vengeful Modus Operandi.

Marie (@guest_1234231)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

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Gary Von Neida (@guest_1234370)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

True justice would see all the rioters arrested and booked on conspiracy along with any other crimes—they need to have a record and a file — treated at least as harshly as the Conservatives that entered the Capitol. Nancy P. and Maxine W. need to pay a price for inciting riots.

Gary Smith (@guest_1235623)
Reply to  Gary Von Neida
1 year ago

Mad Max and Piglosi should be in Gitmo

derf (@guest_1234406)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

Susan Staley maxine waters should be added to that list

Terry Bell (@guest_1235220)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

I would rather see them shot dead !

The Redhawk (@guest_1235305)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago


Sharon (@guest_1234094)
1 year ago

It’s about time BLM riot killed alot of people and police .let’s see justice for all Illinois needs to step up and arrest the Kim fox who bailed them out

The Redhawk (@guest_1235307)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago


DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1234095)
1 year ago

All these protesters need to be arrested and put away in prison for all the burning, looting, killings. Look at all the lives and businesses they destroyed. the FBI, AND DOJ NEED TO DO THEIR JOBS AND STOP THESE CRIMINALS.

Sharon (@guest_1234186)
1 year ago

Donna your right but sadly their democrats and Law and Order is not high on their list. I’ve lost all faith in the FBI and DOJ. biden is trying o finish up what Obummer started. GOD help us.

John Mackey (@guest_1234096)
1 year ago

Glad to see that he’s going to be doing time he should also have to pay restitution as well.

PattyAnn (@guest_1234124)
Reply to  John Mackey
1 year ago

The sad part about jail time is they get everything “FREE” !!! Room & board, dental care, health care, free time to play games and exercise…it’s more like a country club to them….. a firing squad will do fine by me….along with the crooked demon-rats and their ilk. But I do hope they get more of the filthy scum for his room mates…

David (@guest_1235203)
Reply to  PattyAnn
1 year ago

I would rather see rope burns on his neck.!

John Z (@guest_1234110)
1 year ago

even if they caught everyone of them does anyone think they will ever pay a cent in restitution Call of Duty doesn’t give cash prizes

Hawkeye (@guest_1236659)
Reply to  John Z
1 year ago

I think the dems will start a fund and we the working taxpayer will foot the bill. Call of Duty does not give cash prizes but the dems do on our dime.

Randy Justice (@guest_1234123)
1 year ago

Why was he given a “SLAP ON THE WRIST” ??? All four of them should be rotting in federal prison for decades to come !!!! These half-a$$ed sentences for very serious federal crimes are the reason that clowns like these keep committing them, why didn’t the prosecutors demand long prison terms for these criminals ??? OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS BROKEN BEYOND REPAIR, WE MUST KICK EVERY JUDGE, PROSECUTOR, CLERK, AND MAIL ROOM BOY OUT AND START OVER WITH NEW BLOOD THAT IS SERIOUS ABOUT PUTTING A STOP TO THESE SO CALLED “PROTESTS” !!!! THE LIBERAL LEFT MUST BE REMOVED FROM OUR COUNTRY, NOW !!!!! WHAT A DISGUSTING SHOW OF COWARDICE ON THE PART OF OUR SO CALLED GOVERNMENT PROSECUTORS !!!

bob jones (@guest_1234127)
1 year ago

More of these tree swinging , bannana eating , welfare stealing , food stamp using degenerates should be in prison !!! BE AWARE ,, black TRASH matters , there are plenty of jail cells with your name on them !!!

Dennis L Ruffin (@guest_1234154)
Reply to  bob jones
1 year ago

Amen!! Hopefully, some day, people will stop kissing black butt & grow a pair!

Jesse (@guest_1234135)
1 year ago

The sentence for $12 million in restitution is a joke. And only one guy arrested? It will never be paid. Our government and justice system has serious problems.

IlliniGuy (@guest_1234224)
1 year ago

Too many cowards in the justice system to do the right thing. What might their skin color be? Oh, I see. BLACK. Marxist turds. Burn ’em all!

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1234263)
1 year ago

Blm at its finest.. if you are a criminal..

JJK (@guest_1234280)
1 year ago

4 years in prison. How many years before he is eligible for parole for good behavior? And a $12,000,000 fine. How likely is it that he will never earn or has that kind of money, unless of course he’s a trust fund baby? Mistreating an animal has stricter sentencing guidelines. Just goes to show how liberal our court system has become. Our once admired by the public and feared by criminals, the FBI has become a toothless, blind skeleton of itself. Try living in Hong Kong and spit on the sidewalk! Mandatory caning! I’m not saying we should be that strict for a minor offense but at least the citizens respect the law because of the penalty.

john fudacz (@guest_1234303)
1 year ago

we will see if he gets a good sentance or slap in the rist , like the democrap supporters get

Ted (@guest_1234428)
1 year ago

This looks like a big “Maybe” to me….

American Son (@guest_1235282)
1 year ago

Buy sandbags it’s coming.!

bc (@guest_1235582)
1 year ago

It is easy to broad-brush an entire ethnic or racial group if we dwell on the scum that does so much damage
to others. However, having served folks of many ethnic groups as well as black folks , I have seen the same
quality in many of these individuals which we consider positive. It would be unjust for us to find fault with
other legal citizens who are simply striving to get along in society.
For the record, the citizenry isn’t our enemy in the USA. The enemy is made up of the communists who have
gained control of the democratic party. At the top of the list, for example, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosis,
while at the tier below would be Joe Biden and Willie Brown’s favorite performer. They are not even trying
to hide their efforts to turn America into a communist country.

Richard Myers (@guest_1235594)
1 year ago

Well just like Nancy Pelosi saying that Maxine Waters didn’t do anything wrong and she shouldn’t apologize when she called for more violence and rioting
Nancy Pelosi send a clear message to all of us it’s all right to call for violence and rioting, Especially when we have somebody like Harris That will raise money to bail you out so you can do it again
It’s called a democratic way in other words no common sense



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