September 29, 2020

Man arrested outside Ivanka Trump’s home

As the rage of the left spirals out of control, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said a prayer for the President and his family. Luckily, they’re protected by some of the nation’s finest. And thank goodness for that.

The Secret Service has just arrested a man outside the Washington D.C. home of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“This morning, officers of the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division arrested an individual for unauthorized use of a vehicle and driving without a permit. The individual was subsequently transported to MPDC 2nd District for processing,” the Secret Service said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

The vehicle that the unnamed man was driving, a Mercedes Benz 350 series, was later reported stolen from a New Jersey repair shop. Law enforcement did not release any information regarding his motive or what he had planned on doing had they not interfered.

While we aren’t sure exactly what the man’s motive was, the reckless rhetoric and vicious hate spewed forth by the left has resulted in near-lethal damage before. Let’s not forget the vicious shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, for example.

For now, we can give thanks that Ivanka and her family are safe.

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121 Responses

          1. Yes Trump can save this country if those evil Democrats get in we all will haven to find somewhere to go because there will be nothing left here

      1. Why do you have to hate someone who has worked so hard for all of us! I will pray for you as peopleIke you , socialist and haters is what is destined our Country now! I feel for your pets!

          1. Yes , you are Brenda. He’s just too far out in left field to be able to understand and he probably hates dogs!

      2. Brenda ! It’s that kinda hate and failure to really investigate things is what’s destroying America! Why the hate and don’t be like stupid Pelosi and deny it! What has he ever done to you?i think for myself! I dont let the left dictate to me what to believe! The news people are doing just that! Most are liars!

    1. If you don’t like Trump, why are you on this site in the first place. What part of AMERICAN Digest don’t you understand?

    2. So I take it you’re gonna cast your ballot for a guy 10 yrs past his prime, who LIVES IN A BASEMENT ? Get a Clue … !

      1. Who does know a thing but his own name and I’m not rue about that. Anyone that would vote for Biden has his mentality, which isn’t much!

    3. Brenda: you apparently are just another leftist Commie! Boy I’m sick of you ignorant self-righteous fools!

    4. Your a vile disrespectful person. Nit smart enough to realize the great things he has done for this country and his live of it and protection of its citizens. Guess your another freedom hating Damocrap a do-nothing party. If they were of value I would not say anything. It’s more than scary what they plan to do if in power- May God help us if they take control. But you probably don’t believe in God either. May the forces help you.

    5. Brenda, this has nothing to do with who you would vote for. To make the comment you made you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. This about the safety of a human being that has done nothing to warrant this. You need mental help.

    6. LMAO…The fact that you get this newsletter implies that you signed up for it you nitwit! So because they publish news about the Trumps, you want them to stop! Typical ignorance from a liberal idiot! Truth be told you probably can’t get a dog to like you!

      1. Liberals do not have brains, I have decided. They want Socialism like Caracas, Venezuela wanted it. Venezuela was one of the richest, prosperous countries in the world. There was housing, food medical, etc. Now they are one of the poorest countries in the world.
        Shame on anyone who is an American to say, this is what they want. Ignorance is no excuse, people want everything for free. My family has worked for what we have, we don’t mind helping people in need. The people who want everything don’t want to work and say they deserve everything. I am really fed up with them. Our town has been torn up, boarded up, stores destroyed by people being trucked in and getting come people who live here to help them! This has to end.

    7. Don’t worry Brenda. You will not be getting any emails if he lose! Because AMERICA died if DEMOCRAT win! Then you will lose everything you got in the bank. The Chris Dodd and Barney Frank ACT give the bank the right to take away your money! And you won’t have to worrying about communication with friends. Because once the Democrat destory the Constitution laws. You will be under SOCIALISM RULE! NO MORE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND LIBERTY! So once it happen don’t cry!

    8. Brenda, wake up. It’s so obvious what the other choice would be and that’s damn scary. Unprecedented violence in our cities, total disrespect for the Country and the law, just total lawlessness, division of the races. You apparently won’t realize it until it is too late.

      1. Trump will win re-election. The only way Trump could loose would be voter fraud. That is how Obama won second term was voter fraud. Nothing surprises me about the liberal Democrats/RINO’s. However, GOD is in control.

    9. Brenda, looks like you like living under socialism rules and regulations, no freedoms & no liberties. That is exactly what you will get by a liberal leadership.
      President Trump has and will keep the USA great and free! ! ! 😊👍🇺🇸

    10. But you’re okay with Dementia Joe who can’t hardly finish a sentence, just pointing out the obvious. But HATE has no place in Politics, people should decide based on qualifications. Trump has fought the lefts attacks for 3 1/2 years trying to stop their Socialist agenda. Is SOCIALISM what you want for AMERICA?

    11. You are an IDIOT! You can’t even write accurate English! I guess you are another foreigner who ruined your country and now came here to ruin ours. Nobody cares what you think and I am truely sorry if you are allowed to vote.

    12. Geez Brenda he’s done a ton of great things for America the past 3 years, read some different sources. You don’t want to lose this guy fighting on your side.

    13. Where is your intelligence, Brenda? Nonexistent if you want to live in a socialist country, which is the plan of the demonrats if they take control of the government. TRUMP 2020 TO SAVE AMERICA!!!

      1. You should take another look at the site that you’re on. It’s obvious that the people that are “intentionally” here “ARE NOT COMMUNIST”, like you Biden lovers.
        TRUMP • PENCE 2020

    14. Wake up and do some research! The Democrats are ruining our country and our freedom because they have dirt to hide and Trump is exposing them!
      Trump 2Q2Q


      1. Why waste your energy-Trump will win by a landslide-nobody seems to count the silent majority.the Democrats make it a point to count Democrats nov 3rd d day-MAG-👍

    16. Brenda, you are a fool, Trump is the BEST president in my life time !!!!!!!!! Vote for Biden he’s in the same category as you, brain dead !!!!!!!!

    17. hey Brenda, at least Trump knows what a dog is. you would have to draw dementia Joe a picture, lead him to a dog . and explain in words of one syllable what he should do, besides sniff it…,.. TRUMP 2020. KAG.

    18. hey Brenda, no response? trying to find dementia Joe? having trouble getting a dog to come near him? what???

    19. Thank goodness he is not running for dog catcher but for a much more important job that being president of this country which many pray he will win. Trump has done an excellent job of restoring our position in the world after Obama’s devastating attempt at destroying if which his VP will continue if elected. Brenda it is obvious you dislike our president and we understand that is a result of his defeating your choice of Clinton. It just might be to your advantage to do some research on the upcoming candidates before making such a statement. A democrat vote is a vote to destroy our country as we know it. Open borders illegals collecting citizens benefits and doing away with our police force.Just which of these fine ideas are you in favor of?

    20. Hey Brenda, that is a hateful, nasty remark, but then that seems to be how the left behaves toward Conservatives. Just open only liberal emails and websites and stay off Conservatives sites, which would make us all happy.

    21. so you support a lying dementia ridden pervert! some of bidens quotes are so sick!” the nurse was breathing air down my nostrils” few days ago several weeks ago ” i love when little children run their hands through the leg hairs on the back of my legs” sicko you couldnt make this stuff up 50 years in office what has he done zip except maybe the father of isis he negotiated the cut and run treaty out of iraq the void formed isis tens of thousands were killed.

    22. Best thing for you to do, Brenda, is unsubscribe……….no one is forcing you to read things about the Trumps.

  1. This Far Left radical thinking is getting way out of hand! They can’t have things all their way, so they use violence? They are going to push and push and then they will get their wish. This is the most incompetent group of people I have ever seen.

    1. These radicals may push to far and repeat what they sow.. People are sick and tired of BLM, Antifa and other radical groups trying to destroy America. Don’t like America… there’s a one way ticket out of America waiting for you…

  2. Good for the arresting officers. Now sentence and imprison this little miscreant to the full extent of the law.

  3. It’s a shame that the levels that the left are willing to go and do in their vicious attacks on people that aren’t with them . I for one will never be with them or condone their actions . This type of hate and activity had to stop .

  4. Democrates illustrate just how obnoxious they are , to let kids demonize America , and do nothing ! Same with our police officers , and Abortions , liers all of them , and what’s worse is the people want to believe that crap . Where did all the Americans go . It’s becoming a dog pound , with nuts of every caliber . Sad timer are coming if hiden Biden is elected , he can’t hold a thought , it slips away . I’m voting Trump for sure ! It’s America first .

      1. He truly does. Even people who live in Mexico see how much he loves this country. We should feel very fortunate and pray for him and his family.

  5. The Democrats have said they will do ANYTHING to get rid of Trump. Is this the way you want your children to be raised? If you are a democrat, you can do whatever you want and not suffer any consequences.

  6. So this guy was acting in a threatening manner? That he would even THINK of going after the Presidential family is unconscionable … but IVANKA ? Now it’s PERSONAL, pal … !

  7. I hope they put this idiot who wants to kill people with others just just like him in PRISON until they can get the Electric CHAIR in operation. Its time the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GETS RID of this SCUM. The sooner the better.

  8. So many people hate Trump! But…if Biden gets in they will be praying to get Trump back! Wake up America or we will be living live China lives. No voice for them!

  9. Brenda I feel sorry for you.. you don’t know a good thing when you see it. Trump has been one of the best presidents this country has ever had. He’s for the people not for his greedy self like all most all the others were.

  10. I have always been WORRYING that they will do “something” to him or his Family, keep thinking about JFK whom THEY have taken out so many Decades ago, just shows “who and truly WHAT” they all are = the party of EVIL/MURDERERS….!!!!

  11. I am tired of the intimidation by the Evil Democrats and am perfectly will to take drastic action when the nation is ready. The Rosenbergs were not as dangerous to America as they are and they were executed. Today we have elected member in our communities they are just as dangerous. I have always hated subversive groups as the Klan and Black Lives Matter. But I would personally think serious about joining something like the Klan with different rules and hoods. BLM goes go to all these protest and marches so we need to form our group also and maybe then the governments would act differently.

  12. 0
    I’m glad I’m 80
    I was raised in a family that always voted Democrat, and I did as well, until Barack Obama
    entered our world. It was easy to see how he was going to change the culture of our country.
    I lived through World War II in northern California. My dad was a carpenter in the shipyards
    and my mom built depth chargers. I remember the blackouts and being afraid.
    Today I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran, but no longer afraid, I will defend the
    USA here on our own soil if the need arises. The time to take a stand is now.
    Here is where I see our world and our culture going if the Democrat party gains control. That
    must not happen. Get out and VOTE.
    The downfall of the American Culture
    Yesterdays Brown Shirts are todays Black Hoods
    • Removal of GOD (Happening now)
    • Removing guns from private ownership (happening now)
    • Defunding police (Happening now)
    • Defunding Military: Obama style
    • Rationing food & gas (limit one each. We manufacture nothing, happening
    • now)
    • Arrest anyone that defends his or her property
    • Destroy and rewrite history
    • Burn books
    • Obama: Black & Muslim
    • Executive Branch: Black Lives Matter
    • Congress: Muslim
    • Law enforcement: MS 13 Gang
    • Education: Socialism/Marxism
    • Banking controlled by Democrat Billionaires
    • Religion: Islamic/Quran
    Depending how old you are, does any of this ring a bell? Is history going to repeat itself? Are
    the German Nazis going to return under the Black Hoods?

    Our public officials & our elected politicians are only focused on being re-elected. There are
    some really great Democrats that I would love to vote for, however, if I vote for any democrat
    it is just a vote for Nancy Pelosi. She controls everyone & everything in the House. There are
    also some Republicans I would not vote for, but that choice has been taken away from me.
    Can you just imagine what would happen if:
    • White people started banning books written by black authors?
    • We started pulling down or defacing Martin Luther King Jr. Statues
    • We removed from history books the stories of any prominent black person
    who helped shape our nation’s culture?
    What type of person would do such a thing?
    What would happen if white people started a group called: White lives matter more
    (WLMM)? I suspect all hell would break loose and white people would be called Racist. (Wait
    that is already happening). It is not true, but white people would be looked upon as
    individuals that hate people of color.
    And yet we are expected to just sit back and let our USA go to hell. It’s not going to happen.
    Sooner or latter we will fight back.
    In 1970 Kris Kristofferson wrote “Help me make it through the night”. Little did he know
    that the meaning in his song could easily be applied to today’s world. In this song are the
    words “Yesterdays dead and gone and tomorrow is out of sight”.
    May god bless you and keep you safe
    I approve this message because I wrote it. (Ron Quil

  13. You don’t have to believe me. But I said back in 1990 if Clinton win president. That was the day America died! Once he put Hillary in charge of the HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. Big mistake! Now there is NOT much any president can change in the laws! I also said if they ever cut the military funds we will see foreigners coming here AS STUDENT! But are really sleeping cell for terrorist. Now we all witness the passing of NAFTA BY DEMOCRAT CONTROL CONGRESS BOTH HOUSE AND SENATE DURING CLINTON FIRST TERM. They then RAISED TAXES ON CORPORATE COMPANY to force them to LAYOFF AMERICANS CITIZEN! AND MOVE THE JOBS TO CHINA! One reason why Democrat want open border is to LOWER THE WAGES OF AMERICA JOBS! THIS WILL FORCE PEOPLE INTO GOVERNMENT PROGRAM. AND THE DAY SOCIALISM CONTROL IS BORN!

  14. Spread the word to your conservative friends and family only, that it is critical that we vote Trump 2020. If the Demoncraps gain control of the Executive office and Congress, then prepare yourself for a Depression and a civil war.

  15. I am not an American but I admire the way President Trump has put the U.S.A first. The libs and the mainstream media does not understand that. I wish every nation can have a Trump.

    1. Yes, I wish that every country could have a Trump. Thank you. Wish you could vote for our President Trump, the best president of my 79 years of age. I do believe the silent majority will re-elect him but worry about voter fraud and yes, pray for his safety. The radicals are out of control now, putting every effort into stopping his re-election…supported by the socialist radical democrats in our government and the many spoiled brats that have had no upbringing with morals and decency and with the help of the Fake News media. Praying for our country. Hope God sees fit to allow us to have President Trump four more years.

  16. Brenda you would vote for BIDEN who can’t remember who his wife is? HATE has no place in Politics, using your brain and being logical is what’s needed, you may lack both 😱.
    Trump has FOUGHT off these Socialist and their agenda of destroying AMERICA. HE’S put the Citizens safety as too priority. Hope you sleep well at night. Your welcome 😊

  17. Praise the Secret Service and those assigned to protect the President and his family. God Bless them one and all as they do a wonderful job. I fully support the President and those he chooses to help him run this great nation. He has done a wonderful job these last three and a half years and the next four will be great as well. One day we may even see young Baron Trump as our President!

  18. I changed from Democrat to Republican at about the same time Ronald Reagan changed. The USA still held some respect from the Democrats at that time, but it has been a slippery downhill slide since. The Democratic party has been sliding toward Communism with the likes of Maxine, Hillary, Nancy, AOC, Chuck, and more anti Trump Dems
    who are Anti-American.

  19. The Secret Service is a highly professional group of men and women who we should all admire and thank. God Bless our guardians of our President, his family as well as the Vice-President and his family.

  20. I switched from Democrat to Republican to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, The Democrat party has changed so much over the years they no longer represent me or my views for the future of America. Proud to be a Republican, Trump in 2020!!!

  21. We have continually heard from the libs and dems are accusing President Trump that he is violating the Constitution by sending federal troops into domestic violence areas and they are going to do something about it by swaying voters that he is doing so. Actually according to the Constitution, Article IV, section 4, “The U.S. shall guarantee to every state in this union, a Republican form of gov’t, and shall protect each of them against invasion, and on application of the legislature, or of the executive against domestic violence. It is apparant that since the libs and dems are promoting antifa and BLM partnered with them and they are causing riots and looting and burning federal and local, official, buildings and privately owned property and causing privately owned property to be invaded and destroyed that the owners, citizens of the U.S. are undergoing self protection and the rioters are given the openness of continuing to cause harm, that the domestic violance is caused by terrorists and people of the dem party to overthrow the Republic form of gov’t that the President has the authority to protect them against this domestic violance with whatever means he deems fit under the circumstances.
    It is suggested that every state/city or jurisdiction that is undergoing this type of domestic violance is immediately sent federal troops dedicated to the President and the Constitution to stop this domestic violance and charges and put under arrest any and all participants and promoters and sent to areas that will house and feed those arrested until they can go through the judicial prosess of facing the charges. Should any be found with weapons their will be additional charges of violent intent.
    Where there is authority given to the President as Commander in Chief to enact this Article IV, section 4 the claim by dems that he has no authority is a mute point, and the dems that are claiming that should take a class on the Constitution as former Pres obama also should be advised to attend.

  22. why is my comment not being shown? are we censoring comments that do not meet political opinions and authority to the President that shows he is in his right on taking care of domestic violance?

  23. Hey, you guys;
    Be nice to Brenda. It’s pretty obvious that she never got enough hugs for her participation award!!

  24. What about the number of attacks on the elected Presidents life from November 9th 2016 until Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20th 2017. Every few days there was another attempt to end his life totaling 25 with one being a deceased F.B.I. agent Jeff Bush reported to have died in 2007, during a bank robbery. Apparently the F.B.I. has a gang of assassins buried within their structure who silence those who disagree with the leftist bull Schiff. Time to clean house illuminate those in leadership and bring in a new roof for this leaky house. The F.B.I. was established to be a law enforcement agency not a law breaking gang of thugs. The current director Christopher Wray is a member of the Senior Executive Service which was established in 1978 when George H.W. Bush headed up the C.I.A. as a Democrat after growing up in a Democrat home. His father Prescott Bush was one of five elite Democrats who were charged with trading with the enemy (TREASON) in 1942. Prescott Bush, David Rockefeller, Ford and two others were let off easy by Democrat President F.D.R. for supporting the efforts of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party of Germany funded by the Rothschild family of London England the World’s richest family with an estimated accumulated wealth of 400 trillion dollars. When the elite Democrats were discovered supplying to the Nazi’s each were forced to sign two documents the first being a confession and the second being a promissory note that no member of the involved families could ever run for public office. These Documents were held in the National Archive until the 1990’s when they were removed shoved down the front of someone’s pants. If I remember correctly it had something to do with Sandy Berger. George H.W. Bush the man who led a team of assassins on November 22 1963 following orders handed down from C.I.A. Director Allan Dulles 2 months after President John F. Kennedy had threatened to fire Dulles and shutter the agency after discovering how truly corrupt the C.I.A. was. Tricky Dick the name given to label President Richard Nixon who was set up by the C.I.A. for the break in at Democrat offices. Nixon was not involved in the break in he was buried when he attempted to protect the deep state actors in the White House. The next move against a President was when Vice President George H.W. Bush coordinated with John Hinckley Junior the son of his Texas business partner John Hinckley Senior to shoot President Ronald Regan on March 30 1981. The next day Bush usurped the power of the Presidency and until the people spoke up electing Donald Trump as the 45th President America was controlled by the enemy within led by the C.I. A. which continues to answer to the Rothschild founded and funded Fabian Society a satanic cult and their front man George Soros. The money flowing through Soros established charities that pay for black lives matter come from cult leaders like the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers etc. It is now time we responded to their actions that will bring an end to these criminals by rounding up the Bush’s the Clinton’s the Rockefellers and other bring the assault on America to an end. God bless America.


  26. Ms. Brenda,
    Let’s take a look in the past three years!
    The price of gas went from $4.30 a gallon to $2.25 a gallon gallon. The United States no longer has to rely on the Middle East for oil. This has put about 1.7 million jobs in The US. Reopen the ore fields in Minnesota another .5 million jobs. The steel companies were buying ore from China! The coal mines are coming back, there is another .5 million jobs, we were buying coal from China! China’s is relying on The United States for over 80% of there nations wealth, including technical products, clothing, toys, medical drugs and supplies.
    The only thing China gave The United States was the China Flu!

  27. Any one that is against Trump is a traitor to this country and that means the Democrat party, most of them could care less is this country goes down the drain, but one day they will regret it, wait and see

  28. If Biden is elected Pelosi and her henchmen will immediately start broadcasting he is not competent to be President
    He will quietly resign and the V.P. will be get the office. The person will likely be A.O.C. or equivalent. Nancy will finally have disposed of Trump and have a faithful puppet in the White House.

    A better idea is the plan that follows:

    Re-elect Donald in NOVEMBER 2020. Then elect Ivanka in 2024 and 2028. Her education is the science of Economics, not a useless Law degree but a real working degree. She is a very successful and intelligent business woman producing a popular line of high end ladies clothing for the last several years and has a personal net worth of many millions of dollars, therefore she will not be on the take from Ukraine or China. She has been alongside and supporting her Dad for his first term. She can continue to be his “APPRENTICE” for the next four years.
    Just think, 12 more years of Trumps in the White house.
    Plus the Republicans will have the first FEMALE President in the history of the USA.
    By 2032 the swamp will hopefully be fully drained and refilled with beautiful clean beach sand.
    The Liberal Democrats heads will explode!

  29. Any person with a viable brain that thinks Biden would make a good president is deliberately blinding themselves to what is happening and ignoring the videos of Biden trying to complete a sentence. It amazes me that I have a sister who refuses to vote for Trump because of his past. Trump is all all about improving and saving this country while Biden is all about himself. My sister refuses to listen to the news so she is very uninterested in hearing the truth. Scares me that so many people will vote without really being informed. I am Trump 100% because I believe he is God sent to us. We all need to be praying for this next election. God Bless America and God Bless Trump.

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