October 5, 2022

Man drives car into a crowd at a Pennsylvania fundraiser

The Daily Mail reports that a man drove his car into a crowd of people gathered at a local fundraising event that was held in Pennsylvania on Saturday. 

The incident took place around 6:15 pm in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It occurred during a fundraiser that a restaurant called the Intoxicology Department was hosting to raise money for the families of ten people who died in a fire that occurred earlier this month.

The attack left one dead and 17 others injured. But, the attacker did not stop there.

The individual fled the scene. Then, it is believed that he went to a neighborhood in Nescopeck where he beat a woman to death with a hammer.

It was at this point that police caught up with the suspect and arrested him.

Authorities have yet to release the individual’s identity.

Authorities, as of yet, also do not appear to know the suspect’s motive. It’s unclear whether there is a relationship between the suspect and the woman. It is also unclear why the suspect drove his vehicle into the crowd at the fundraiser.

Authorities do not believe that the suspect is behind the fire that occurred earlier this month. But, an investigation into the cause of that fire is still ongoing.

It has yet to be reported what criminal charges the suspect will face. For now, the individual is sitting in jail.


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