July 7, 2022

Man behind fake Russian collusion attack on Trump arrested

The man behind the fake Russian collusion attack on former President Donald Trump has been arrested as Special Counsel John Durham continues his case to disprove the hoax.

Igor Danchenko was indicted on five counts of lying to the FBI regarding information used against Trump in as manufactured dossier during the Trump campaign for president in 2016.

“Danchenko admitted to the FBI that Steele paid him to dig up dirt on Trump. The Brookings researcher/analyst seemed desperate for money,” Fox News reported.

“He told agents that he ‘felt like he had to report something back to Steele’ to justify the monthly salary he was receiving. So, he decided to traffic in gossip to keep the paychecks coming,” it added.

Now even The New York Times, one of the publications that helped to promote the hoax, is even reporting on the new development.

The case is not looking good for Hillary Clinton’s team, as the facts are revealed despite being several years after the events.

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