June 30, 2022

Log Cabin Republicans call out Buttigieg for leaving his post during critical supply chain crisis

Pro-LGBT conservatives have taken Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to task for being on leave during one of the biggest supply chain crisis in recent history, according to Breitbart News

Log Cabin Republicans blasted the former democratic presidential candidate for taking paid paternity leave to be with his husband and their two newly adopted babies at a crucial time for someone in his position.

“Buttigieg is the second openly-gay cabinet secretary, but he is the first to fail at his job. Amid an unprecedented supply-chain crisis that is ripping apart America’s economy, Buttigieg went MIA from the Department of Transportation for nearly two months,” the Log Cabin Republicans said in a statement.

“It’s clear he doesn’t respect the gravity of his job, but even if he had showed up for work, it wouldn’t have made a difference,” the organization continued.

“Buttigieg was and remains completely unqualified to lead the Department of Transportation and was clearly hired by Joe Biden because he was gay and the Left prioritizes identity politics and wokeism.”

The group has made it clear that while they support LGBT rights, they do not consider sexual orientation to be a qualification for a position in government, just that it also shouldn’t be a disqualification.

This diatribe was aimed at Buttigieg was prompted by the necessity of his office to cope with the cargo ship crisis that has been stretching for months and causing empty store shelves across the nation.

Prices are on the rise, as in inflation, according to data from the Labor Department, and that is making for a lethal economic cocktail that could have devastating repercussions if it goes unchecked.

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