August 18, 2022

Liz Cheney hints at potential 2024 presidential run

After being unceremoniously ousted from her House Republican leadership position last week, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Sunday teased a possible 2024 run for the White House, as Breitbart reports, in a move sure to spark a bemused reaction from former President Donald Trump — who is still by far the favorite to win the GOP nomination. 

Cheney’s comments came during an interview with Jon Karl on ABC’s This Week. Karl raised the topic of the potential re-emergence of Trump on the campaign trail in the coming months and referenced comments made by GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Karl prefaced a question to Cheney by saying, “Jim Jordan talking about a possible Trump 2024 run said, ‘There’s no way he is losing. He’s going to win the Republican primary, and he’s going to be president if he decide to run,’ adding, “Now, based on today’s facts, he’s right, isn’t he, about the primary part at least? I mean, there’s nobody, there’s not even a close second out there, is there?”

Cheney attempted to downplay Jordan’s characterization of Trump’s electoral prospects, saying, “I think there are millions and millions of Republicans who won’t let that happen again,” echoing her own pledge earlier in the week in which she said she “will do everything [she] can to make sure the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office,” as CBS News noted.

Following his interview with Cheney, Karl engaged in a bit of repartee with This Week anchor Martha Raddatz who asked if he thought the Wyoming lawmaker is serious about a 2024 run. Karl replied, according to Breitbart, “It sure sounds that way to me, Martha,” adding:

Look, she believes that Donald Trump poses a threat not just to the Republican Party but to the country. She needs a platform to be able to make that case. A run for president is such a platform.

The rancor between Cheney and Trump has escalated ever since Cheney was among the 10 Republicans in the House to voted for the former president’s impeachment earlier this year, ultimately taking to the Washington Post op-ed page to label him “dangerous” and the leader of an “anti-democratic cult of personality.”

The animus between the congresswoman and the former president has indeed been mutual, with Trump lauding Cheney’s removal from her GOP leadership position last week. In the wake of the her ouster, Trump issued a statement declaring, “Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being. I watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party,” according to The Hill.

The former president derided Cheney as being a “talking point for Democrats” and a “warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country’s history.”

Whether Cheney is seriously entertaining a 2024 run for the Oval Office remains to be seen, but with Trump planning to resume his signature rallies next month, it seems certain that the battle between these two over the future of the Republican Party is just getting started.

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Reply to  Linda
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alicia cervera (@guest_1262026)
Reply to  Disgusted with Ads
1 year ago

LOL LOL LOL. Cheney go play wth your dough…

Loraine Spreng (@guest_1262074)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago


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Disgusted with Ads (@guest_1260664)
Reply to  Jamie M. Laney
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1260600)
1 year ago

Hooray run for the Dems right awesome Liz
Get NO votes if go RNC

Hank Rearden (@guest_1260693)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

“Liz-zard” Cheney is a “Boil” on the A** of all true Constitutional Conservatives, in this country and I, along with a good number of us here in Florida say DITTO to her as being a “talking point for Democrats” and a “warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting the lives of the Greatest Military, at that time, on this planet, the worst decision in our Country’s history.” Of course, we can’t possibly forget, that “The First Clown” out of the Clown Car, that Idiot with a head full of sawdust and the anger of a petulant 2 year old, Biden, utterly destroyed the incredible work that was accomplished by President Trump, his Administration and the Advisors that were able to collaborate meaningful peace accords with many of the Arabic countries with Israel, to take a stand collectively against the worlds biggest purveyor and sponsor of terrorism on the planet, Iran. Iran, who has already used the “Billions” of dollars in cash given to them by Barrack O’bu**h*le, John Kerry and Biden as well, to increase production of weapons grade plutonium for their nuclear stock pile and to continue to foment terrorism throughout the globe….Ask yourself this question, animals that would aid and financially enable a foreign power to accomplish the aforementioned, would they do this with the best intentions for The United States of America and our allies i mind, or would it be to sell us out to the lowest denomination on the planet???….Just remember that is exactly what the Communist Democrat Party has done in the last 15 years and worse!!

Grandma (@guest_1260708)
Reply to  Hank Rearden
1 year ago

Wow, Hank you really hit the nail on the head!!!! I totally agree with every word you said!!!

alicia cervera (@guest_1262027)
Reply to  Grandma
1 year ago

Well said. AMEN!

Loraine Spreng (@guest_1262081)
Reply to  Grandma
1 year ago

I also agree 1000+ %!!!!!

camille (@guest_1261365)
Reply to  Hank Rearden
1 year ago

WELL STATED AND TO THE POINT. IGNORE CHANEY’S “TAKA – TAKA and once she realizes doesn’t have an audience she will fall by the wayside.

Patricia (@guest_1261771)
Reply to  camille
1 year ago

She should take the McCain brat with her

Loraine Spreng (@guest_1262084)
Reply to  Patricia
1 year ago


Linda L Waterman (@guest_1261875)
Reply to  Hank Rearden
1 year ago

yes u have naied it Hank great words but u know there r people out there that will believe what ever she says just cause she is woman and because she is against Trump just cant believe anyone would be against the best President we have ever had may god be with him god bless u all

Nita (@guest_1260606)
1 year ago

Sounds like she has a rule or ruin attitude, not sure she can out Trump trying to be Trump!!!!
She was one of ten GOP trying to impeach Trump??He had 75 million??? I would like those odds!!!

Dennis L Ruffin (@guest_1260677)
Reply to  Nita
1 year ago

You’re so full of crap your eyes must be brown.

Heinrich (@guest_1260729)
Reply to  Dennis L Ruffin
1 year ago

I believe you are full crap, you must be a saul alinsky men.

rm (@guest_1261428)
Reply to  Nita
1 year ago

Liz Cheney probably is another one who could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball…lol
Wonder if her horse in Wyoming gave her a swift kick in the a*s*s….stupid can’t be fixed and some animals are smart…

Cbnjky (@guest_1260611)
1 year ago

It’s clear that Cheney wanted Trump out of the way so she could have clear path to the presidential run in 2024. Her actions and body language very similar to Democratic corruption she would be better off running as a corrupt Democrat in 2024 since they own the DOJ and FBI

Albert L. Grounds (@guest_1261737)
Reply to  Cbnjky
1 year ago

I agree and it is amazing the Republicans would give her such an important position in the first place as it is obvious she is a RINO.
She will not get the support she thinks she can get because those never Trump politicians will either have to go with Trump or get out of the way when the support swells and his rallies begin.

Jennifer O'Gavaghan (@guest_1262103)
Reply to  Cbnjky
1 year ago

I understand Liz Cheney is basically unknown in her state of Wyoming.
That’s how attentive she is to her own people??? We certainly can NOT
have the likes of anyone for POTUS who doesn’t even know her own constituents!

Ally (@guest_1260613)
1 year ago

She should just go to Biden’s basement for the rest of her life

Joseph Barracato (@guest_1260618)
Reply to  Ally
1 year ago


lee (@guest_1260648)
Reply to  Joseph Barracato
1 year ago

That would insult the AKC!

Grandma (@guest_1260711)
Reply to  Joseph Barracato
1 year ago

I wouldn’t … I like dogs!!! But only the four legged type!

Hank Rearden (@guest_1260698)
Reply to  Ally
1 year ago

With her head in a bag!

Lin (@guest_1260614)
1 year ago

I hope that it comes true that Trump will run again in 2024! He definitely has my family vote! Liz needs to go away she screwed herself! You don’t have a shot!

LMS (@guest_1260629)
1 year ago

Yeah right Liz, I highly doubt any Republican that has any sense and who is NOT a RINO would even think of voting for you.

Grandma (@guest_1260715)
Reply to  LMS
1 year ago

I agree with you! Common sense is totally lacking in the Demo party!

Carol T (@guest_1260630)
1 year ago

Cheney should slither back under her rock and take all her rino buddies and dumocraps with her. She has done enough damage to the country. President Trump is the best president we have had since Reagan. He did more for this country than all the dumocraps put together. Cheney is actually a dumocrap, in my opinion.

kc (@guest_1260825)
Reply to  Carol T
1 year ago

How is a twice impeached President going to run for office again when the is perhaps sitting in jail ,or out with a felony conviction .

horntex (@guest_1260631)
1 year ago

She’ll resemble roadkill when Trump gets through with her.

Maria Silva (@guest_1260636)
1 year ago

Liz Cheney is a useful idiot;
the Democrats goal is to divide the Republicans party, and weaken their chances of taking back the house and senate.
Republicans have to keep their eye on the ball, and
focus on election integrity.
Liz is delusional and irrelevant.

rb (@guest_1260828)
Reply to  Maria Silva
1 year ago

The Republicans are dividing themselves more every day ,just look at AZ. with all the in fighting over the bs big lie. They will be losing more seats in both houses in 2022

Maverick (@guest_1260642)
1 year ago

Liz Cheney could not be trusted to do the right thing for the American people. She was only elected from Wyoming because of her name, not her credentials. Furthermore she has distanced herself from the Republican/conservative Party. She is a RINO and will say/do anything to stay in office….typical politician.

Rhoda (@guest_1260661)
1 year ago

Sorry Liz. You aren’t good enough.

Severa Hill (@guest_1260707)
1 year ago

Liz Cheney is not a Republican, her actions are more like the Democrats and thinks just like the Democrats. So no Republican will vote for her. She as president will ruin this country just like Biden is doing. Her ways are hit the Highway and is not suitable to be president by a long shot.

Norman (@guest_1260712)
1 year ago

Liz Cheney you get maybe 1to2 thousand votes. I hop you spend a lot of money opps I forgot the money wouldn’t be yours. So you wouldn’t care how millions you spend.

Marie (@guest_1260714)
1 year ago

She must be out of her flipping mind.

Kathy Johnson (@guest_1260725)
1 year ago

Cheney needs to give it up no one will vote for a rino. Trump will win . She is a fool to think otherwise

Heinrich (@guest_1260732)
1 year ago

Please, don’t send any email to me again! Thanks for nothing.

Jim Robbins (@guest_1260748)
1 year ago

Could Cheney be Stupider than that IDIOT BIDEN???

Shane Croker (@guest_1260756)
1 year ago


JJ (@guest_1260778)
1 year ago

Just look at her and listen to her!!! She is Hillary made over! We’ve already got too many turds in the punch bowl!!

James Diehl (@guest_1260787)
1 year ago

The Democrats have nothing to brag about. They are dividing and ruining America, but blame Trump for everything. If he is anti Democrat , the Democrats have given every good reason to be so!

Yvonne Shelton (@guest_1260871)
1 year ago

Cheney is not a Republican. She is pretty much a career politician and a closet Democrat that lied to people that she was a Republican. A liar is not someone that anyone should listen to anytime. Ignore the liars, ie, the Dems, and all the known liars. There are many good people in the USA.

Wayne Simanovsky (@guest_1260912)
1 year ago

Let her run. As a democrap

Kathleen (@guest_1261026)
1 year ago

Go for it, Crud Cheney. I’d love to see President Trump use you like the the dirty old rag you are!

GIGIJAN (@guest_1261099)
1 year ago


KJ Kadziauskas (@guest_1261486)
1 year ago

Another arrogant Politician who can not deal with rejection, just like Hillary Clinton?

Wilbert C. Jennings Jr (@guest_1261920)
1 year ago

She and Kerry have been exposed as the democrats that they are

Michael McNelly (@guest_1262071)
1 year ago

Trump is still president just sit back and watch

Mad as Hell (@guest_1262143)
1 year ago

Really Liz you do not get it yet!!??? Anyone who voted for Trump stands behind him & hopes he becomes President in 2024 as he should have in 2020 (but the Dems. committed voter fraud), that is if there is anything left of this country by then. Anyone who sides with the Democrats & stabs Trump in the back is NOT WHO WE WILL SIDE WITH OR VOTE FOR OR WANT IN ANY POSITION IN GOVERNMENT! We see what a debacle the DEMS. have done to our country & seeing you have sided with them more times than not save your time & money cause we won’t be voting for you again!!!

Billy (@guest_1262622)
1 year ago

Only with her DC ,east coast ,west coast leftist supporters.

FEDUP365 (@guest_1263845)
1 year ago

1/4 OF 1/4 OF 1 % OF THE VOTES is not enough to make her President of the St. Louis Zoo



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