May 12, 2021

Loeffler: Allegations of abuse at opponent’s camp are ‘disqualifying’

The battle to save America from Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress will finally come to a head on January 5, when a special Senate runoff election in Georgia will determine whether or not Republicans are able to hold on to one branch of government to shield against progressive policies.

According to Fox News, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler pointed out a bombshell report that detailed the alleged abuse of children at a church camp overseen by Rev. Ralph Warnock, a report that she says contains enough evidence to disqualify Warnock from running in the Senate election.Β 

“It’s disgusting,” Loeffler said in a Fox News interview. “It’s really alarming, and frankly it should be disqualifying.”

At the crux of the report is a man by the name of Anthony Washington, who in an exclusive interview told the Washington Free Beacon that a church camp he attended as a 12-year-old child, known as Camp Farthest Out, was the source of never-ending horrors, including having urine dumped on him by camp counselors.

The camp was administered by Douglas Memorial Community Church in Maryland and at the time Warnock was the senior pastor in charge of overseeing camp operations.

Camp counselors allegedly locked children outside in the cold, with Washington detailing one account where he was punished for wetting the bed by being told to sleep outside on a basketball court.

There were numerous allegations at the time the camp was operational under Warnock’s watch — so many that law enforcement became involved in the situation, which would later lead to Warnock’s arrest as he allegedly attempted to disrupt investigations into alleged abuse.

“Raphael Warnock refused to answer questions about being arrested for obstructing that investigation into child abuse at his camp and that camp was later shut down and obviously there were issues,” Loeffler said recently.

Loeffler demanded that Warnock be held accountable and answer questions for Georgians who might be concerned about his role in the alleged abuse at the time. Not surprisingly, Warnock’s camp declined further comment on the matter and Warnock has even gone as far as accusing Loeffler of lying about the situation, even though court records show otherwise.

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60 Responses

  1. As usual, any crimes committed by democrats are disqualified for investigation.

    This is America, for God sake! What is wrong with these abusers and Obama left over judges?

    High time to clean up this trash.

    1. These democraps lie with such ease and convince the disinformed populace, it just is sickening. Why dont the courts hear out the suits, they have the evidence! What is wrong with these people? Are we in an alternate world where everything is turned upside down? I want my country back. I want this nightmare to disappear, I want SCOTUS to uphold their oath of office as the other judges in the judiciary. I Want President TRump to be in the WH not a crime infested mafia who willl turn our country over to China on a silver platter. Oh Good Lord, let this be so, bring us your LIGHT and dissipate the darkness in Jesus name i pray to YOU. Bless We The PEOPLE, bLESS the USA, and our President. I know your TRUTH will Prevail. Thank you. Amen.

      1. Alicia I agree with you 100 % Unfortunately we have all this CORRUPTS DEMO.RATS running our lives…look the Toxic Pelosi..the Disgusting ,despicable Newson he is a piece of trash,killing our Economy,and enjoying his arrogant life,We need to Recall this CROOK,,Look how california is getting from bad to worst..I love so much this country,I feel like we have an uphill battle..let’s pray to God..hopefully this thing will change.

        1. how about cuomo another disgrace to new york. hekilled many seniors during the covid-19 and blamed trump.people in new york are leaving in droves and cali there moving in droves also.these two clowns call them selves governors? are they kidding. there both communist. vote these two slobs out for good.

      2. Because they hate Trump.This conspiracy is huge. Trump don’t want queers or baby killers in this country and thats what the dems want,anything goes type free for all society.

    2. He’s the perfect democrat – look at Biden and his son. He will fit right in with the rest of the Dem criminals.

    3. I totally agree with you!! Why is it that no matter what is uncovered and exposed, if you are a Democrat, it’s all swept under the rug!? But let President Trump sneeze the wrong way, and the news media crawls all over it and brings it up every chance they get. Whatever happened to “and justice for all?” And where is the justice for those children who were abused at that so-called camp? There is a sickness that has permeated some of the people in our government, which also includes judges, prosecutors and all those involved. When satan (seriously? I get underlined for not using a capital s?) rears it’s ugly head, all that corruption just gets worse. We all need to pray for guidance and support from God who will show us the truth.

    4. agree. they never investagate demorats for anything. they get away with murder. there so corrupt they all need to be accountable for there crimes.swalwell raphael warnock, hunter biden,joe bidenand there party.

  2. Yes..!!Investagate this.You notice anything negative about dems.never seem to get reported on the so called main stream media.In hopes that people like me and you never hear about these things.I think that makes the media worse then the politions doing these things,because they are trying to hide it from us

    1. Somehow get the word out about Warnock! This is one sick bastard! He’s not a reverend, he’s a pedophile just like Joe Biden!

  3. When Darkness entered any thing that is for the GOO OF ALL, trouble will not end! The force of Destruction has no STRENGTH to fight battles in the Light of God, for the GOOD of ALL! Thus, retreat would be the Right thing for it to do!

    1. Yes, they have. Take Hitlery Clinton for example. She and her ilk have had several people killed. The last I know of was in Benghazi.

    1. DEMO.RATS…….this are CORRUPT POLITICIANS,,Tell me what this guy has done in 50 years bisides enrichen themselfs with their Crooked manipulations around the world..look his son Hunter..this guy is the perfect example of they play the game…WHAT A SHAME…And by the way Kamala Harris is another P.O.S…Black lives matter are asking her for thir rewards or compensation $$$$$ for their participation destroying our country,,, ??/

  4. The Democrats are never held responsible why ?
    If he was A Republican they would demand his head. We need justice.

    1. If he was a Republican he never would have been able to run for any public office. The party wouldn’t have allowed it.

  5. As an adult, I’m a poor excuse for a Christian, but I was raised in a very strict Protestant Faith, as a result I’ve a pretty good comprehension of what the New Testament says. As a result, I would warn Ebenezer Baptist Church that ordaining a Divorcee as a Pastor, is in contradiction with what New Testament authors said, “he shall be the husband of one wife” when it comes to selecting pastors.

    1. If this election is anything like the previous one, all the ballots are ready and just have to be delivered to key area counties to be counted.

      Talk radio host Dr. Micheal Savage gave a quote on his show before the November 3rd election from ussr leader joe Stalin that goes something like this

      β€œ it’s not the votes that count, it’s who is counting the votes β€œ


  7. If either

    If either Biden or Warnock [BOTH ARE SICK DISGUSTING LOW LIFE, SICK BASTARDS], END UP WINNING THE PRESENT POLITICAL OFFICES THEY ARE RUNNING FOR, I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN! I have always been very proud to be an American and loved this country. What has transpired over the last eight years and is becoming worse by the day, primarily by the Democratic Party and a number of Rhinos, I am appalled, disgusted, and ashamed of The United States of America! Where and when will ever end! The honest hard working men and women have to band together and get rid of all of these sick, criminal politicians, starting with Joe Biden.


  8. Wake up America, we have a President th as t puts America first. Let’s keep Our ” “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” YES REPUBLIC, WE ARE A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY. VOTE RED VOTE RED VOTE RED β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€β€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  9. The real morals left this country when the liberal thinking, draft dodging 60’s young people started a movement called β€œ Burn the Bra”!!! And those same people (Woodstock) started getting elected to public offices.
    Come on people-:STOP RE-Electing so they can just get themselves and family richer and do more harm to this great country.

  10. The good thing about Biden, If he actually does steal this election is that he most likely won’t live to see his term finished, the bad thing is when he dies a lot of liberals will have to be killed !!!As far as this perverted so called pastor goes, he should simply be killed NOW !!! I wouldn’t want to be him come judgement day, it’s gonna be awfully hot where he is going for EVER !!!!!! I just can’t believe that the good people of Georgia are ignorant enough to vote for that creep !!!!

  11. On top of everything else, that Warnock has said against America, and the military, now we find out Warnock is a Child Abuser, plus being a Racist, that hates white people!
    California Democrats have sent Warnock, and Osloff 220 million dollars, to use as they want!
    Each Liar has over a hundred million dollars to spend, so if they can buy the election, that’s exactly what they will do!

    Beverly Hills Democrats like Clooney, Streisand, Cher, and the rest of the California Sick Psychos, should be ashamed, that they sent their millions to support a Child Abuser!

  12. They all should be hung upside down with their head in a 55 gallon drum of piss, that’s about all their worth…

  13. But something like this will never reach the liberal media. They will hide it. How else can democrats win anything. Fraud, double voting, dead people voting and anything else to give them more votes.

  14. It has been proven over and over that the democratic are a bunch of liars–and will do anything–including murder to get their way. I hear they made a few persons running for public office–drop out –because the democratic were going to tell untrue bad stories about those running–even though the stories were lies. We need to bring those persons to court, /to the countries world so we can make them stop–or go to jail. From what I have read and heard in my 85 years of life. The democratic have not told the truth about any thing since 1900. I guess some of us should look it up–because all my studies tell me the same.

  15. The only way any of this will end is if the American people take over Washington and place all dems and a few republicans in jail our selves.
    Obama, Hillary and the bides need to be held accountable for trying to destroy American. We need to put people in Congress we can trust and will be on our side. That includes all judges and the DAMN supreme court

  16. Hey Raymond you forgot Obama, he is the
    Worst thing to happen to our country!
    There will be a revolution , it is time!!
    Evil will be wiped out!!

  17. Alleged misconduct must be proved then its time for prison not baby jail but real time. They have records of people adding votes for Biden after close. So either revote for President as Some Democrat’s have stated they would not have voted for Biden if the Media had not lied.

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