February 26, 2021

Lincoln Project co-founder admits he sent innapropriate texts to young men

President Donald Trump fought many enemies during his time in office, including members of his own party. As it turns out, some of those enemies may have had secrets of their own.

John Weaver, co-founder of the Lincoln Project — a virulently anti-Trump initiative launched by disgruntled GOP swamp-dwellers —  was forced to admit to sexual misconduct after several men came forward with accusations on social media, according to Breitbart. Weaver allegedly sent unsolicited messages of a sexual nature — sometimes offering quid pro quo employment and other opportunities — to young men while working for the “never Trump” super PAC.

“The truth is that I’m gay,” Weaver said in a statement to Axios Friday. “And that I have a wife and two kids who I love. My inability to reconcile those two truths has led to this agonizing place.”

“To the men I made uncomfortable through my messages that I viewed as consensual mutual conversations at the time: I am truly sorry,” he continued. “They were inappropriate and it was because of my failings that this discomfort was brought on you.”

Weaver was on medical leave last summer and said in his statement he would not be returning to the Lincoln Project. Previously, the organization worked with RINOs like the late Arizona Senator John McCain and former Ohio Gov. John Kasich. However, the organization became rabidly opposed to Trump and waged a war against the president over the last couple of years.

It was only natural then that Weaver blamed Trump for his indiscretions with young men. “While I am taking full responsibility for the inappropriate messages and conversations, I want to state clearly that the other smears being leveled at me by Donald Trump’s enablers as a way to get back at the Lincoln Project for our principled stand for democracy are categorically false and outrageous.”

Some 30 men have allegedly come forward to report how Weaver made sexual advances toward them on Twitter. After the allegations and Weaver’s statement became public, some reported that the Lincoln Project scrubbed his affiliation from its website.

Weaver is accused of — and admitted to — some pretty sleazy behavior. Instead of taking full responsibility in his statement, he insinuated that it was because of his repressed sexuality and Trump’s allies looking for revenge. It’s clear that Weaver would have been better to spend his energy working on his own issues rather than wasting time in his vendetta against the president.

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49 Responses

  1. Where does it end ????? Im sorry?? Wrecking the lives of his kids his wife and leading a life rife with outright lies and deception…this POS is what he is…..the Liberal agenda with pedophilia and blatant disregard for Law??!! Continues to be thrust upon anyone that dares to condemn….

  2. Sick swappers are evil and ruin others lives instead of attempting to remedy their own. Such evil seems to be winning against ethical American voters who work diligently for their families, their country’s success, and honesty in the DC deep state of career politicians who are seemingly more inclined in dishonest schemes to fatten their families bank accounts instead of making America great again!

  3. “What goes around, comes around” It seems like people with power always lose their respect for other people. Like most of our government officials. (The Swamp)
    If they want to find me they have my name and email address. I don’t give a crap.

    1. Yeah, bring their crap values to my front door, attempt to ram them down my throat and see what happens.
      Unfortunately, that’s just what the left is going to try after the president -reject takes office.
      It will be sad days for many honest Americans when the loons run the Reich.

  4. Damn them damn them all we are Americans what is wrong with you people? You will have to answer to God as you see us as nothing!

  5. The sickness of the swamp would make a maggot puke. Add in corruption, lies, and the duplicity of the msm, you have the accelerated colapse of America.

    1. AMERICA has gone away from the Constitution and Rule of Law. Wait till the KANGAROO gets in office. Look what he’s surrounded himself with!!!

      1. A vote for Biden was a vote for Harris. That is the only way they could get Harris into office She was rejected by her own party before any of the other candidates were rejected during the democratic debates They will shut all the conservatives down if we give them a chance

  6. I keep praying for more evil to be exposed. The hateful nature of the Lincoln project is a slap in the face to Honest Abe. They have no business using his name. May the Lord continue to bring these things to light. Pray for our country, pray for our nation, prayer to Him matters. Praying for those of you having a hard time. God bless you.

    1. Don’t think our President Trump will sit idly by He’s mad and he should be …he is the President I don’t care who THEY SAID WON He is the President.. Democrats can only win this kind of election when you cheat .. and they cheated .. to much cover up to much ballots showing up And I said all along you don’t win an election just in the swing states if your popularity is so great .. which Trumps was … Biden shoujd have been good in all states and he wasn’t but hey After “ Midnite “all kinds of strange things happen … as President Trump told us Their not after me their after US . He knew and told us what sound happy if Biden got in .. all his hard and good work going down the drain .. Americans and America has lost

  7. And the beat goes on!Biden won’t last long and the
    he/she won’t either. I do believe she is, you name it?
    Trump will return!!God Bless AMERICA!!

    1. Dee you are so right, the best is to come and that is our President Trump. DOWN WITH THE demo-rats they will destroy us!

  8. As usual, blame someone else when you get caught in a crime. Just like a rino/ never Trumper, “I did it, BUT Trump made me.” Ugh.

  9. Why does any of this of concern? Look at the demise of the Boy Scouts. Look at the church and their corruption. Look at the infanticide we do; last count since Rove vs Wade at 63-million, thereabouts. Stalin and his friends must be rejoicing in hell. While you sit and watch a game with players making millions of dollars a years enjoying the team paraphernalia made by enslaved children from around the world and you are offended by this trifle thing? Where where you when the PTA decided what your child should learn backed by the teachers unions? We where warned decades ago by President Reagan what could happen! So now, you are offended, are you? Look at what we allowed to occupy the WH!

  10. WOW, WHO DA THUNK A LYING LIBERAL, they do anything to get their PEOPLE, no matter how PATHETIC their CANDIDATES are In POWER, just like GOOD OL NANCY said keep lying until It becomes believable, no matter how big a lie It Is, and let’s not forget that P.O.S. HARRY REID who lied about ROMNEY’S TAXES although we find out ROMNEY probably deserved it being the RINO he Is.

  11. Trump made me do it. Well it worked last week in the kangaroo court of the house. Oh I mean if they really had a trial, they just convicted.

  12. Anyone have names and pics of all in the Lincoln Project so we can take corrective action to make sure they have no job, way to live, walk freely, and most importantly spread their lies and falsehoods. Fight fire with fire. Vengeance Saith the Lord. Trump has been run through a 4 year kangaroo court guilty with no chance to prove innocence. At least dems are honest criminals. Hold Rhinos equally accountable as leftist commie dems.

  13. Don’t watch the NFL, NBA, or MLB, or NASCAR ..When they started kneeling when the National Anthem was played, and wearing BLM on their helmet’s and equipment, and donating millions … That did it for me.
    Texas has already disowned this POS weaver, but if he runs for office he will probably get elected/appointed
    for something,, hopefully not in Texas..

  14. The main part of the Supreme Court’s job is OVERSIGHT, and if someone or some state is violating the constitution, then the court should step in, whether or not there is a complaint or brief filed in a lower court or the high court directly. If the court is not doing this, then the court is not doing the due diligence it is suppose to do, to protect the constitution. And if the court is not going to do its job, then it is up to we the people to do the job, and if we have to do the job then we just as well fire the court, we are the only ones that can. It makes no difference if a judge is conservative or liberal if the judge does not follow the constitution. The constitution was not put there to protect the administration, the legislature, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, from the government period, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow. When the government does not want to follow, then we the people have the right and the power to change or remove the government. I think that the court gets so tongue tied with the literal meaning of the law that it forgets what the most important part of its job is. OVERSIGHT.

    Since officials in a number of states have taken it upon themselves to make laws with out the legislative bodies in those states, that the constitution gives the legislative bodies the power to do. They are ignoring the constitution, and need to be reigned in. It is past time for the SCROTUS to do its due diligence, and step in, if the SCROTUS does not wish to do so, then we the people will have to do the job of the court, and we will not need the court.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings, queens, tyrants, and dictators rule. and that is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to keep the corrupt from getting in power in government. That is why we have come to the point of needing to set term limits and to remove immunity that protects those that would try to abuse their position by creating greater transparency in the government.

    Just like they did with the Hunter Biden scandal, the fake news and the media, are covering up what states are doing to hide the evidence. It is not only in the so-called battle ground states. The governors and judges, and election officials in these states, are violating the law and the constitution of the United States, by making laws illegally, and suppressing the evidence, by refusing to allow ballots, and machines to be investigated. As much as I hate to say this the Supreme Court is condoning this behavior, by not enforcing the constitution. This is their job, to protect the constitution by enforcing it. The Supreme Courts job of oversight does not end because a case is not filed in a lower court. There is nothing in the constitution that says the Supreme Court it’s self cannot call on the DOJ or Superior Court to take action on such matters, and for it not to do so is negligence.
    As I have said before and will repeat.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings, queens, tyrants, and dictators rule.

    The constitution was not put there to protect the administration, the legislature, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, from the government, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow.

    U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

    Some states have gotten the idea that they can just change laws because they want to. However that is not the case, when a state becomes a state they sign on to the constitution and the bill of rights, and all of the laws contained with in the constitution. These are the over riding laws of the land, and apply to all states, and can not be just dismissed out of hand by any state governor, state legislature, or any state official, or local officials. It does not work that way. The constitution and the bill of rights can not be changed by any government body be it federal state or local. Changes to the constitution and the bill of rights can only be made by we the people. Not with E.O. or legislation by any governing body, or any whim of someone on the supreme court. This is to keep government from usurping the power of the people.

    The supreme Court is “appointed” to oversee the implementation of the constitution, and the protection of the constitution, by enforcing the constitution.
    Lately it would seem that the Supreme Court is neglecting its role of oversight, and enforcement. Which means it is not protecting the constitution.

    The Supreme Court is being negligent in its duty of oversight, of a number of states that have violated the constitution, by letting officials make laws illegally, instead of the legislatures in those states. This falls squarely in the scope of the Supreme Court. Whether or not any complaint has been filed in any other court or the Supreme Court Directly. This is the job of the Supreme Court in its roll of oversight, in the protection of the constitution. I am sorely disappointed by the Supreme Courts actions or lack there of, to do what is necessary to protect the constitution and thereby the country and the people. Trump thought he appointed three conservatives to the Supreme Court, I think he guessed wrong.

  15. Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brain. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  16. Dems, Repubs. all are establishment politicians, and there in is the real problem. You see people think that Trump was elected to drain the swamp. That is not true, as he can not do that. What he was elected to do was expose the people in the swamp, which he did quite well. Now they are out in the open it is up to we the people to clean up the swamp. I mean all of the parties ( Dems, Repubs, Indys ).

  17. I’m a staunch conservative we need a think tank to check out which Senators and Congresspersons on both sides. .Who are in ownership of Chinese companies or getting payoffs in both political parties. Once discovered and proven the republican party should refuse to give that party the door and run a loyal not on the payroll with China in their place. The candidate who is on the Chinese payroll should then be charged and tried for treason. The Democrats who are on the list should suffer the same situation!

  18. Now is, the time to escape the CNN prison, and get to OANN on ATT 208 or NewsMAX on ATT 220 and safety and freedom and fresh air. Must act quickly before it is to late, and you are brainwashed into believing their nonsense and the constant lies that they spew all day long. It must take a lot of stamina to be able to lie like that, and the endurance to be able to keep coming up with all of this crap all day long. “incredible”. and it is really unbelievably stupid. Run to OANN on ATT 208 or NewsMAX on ATT 220 right a way to save your freedom of speech and thought and beliefs and get some fresh air and honest reporting. It is essential that you do so right now, save your sanity.

  19. Texas need to institute its own immigration policy, just as California’s Newson does. Besides with all these states making their own elect laws, I think we should make our own immigration laws. The Supreme Court isn’t going to do any thing any, cause it doesn’t have any standing.

  20. When, will Trump be making a trump impeachment coin. I know that you think I am being funny, but it would be a great heirloom, and would really piss Pelosi off, and he could make a mint. At the same time it would rub it in her face, that she tried three times an failed three time, The fact that she did it only amplifies her poor decision making, and her tantrums only put it on display.

  21. The thief-in-chief will be swearing out loud in 2 days. He is so scared, like a communist leader that he tanks to protect him from his own SS troops. the Biden SS ( MLB, Antifuka ).

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