July 4, 2022

Loudoun County mom of rape victim announces school lawsuit

Jessica Smith, the mother of a Loudoun County rape victim, plans to sue the school district after being being silenced over the incident and not informed the student had transferred to another school within the district.

“When I learned that there was a second victim, I was dumbfounded,” Smith said, according to a Daily Mail interview.

“I didn’t believe it because I was under the impression that he was at home on an ankle monitor, not at school,” she added.

Smith said their family was told not to say anything about the incident as it could jeopardize their case.

They were also not informed the student had been transferred to another school within the district where he reported committed another sexual assault.

The controversial case will now include a lawsuit from the family over how they were treated over the incident. The school district known for its role in the 2021 Virginia election for governor is now taking a new twist.

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