June 30, 2022

Sen. Loeffler introduces resolution condemning Pelosi’s 25th amendment comments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stirred up a firestorm of controversy by beginning the process of launching a House commission on “Presidential Capacity” and implying that House Democrats may be scheming to invoke the 25th amendment in order to remove President Trump from office or replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris if Democrats win in November.

However, Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), a staunch Trump ally and vocal Pelosi critic, seized on Pelosi’s plot and has introduced a resolution condemning Pelosi’s actions and shining a spotlight on Pelosi’s harebrained scheme. 

Loeffler slammed Pelosi’s partisan abuse of her office in a statement, declaring:

Today’s announcement by Speaker Pelosi is just her latest scheme to attack President Donald J. Trump. From the day President Trump was sworn in, Nancy Pelosi has tried to overturn the results of the 2016 election,” she said in a statement.

From the Russia collusion hoax to the sham impeachment and now the 25th Amendment farce, Nancy Pelosi has disgraced the office of Speaker in a desperate attempt to rig the system and seize power. If she is still serious about holding office, she should put a mask on, hit the salon and respect the election results when Donald Trump is re-elected for four more years.

Loeffler’s resolution would formally condemn Pelosi’s actions. The resolution states that Pelosi “has failed to put forward a just cause for invoking the 25th  Amendment,” and calls out Democrats for “delegitimizing” Trump’s presidency.

Pelosi isn’t the first Democrat to speculate about invoking the 25th amendment of the constitution, which establishes the presidential line of succession, and could potentially be used to remove a president on the basis of health concerns.

Pelosi denied any intention of using the clause to remove Trump, claiming that her commission proposal is “not about President Trump” but that “he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents.”

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George Hunter (@guest_1061358)
1 year ago

This evil wench MUST BE REMOVED from office. Her attitude and wickedness HAS TO BE REMOVED along with her OTHER Swamp Creatures on BOTH sides of the fence!!!! I don’t care what it takes!! if it takes anther 2 Presidential terms (I know.. not possible at THIS time) BUT.. if Trump continues to wear down the wicked idiots and corrupt clowns of D.C. then we as a country can return to our great status among the world. We have done so much with Trump at the helm so far… more will only makes our nation better!!! Help me to NOT LET UP and help him GET RE-ELECTED!!!! God Bless President Trump and God Bless America He is the ONLY MAIN person fighting for us and our rights. As he has stated before the destructive left is NOT after him… they are after the American people…. and HE IS STANDING in their way.

Sarah Chisenhall (@guest_1062117)
Reply to  George Hunter
1 year ago

Nancy should have been gone a long time ago. Everyone knows she is not fair or qualified. Why is she still there?
Do the people that voted her in cannot see through her and really know what she stands for? Something is wrong here!!!!!

Barbara Atteberry (@guest_1062495)
Reply to  George Hunter
1 year ago

I Agree with you 100% Trump for 4 more years, and I’ a DEMOCRAT

Patrica Hanson (@guest_1061362)
1 year ago

A vote for Biden is actually a vote for Harris/Pelosi ticket. Do you really think Pelosi will let Biden be president??? No way! He has made promises that Democrats refuse to let be kept. He will be done before he starts.

Kathy Althoff (@guest_1061985)
1 year ago

How do we as Americans, can do something. This women is out of control, and power hungry. She tries and tries as lies as lies to get the President out of office, how can we do the same to her. She needs to leave along with her puppets. Can the President do this? He has just cause, she hasn’t done her job that we as tax payers are paying for in 4 years. Or do we as Americans stand together to get this evil person out.

Connie (@guest_1063941)
Reply to  Kathy Althoff
1 year ago

That evil person she’s on again to get Trump out she is dangerous crazy it’s about time somebody kick her out she now thing she’s going to be the president she is dreaming

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