July 23, 2021

Major poll shows Trump leading Biden by seven points in Iowa

Every swing state offers the opportunity for a momentum shift in a presidential election and although Iowa only offers a presidential candidate a mere six electoral votes, in many scenarios those six votes can mean the difference between a seat in the Oval Office or a final plane ride home.

According to Breitbart, President Donald Trump’s campaign received welcoming and exciting news this week as a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll put the incumbent candidate at a healthy seven point lead over his competitor, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump managed to garner 48 percent in the heavily-watched survey to Biden’s 41 percent. Another three percent indicated that they were voting for someone else, five percent wouldn’t reveal who they’re voting for and two percent said they were unsure. The survey took the pulse of 814 “likely” Iowa voters and was conducted at the end of October over a three day period.

What makes the poll even more noteworthy is that in September, the two candidates were neck-and-neck in the same poll, both with 47 percent of support at the time. This week’s news shows that not only is the president gaining momentum in his final push to win voters, but also that Biden’s polling dominance is taking a sharp nosedive in a number of battleground states, just days prior to the election.

Adding to Trump’s good fortune is that J. Ann Selzer, president of the company that conducted the survey, indicated that the president is hanging on to key voter blocs that he managed to win over in 2016, such as independents, who helped propel the president to a 9.4 percent margin of victory against Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to The New York Times.

“The president is holding demographic groups that he won in Iowa four years ago, and that would give someone a certain level of comfort with their standing,” Selzer said. “There’s a consistent story in 2020 to what happened in 2016.”

Let’s be frank — Trump’s unbelievably energetic ground game in the final weeks leading up to the election is paying huge dividends. In contrast, Biden, who rarely steps foot out of his basement bunker into the sunlight — let alone to hold a rally — will probably have a number of regrets come the morning of November 4.

In America, hard work is rewarded and Trump has proven time and time again that he absolutely cannot be outworked.

Although you think they would have learned in 2016, it would behoove Democrats at this point to begin taking notes on how to run a winning presidential campaign so that they can give themselves a fighting chance at victory in future elections, because Trump has this one in the bag.

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38 Responses

    1. Anyone can see the immense amount of enthusiasm for Donald Trump!!!!! His rallies are drawing tens of thousands wherever he shows up!!!! If he doesn’t win in a landslide, we will know that the Democrats were successful with their voter fraud campaign.

      1. Demonicrats know if they don’t cheat, they don’t win.
        They have been trying to find a way to rig elections for years.
        Mail-in voting, early voting, ballot box stuffing, buying votes, ballot harvesting, voter suppression, media and news control. If this is election rigging I don’t know what is.
        The Demonicrats party is know defunct and in total collapse. After Trump wins Nov third the Demonicrat communist party will cease to exist.

    2. We, the Americans, we love Truth and Gratitude! We see the desplay of the both of them in our President TRUMP! We love to see him remain in his Leadership Position as our President for FOUR MORE YEARS!!

  1. Trump has list billions by being the President, I guess he wasn’t just in this for profit after all huh Democrats? Niw in the last 4 years how much has Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, etc. pocketed? Now we know the truth!

      1. Beijing biden is compromised on all sides. china, blm. soros, killary, obama, msm.!!This guy is a real loser and a do nothing except steal money.

  2. Trump was hired to stir up the riff-raff and drain the swamp. Boy oh boy is he on a roll!
    4 more years brother!

  3. We Patriotic American’s are aware of the results of the 2016 elections.. Hillary had double digit lead over Trump and lost the election.. Biden has only a few point lead and President Trump will crush him..

  4. FBI investigating hazing of Bite Me bus tour? What about investigating looters and rioters first. No vehicles were damaged or burned following the turnip bus around unlike the “peaceful protests”.

    1. I totally agree with you. There is some very dirty stuff going down here, when Rioters and looters are released the next day by AG’s that refuse to do their jobs! How about some accountability of these AG’s ? How about some accountability of these Mayors that do not have any level of control of their area’s. How about we recall these people and hold them personally responsible for their errors in judgement. Or audit their bank accounts, I bet we’d find something interesting there. Isn’t Ironic don’t you think that this is all happening in Democratic controlled areas? I used to be a Democrat back when Blue meant Blue collar, the democrats of today are not the democrats of yesterday! They seem to always be up to something and they sure as HECK do not care about the working man!

  5. As a Catholic christian, I can not understand how other christians can vote for Biden, who, although he says he is Catholic, is pro abortion.
    I can’t support a candidate who can let millions of unborn children die.
    Don’t say that he is pro choice. It makes it sound better than pro abortion. The woman’s choice is prior to when she gets pregnant. Why does the woman have a choice, but the baby doesn’t? Even if she finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy, she can do what is right, carry the child to term and give the baby to a loving adoptive home.

  6. What a relief! He did it! He is the best President we have ever had. He tackles EVERY PROBLEM and continues to do what he says he’ll do. Now we can all sleep at night. God gave him to us at the right time.

  7. President Trump is now in NC and mentioned the fake polling the Dems are perpetrating to steal votes.. We are too smart for the mainstream media and the evil, manipulative Dems. Certainly after four years of divisive rhetoric and actions. Trump will win in a major landslide as We The People speak loudly on Nov 3 and beyond.

  8. One can only hope that our country will accept the truth that Joseph Biden is a dishonest, self serving, irresponsible man and if elected as President of our country, we, the people of the United States are doomed to the shameful acts, lack of respect and integrity the Democratic Party has shown these past 16 years . We are sure to suffer the negative consequences for both our young and senior generation. A sad day in American History if Joseph Biden is elected President. I pray to God that President Trump will lead us to victory and restore peace and integrity for the United States and the entire world.
    God Bless America .

    1. You’d never know it if it wasn’t for Newsmax and the late night crew of Fox! Fox is no longer my go to political station until Tucker, Dobbs, Hannity and Ingrahm come on. Off the air with Kennedy after that debacle with Rudy G.

  9. Trump’s not winning because of his hard campaigning…he’s winning because he ACCOMPLISHED a lot for Americans and Americans are grateful.

    The thousands that turn out for his rallies aren’t there to hear about his policies – they already know he is working for the betterment of our country and they’re there to cheer him on. They’ve seen his policies WORK!

    If the Dumbocrats think that energetic campaigning will win for them, they need to rethink – their policies are worthless and after 8 years of Obama disaster and chaos in so many Dumbocrat-run cities, people are realizing that liberals are bad news for America.

  10. Trump should win by a landslide or Democrats cheating in mail faurd ..we the people will not allow communists rule this country..

  11. Hey Joe Biden what did you and Obama really do with the $800 Million for Solar panels and the company closed a few days later?

  12. Demonicrats know if they don’t cheat, they don’t win.
    They have been trying to find a way to rig elections for years.
    Mail-in voting, early voting, ballot box stuffing, buying votes, ballot harvesting, voter suppression, media and news control. If this is election rigging I don’t know what is.
    The Demonicrats party is know defunct and in total collapse. After Trump wins Nov third the Demonicrat communist party will cease to exist.

    1. When governors ( or mayors ) tell the police to stand down, they are telling the people that there is no law enforcement and that the people have to protect themselves. So when the people have to from a militia to protect themselves. The governor ( or mayor ) no longer has a say in the matter, as he (or she ) has abdicated his ( or her ) responsibility to the people, and are stepping down from the office, and must be replaced.

  13. You know that I don’t blame the governor or the mayor or the AGs, it is the fault of the people that keep voting for them. They know what they are, crooks and killers, and yet they keep supporting them. This is their fault. They deserve to have their neighborhoods Burned, Looted, and Murdered little children. They should expect to pay the bill, for all the damage that was done. don’t expect the red states to pay for the blue states screwups. just like Cu0m0 tries to blame Trump for the old folks that he killed, Cu0m0 is a [email protected] murder.

  14. I do not understand how anyone can vote for a man with onset dementia namely Joe Biden. Harris will wind up President in a short time or Progressive Democrats will lead him by the nose and get what they want. Bernie Sanders already said that they will make Biden the most Progressive President ever. I pray that Trump will be able to pull off the win a second time. The Democrats for three and half years have made sure that their lies made Trump a hated man. The news media refuses to say anything bad against Biden or report on the Hunter Biden scandal. What has happened to this country that our news media forgets what true journalism is. That pick and choose what they want you to know not what the true facts are. Seems to me that is what Communist countries do. Trump 2020!!

  15. The Democrats are so INCREDIBLY STUPID in their strategy to defeat Trump. What they’ve overlooked was the fact that people who voted for Trump in 2016 was because he promised to change the atrocious way the Democrats have handled the country and the economy. Trump only needed 270 electoral votes to win….he got over 300. Just remember this, he won over voters just on his promises. What Trump did after he became president was make GOOD on ALL his promises and EXCEEDED them. So let me ask all you DUMB Democrat strategist, what would make you think that Trump would lose his original voter base, when he’s done more for this country than ANY president in history? What is a tragedy is the INCREDIBLE amount of money you spent trying to get him out of office and to defeat him in this election when the money could have been spent HELPING America instead of tearing her down. Trump will win this election by a LANDSLIDE. It will be the most lopsided election in the history of presidential elections.

  16. I’m so glad Biden told us up front about his plan to give millions of Illegal Aliens citizenship, and his plan to tear down Trump’s wall so millions of illegals from all over the world, can invade America, with No problems!

    If that’s Not being a Traitor, then what is?

  17. Bottom line, the Marxist Communist Democrat Party is bad for America, and the way we run our government, and bad for the Justice sysytem.

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