September 26, 2022

Mainstream outlets grudgingly acknowledge Trump’s status as leader of GOP

Amid a parade of Jan. 6 commemorations orchestrated by Democrats to fully demonize former President Donald Trump, it has become increasingly clear – even to those in the mainstream media – that Joe Biden’s predecessor in office is still firmly entrenched as the leader of the Republican Party, as Breitbart reports.

Despite their characteristic aversion to facts, establishment media outlets have had no choice but to admit that Trump continues to hold considerable sway among conservative voters, something which is surely causing sleepless nights as the midterm elections and the 2024 presidential race grow ever closer.

The New York Times, certainly loathe to admit the former president’s continued presence in political life, published a piece on Thursday declaring Trump the “dominant force in his party” as well as a “viable candidate to reclaim the White House” in the next cycle.

Also having to face the reality of Trump’s ongoing influence on the national debate this week was the Washington Post, which noted that “the former president’s endorsement remains coveted,” despite the necessity of Republican candidates in certain parts of the country to “walk a fine line” when it comes to linking themselves too closely to the former commander in chief.

As Breitbart further noted, Business Insider wrote with some astonishment at the manner in which Trump has succeeded in resurrecting the approval ratings that some had assumed were irretrievably damaged by mainstream media reporting in which he was painted as the mastermind of the Capitol unrest.

“In the immediate aftermath of Jan. 6n 2021, Trump’s approval rating sank to the lowest of any outgoing U.S. president. But his approval numbers have since recovered and he’s regained a firm grip on his party, whose leaders rarely publicly contradict or criticize him,” the outlet mused.

It is worth contemplating, however, that the mainstream media’s willingness to tout Trump as being back in the game for the upcoming political battles may have less to do with a renewed commitment to truth-telling than with a recognition that they need the former president to help boost their sagging ratings.

According to Breitbart, since Trump’s departure from the D.C. scene, the Wall Street Journal has reported that it, CNN, The Hill, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and Politico had all shed a significant number of unique online visitors, rendering his presence in the public eye a potential boon to their collective bottom line.

Though it remains to be seen whether Biden will even be up for another run for the White House next time around, the fact that recent polling puts Trump ahead of the current president in a hypothetical match-up makes it all the more likely that the Republican leader’s power to shape the direction of the next contest is only going to grow.




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