April 18, 2021

Vast majority of Americans oppose plan to pay reparations likely to be pushed by Biden administration

There was a time when America was a place that judged people as individuals and not by the color of their skin. It looks as though those days are over.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to consider legislation to pay reparations to black Americans for slavery as part of his divisive racial agenda, the Washington Times reported. However, according to the Times’ analysis, even most of Biden’s own voters are unlikely to approve of the scheme. 

Despite Democrats and the mainstream media pushing the concept, they still can’t get a majority of voters on board with a move that could cost taxpayers a staggering $6.2 quadrillion.

Only about a third of likely voters were in favor of paying reparations to black Americans who could prove their slave lineage, Rasmussen Reports found.

Of those polled, the only subcategory that had majority approval of taxpayer-funded reparations was black voters, with 60% in favor of the measure. Among political subgroups, 47% of Democrats supported the measure while only about 1 in 5 Republicans were in favor of it.

Still, many believe that it could be codified under the new administration. On Monday, Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) introduced HR 40, a bill meant to establish a 13-person commission to examine the issue, weighing the role slavery had in creating a “systemically racist” nation — which has elected a black president twice and recently a black vice president — over 150 years since the abolition of slavery.

“Given the role that black people played in the election, getting him nominated and saving his campaign — there’s no reason they shouldn’t support this bill,” University of Pennsylvania history professor Mary Frances Berry said about the president-elect and his running mate Kamala Harris. “This is one of the best ways to make good on their promise to attack systemic racism and white supremacy and elevate the economic and social condition of black people.”

The bill has 173 co-sponsors behind it, although it has yet to go to a full vote. Biden’s platform has referenced a need to root out systemic racism, and the president-elect has expressed interest in reparations of some kind although he has not specifically mentioned support for the bill by name.

Many speculate that Biden will go forward as a way to back-peddle on his previous law and order stance that critics believe disproportionately targets black citizens. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris also has similar issues because of her time as a prosecutor putting black men and women behind bars in California. Reparations would be a great way to atone for those supposed sins.

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165 Responses

  1. Supposedly they were worried about the cost of giving $2000 dollars to every American but now they want to spend 6.2 QUADRILLION on something that 1) happened over 150 YEARS AGO; and 2) that people will have to be able to PROVE their linage. These are the same people who say they can’t afford an id in order to vote! This is the most asinine thing that the Democrats have ever come up with!

    1. Absolutely ridiculous for people to pat for something 150 yrs ago . The only thing this would do is create more division more intolerance and more hatred . Lineage or no lineage ! What’s next paying the Irish reparations ? Or women whose mother had no voice no rights ?

      1. I agree its absolutely RIDICULOUS! What if the germans demanded their government to pay reparations to all the families’ members who were killed by Hitler?

    2. And blacks were not the only people subjected to slavery and whites were not the only ones to have slaves. Anthony Johnson, a black man, was the first to own slaves in the US and he went to court to keep them. Black tribes were catching and selling other blacks into slavery. The Irish sold their children into slavery because they could not feed them. The world ran on slavery. There were no John Deere tractors working the fields.
      Slavery is still alive and well in the world with human trafficking. So my suggestion is everyone should seek out their lineage to see if they qualify for reparations.

      1. The world still runs on slavery! human trafficking, the chinese muslims all tied up in concentration camps, new administrtion will enslave the rest of America for dissenting. etc.

      2. We first have to think of where all this money is going to come from (taxes) to carry out the plain. I am white but my family member 6 back where black. How many people are mixed cultures?

      3. Also slavery first had its beginnings from stone slates found in Mesopotamia Africa. Slaves were first sold to Portuguese merchants before America ever had sailing ships stop at shores where people were more than willing to sell their own kind they had already made slaves. Look on Google and when you ask about the origins of slavery the first sites given are about slavery in America.

    3. Then there are ‘whites’ who never had anything to do with slavery and, in some cases, lost lives while fighting for the freedom of slaves!! What about the millions who immigrated (legally) here well after the slaves were freed?? The ‘black’ community has got to stop playing ‘victim’ and get over their own prejudices. Not everyone is guilty of prejudice or enslavement simply because their skin is ‘White’!!!

      1. Hurrah Deborah! Some I believe continue to be victims of the white man (slavery began in Mesopotamia Africa BCE) and NOT in America because well if you’re going to get benefits and get free College and loot and burn with no consequences because of poverty and unequal education well damn, that should be half of us or more !

    4. I agree 100 % and be damned if I will be forced to pay to someone that I don’t know, never did anything to them and why should I suffer because of the color of my skin. The supposed “oppressed” get all kinds of special benefits they haven’t earned. They all want a free handout at the expense of Americans who have served this country. That is BS and should never happen.

    1. You have it wrong he is the dumbest POS God put on this earth, and by the way Harris is not a so called African American her mother was Indian and her father was Jamaican. She is no different then Biden.

      1. Harris not a natural born citizen so she in not eligible to be president , She may have been born in the United States but her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth . To be a natural born citizen your parents have to be citizens at the time of your birth.

        1. It that is true, she is also NOT ELIGIBLE for the Vice Presidency. The reason that rule exists is because if the President dies in office, or is otherwise removed, she is barred from taking over the Presidency. According to the Constitution, she can run for a position in Congress, but she cannot run for President/Vice President.

      2. Harris’ mother is NOT a Native American; she is an Indian from INDIA. At any rate, neither she nor bidenbiden are fit to run this Country.

      3. True but the ‘brains’ behind the Dominion Voter Fraud Machine don’t care one ‘wit’ about any of that. It’s all about the ‘r*pe’ and domination of the richest country on Earth. They want what we have but aren’t willing to work to get it. All they’re doing is destroying and stealing something they can never have–respect.

    2. Jay, Don’t sugar coat it. He a pathetic place holder for Kalamata (sorry to the olive industry). the non black vp elect.
      Don’t you just laugh at the race card BullCrap? LOL

      1. I would if it wasn’t so darn pathetic and, now, running our country!! They don’t want ‘equality’–they just want to dominate and take over!! Somehow they justify that with their self-righteousness. No wonder they’re now denying the Christian religion–they are being told in the Bible and the 10 Commandments how ‘wrong’ that all is and they don’t want to hear it!! OK, the alternative is to ‘live’ the consequences.

      1. Reparations this is totally insane and I smell a treasonous black rat obama, first of all the African kings sold their own people to the first to buy was the Turks, so get your reparations from Turkey, second their were black farm owners that bought slaves get your reparations from them, 3rd their also were black confederate soldiers, it’s time for americans to take our country back from the crooked corrupt congress, 1990 Bosnia Jesus Christ himself appeared with his mother to 6 children in bosnia,here’s some of the things jesus told the children, jesus said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, jesus also said a new government will be set up in a different state, you want proof jesus and his mother appeared in bosnia look up mystic post !!!!! Reparations go €π£¶ your mother

    1. Yes, indeed, they can be found in the cemetery just like Biden’s voters. They reside in cemeteries around the nation.

    2. RIGHT ON I what to see a person that is still alive after 157 years old . Biden is so dumb a rock is smarter.

    3. I also think any slave owner alive today should have to pay for it. This is nothing but a legal way to buy votes.

    4. I’d rather see reparations made to people imprisoned for 20+ years of their lives and then found innocent!! That would be genuine reasons for reparation–not just because your ‘born’ a certain ‘color’!!! Well, my grand-mother was Native American! Out of self respect and ‘pride’, I wouldn’t take reparations even if offered!! I make my own way in life and ‘earn’ what I receive!!

  2. Remember this, DC was just a preview of things to come. You can only push people so far before they say enough is enough. God help our Republicl.

  3. Don’t come to me for money for these people. I never owned a slave and most of them never had relatives involved in this. Try to remember it was a Republican, Lincoln, that freed all of them.

    1. It’s been the Democrats, all these years, keeping them ‘on the plantation’!! What have they ever done, as a ‘party’, to help the ‘black’ community? A few ‘crumbs’, now and again–Oh, right, ‘desegregate’ schools and busses! Big deal! What ‘wonderful’ things did Obama do for them?? That’s OK–I’ll wait. I remember what an ‘elderly’ black lady said when he was elected. She was being interviewed on the street–she said to not ‘expect’ much from ‘him’!! It was the ‘way’ she said it that impressed me.
      She wasn’t ‘impressed’ by Obama even a ‘little bit’, obviously. The lady was right!!

  4. This would no doubt put a huge target on black peoples backs, most people would despise them. I think most of the population including all other races would began to target blacks for getting even more free money for doing absolutely nothing. My prediction would be increased racism and attacks. Btw, where are the white mans reparations for creating this country that everyone gets to benefit from? White men created this through blood, sweat and tears and all we get is slander and attacks 24/7. Black people are treated far better here than in Africa and are far more wealthy yet some will never be satisfied no matter how much they have apparently.

    1. Biden ‘talks Unity’ and then does ‘this’??? Hypocrite to the ‘core’!! It would seem the average ‘black’ doesn’t want ‘equality’–they want to be ‘better than’. Actually, reverse ‘racism’, bottom line. It’s my experience that those who need to be ‘better than’, don’t feel ‘good enough’!! There is a deep problem with that. Viewing yourself as ‘better than’, simply covers up–doesn’t erase, the ‘not good enough’! Takes a lot of energy and concentration to keep up the ‘illusion’. Maybe some work on your self esteem and self respect would work better.

  5. None of my ancestors were living in this country during the slavery time. My mother’s side came to the US in the late 1800s. And, so did my Father’s side. We owe nothing toward the slavery ancestors. So, don’t look for any handouts from my family!

  6. First of all, what color is Biden? Second, this is Obama having his third term because Biden doesn’t have a clue what is going on in America. I just wonder when nothing -in – the -head Harris takes over. I’ll bet within 6 months. Obama almost destroyed America but now he is going to finish America off. And NO Biden did not win the Presidential Election! Trump did but Obama stole the election like he did in 2012. Wake up Americans before we are all in FEMA camps.

    1. I’m 16% Native American. Don’t give me that Noble Savage routine, Native Americans took slaves and attacked other tribes. The Cherokee were prosperous Farmers and well educated. A Democrat, Jackson, ignored the supreme Court and forced them off of their lands

      1. Let’s go to the source ! The African kings sold their own people ! Reparations should be paid by the one’s that sold africans into slavery their own kings, good luck with that

    2. President Trump will be the only president in history to get elected three times, past present and future 2024

  7. some of my family was killed in both the Yankee and Southern armies of the Civil War. I realize I was not born at that time however, maybe you could find a way to give me some money for all the suffering I have done over the killing of my relatives during that war. No hurry, I’ll wait.

  8. All those that were slaves back then need to go back to their tribes who sold their people into slavery and get your money from those that sold your family members. no slaves from that time are alive and you don’t get what you weren’t a slave. And my family nor i have ever owned a slave. Nor would we.

    1. And, since we’re giving ‘history lessons’, let’s not forget the fact that the first of the ‘colony’ slave owners were BLACK!!!! There was a very prosperous plantation owner in N. Carolina who was the first slave owner and he was ‘BLACK’! The man who owned the ‘most’ slaves (3000) of them, was also BLACK! So–maybe some ‘blacks’ also owe reparations? Get busy, Biden, and start unravelling ‘that’ ball of yarn!!

  9. Need to read our history. Lincoln provided reparations. By law, all plantation owners were required to pay each slave 40 acres and a mule as reparations. Today that doesn’t sound like much but back then it was a lot.

    1. So, you’re saying, the ‘bill’ was already PAID!!! Too bad we don’t have that in writing- or do we??? If it’s a ‘law’–that’s proof right there!! Great comment!!

  10. I’m sorry but ,NO not paying for something I had no part of…I know my family didn’t own any one ever!!…..I saybdo your history and charge the true sellers and starters of slavery….
    I am not a races, not now not ever…..Don’t label me either
    Just because you think I’m some one I am not …..

  11. Let this moron, Christine Favocci, who wrote this complaint to the Supreme Court, ask the parents or the husband of this murdered woman if they feel sorry for this monster who cut the baby out of the mother’s belly? What if it happened to her or her family?

  12. I refuse to pay for something neither I or my entire family had anything to do with. They want money, they can GET A FREAKING JOB. How about blacks paying us for all the crime they have committed, and all the misery they have caused

  13. Why are the dems pushing for another civil war? From what I hear people saying it will not be a battlefield type but gorilla war where all the dems leaders will be listed on a hit list as there are not enough police or solders to guard them all. God help us all if it starts as our country will be destroyed. I don’t believe that all solders would fight for the dems. That is where the body count will really increase. Pray God that this can be stopped without the blood shed. But the courts especially the supreme will have to step in and start following the constitution or we will all be lost. God bless America, I hope it is still here in four years.

    1. Problems with the Dems are multiple, beginning with they’re trying to drag up and reinstate the ‘past’! In that past, war has always been very profitable for them. They made their millions in the blood of our soldiers. Those who survived, our Vets, were then barely recognized and neglected. Pres Trump made a special effort to see that they finally got the recognition and help they have needed all these years. The Dems are looking to ‘war’ again, to dip ever deeper into our pockets. Biden already warned us that he’d increase our taxes 35% or more–you don’t think that’s to benefit the American public, do you? Pres Trump messed up their ‘war efforts’ and profits by making ‘peace’ treaties all over the place! What a ‘monster’ cutting off their profits like that. THEN he had the nerve to plan on regulating Big Pharm!! RIGHT–he HAD to GO!! Meanwhile, as usual, they’re being ‘blindsided’ by their self serving agendas. Don’t they see N. Korea warming up their missiles–or do they think they’re immune somehow?! Don’t they see China infiltrating every aspect of our country and government? Again–they think they will not be slaughtered like the rest of us. They’re the ‘Elite’, after all. What they aren’t thinking is–the Chinese have no ‘place’ for traitors–people who ‘sold out’ their own country for their own profit. They have nothing but contempt for them.

  14. Biden doesn’t need to be president, Trump needs to be back in, and race doesn’t have anything to do with it!

  15. Here’s my schedule of priorities for the Biden inauguration:
    a. 3pm on the 20th begin impeachment action on Biden for his corrupt move in the Ukraine to protect equally corrupt son Hunter.
    b. 4pm Begin impeachment hearing on Harris for fomenting rioting and violence all summer long from there friends at BLM and antifa.

    After that we can begin criminal proceedings against Comey, Strock, Nadler, Pelousy, Schiff and many, many others.
    Any questions?

  16. how about compensating the people who are slaves RIGHT NOW? and if i can prove my distant relatives were indentured servants, shouldn’t i too get a piece of the action? it is simply preposterous to offer compensation for something that happened 8 generations ago.

  17. Wonder were all this money is to come from? Oh, I know. The Chinese are Biden’s buddies so he’ll get it from them and really get us into deep dodo for enternty. What a POS he is and his hoho. America, wake up. It is almost to late. As far as reparation goes, I want some too. I am Irish and we where slaves along with the blacks.

  18. The population of today are not the ones who were slave owners and have no responsibility for what was done in the past. As others have said in remarks, slavery has been over the ages and continues today. Whites have been slaves too. Biden will try to give away our country. He will open the borders and give free everything to them, while we work to support his decisions.

  19. During the holocaust, the United States did not allow Jewish people into the United States. As a “native born” Jewish American do I want reparations for some of my ancestors dying in gas chambers worse than slavery where people LIVED through it. Hell NO.
    How about a work ethic instead of expectations that the government will just hand you money? This kind of a move would solidify the black vote FOREVER which is the reason that it is being “considered”.

    I find it interesting that not a single democrat voted to NOT impeach Trump. Don’t break rank and if you do you will be on an island by yourself.. When Biden proposes this with a democratic senate and house, he will be able to push it through.

    Our country is in trouble….

  20. Why is it that after 155 years and all the money the government has spent helping Blacks and other minorities with various programs they still can’t adapt to society and provide for themselves–and it has very little or nothing to do with racism–it has to do with laziness, and the victim mentality many have today. As the old saying goes, “the more you look at yourself as a victim, the more you become your own oppressor”!

  21. BLM & Antifa owe the United States of America mucho buckos for all the destruction of small business, killing, beating people & in general leaving our stupid Democrat cities in ruins or should I say their leaders Soros, Obama & Harris just to name a few. So I do hear Biden wants to pay reparations to black Americans.
    When is Biden getting arrested for his crimes with Hunter!!! Just asking, the FBI has had a lot of this info about this for four years & the computers since October 2020 what are they stalling hoping when Biden becomes President it will all go away!

  22. Well, the stupid brain-dead people voted for him didn’t they? Or did they? Should have known what he was going to do. He said it often enough or his side-kick did. This is only the beginning of the betrayal that this feeble-minded simpleton is going to do to destroy this country. If he doesn’t live long enough to do so, she will.

  23. I truly believe that both Biden and Harris have an agenda to destroy the USA. Open borders, giving citizenship to illegal immigrants, paying reparations to blacks Americans for slavery? My dad was an immigrant but had to wait to be naturalized. The Democrats are going to bankrupt this country and push us all into a depression.

  24. I will not pay for something I had nothing to do with. My relatives came here in the late to early century never owned slaves like southern Democrats so no to reparations

  25. No J. Biden they have had reparations since the Civil war no more needed Except to pay off BLM activates For Burn, Loot, Riots last summer. Have your party for that first. Not the American people.

  26. I almost feel sorry for Bidden and his sorry end. He is only there so that Kamilia can become President.
    I am only wondering if they will only crucify him in public and use the 25 to out him or he will mysteriously be found departed.
    Like I said I almost free sorry for the poor duped man.


  28. Butthead Biden will have to cover my share, my family wasn’t even in the U.S. during the slavery years

  29. We were responsible for taking away Indian lands. We paid. We were not responsible for bringing slavery to America. The black man captured, enslaved, and sold their own people to several countries. Most were treated very well, depending on the owner. It was America who freed the black man. We don’t owe reparations. If anyone does, it’s Africa.

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