July 7, 2022

Loudoun County students stage walk out to protest cover up of sexual assault

Broad Run High School students in Loudoun County, Virginia, walked out of class Tuesday to protest the cover up of a sexual assault incident in the school district.

Reports occurred of the walkouts taking place at multiple schools throughout the district.

A Loudoun County judge found a male student guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in a girls’ restroom at Stone Bridge High School. The same student was also charged with another sexual assault charge with a girl at Broad Run High School.

Scott Smith, the father of the female student involved in the first incident, was removed from a school board meeting in June after protesting the school districts transgender restroom policy.

The school is also now involved in a lawsuit over allegedly not adequately reporting the sexual assault incident.

The issue has drawn national attention as it also touches on the role of parents in public education. The current battle for the position of Virginia’s governor has focused on Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe saying parents should not be involved in the public school’s actions.

The voters may use the issue to help send a new governor to office. Regardless of the vote, parents will certainly continue to press for their voices to be heard by school boards regarding the safety of their children.

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