April 11, 2021

Sen. Dianne Feinstein faces liberal wrath after cordial exchange with Lindsey Graham

Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), just found herself facing calls from leftists to retire from leadership after exhibiting cordiality towards committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett. 

Leftists are furious that Feinstein didn’t do more to block Barrett from what appears to be an inevitable confirmation to the court, but Feinstein’s warm words in regard to Graham were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Feinstein said on Thursday that “This has been one of the best set of hearings that I’ve participated in … It leaves one with a lot of hopes, a lot of questions and even some ideas perhaps of good bipartisan legislation we can put together.”

The Washington Post amplified leftist bashing of Feinstein’s handling of the hearings, reporting on Friday in response to Feinstein’s statement:

If that wasn’t enough to anger Democrats — who have spent this week trying to paint Barrett’s nomination process as a sham — Feinstein also thanked the committee’s chair, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), and then walked across the room to wrap him in a hug.

Never mind that neither senator was wearing a face mask. Many Democrats were so much more incensed about what that hug symbolized — a final white flag, a compliment for Graham after a comparatively tame week of questioning — that, hours later, at least two liberal activist groups called for Feinstein to go.

Though Feinstein is no moderate herself, it appears that her usefulness to the progressive left has run out, and her decision to exhibit the smallest gesture of civility towards a fellow Senate leader simply sealed her fate.

The Post noted that prior to the beginning of Barrett’s confirmation hearings, Democrats were worried that she didn’t have the strength to mount an opposition campaign. After their worst fears were realized, they exploded in calls to oust her from her long-held seat.

“It’s time for Sen. Feinstein to step down from her leadership position on the Senate Judiciary Committee. If she won’t, her colleagues need to intervene,” raged Demand Justice executive director Brian Fallon.

Progressive advocacy group Indivisible tweeted: “Nothing says ‘this process is an illegitimate sham’ quite like hugging it out with the guy who’s in charge of the illegitimate sham. Senator Feinstein’s behavior today was a perfect summation of why we can’t just elect Democrats — we need to hold them accountable too.”

Feinstein’s colleagues have remained mostly quiet about their thoughts on the matter, but the outrage amongst progressive political action groups and liberal pundits says it all.

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81 Responses

      1. I had the same thought. then she can hug all of the Republicans she wants. I think she’s in her late 80’s.

    1. Damn Feinstein anyway, she shouldn’t be nice or try to do her congressional job she is paid to do! Woke people take drugs, drink and riot, not work! She sets a bad example doing that for our fine young “protesters” out in the street until all hours of the night. Work be damned!
      Vote Trump 2020


    1. The dog rats, of the moderate democrats, are completely off track. Corrupt democrats can not stand for one of there own to be a normal human being. Which was a big surprise for me, by Dianne Feinstein. I have never experienced to see this era democrats to be so corrupt in America’s history.


    3. Absolutely surprised but pleased none the less! It is about time there is decency in the Senate. It might as well start at the top!

    4. Well said Joelle — This was the first sign of peace since before Obama. Clinton had other things on his mind. But I’m sure all hope will soon be dashed! With the exception of a Trump Win!

  2. When you hobnob with the left, you become beholden to the left! You toe the line or become their victim, suffer their wrath! It’s like the mob! Once you join you’re locked in “till death do you part!”

    1. I should add, Thank you, Diane, for showing civility when it’s not acceptable on your side of the aisle. And thanks, Lindsey, for so graciously accepting her gesture!

      1. Can’t be .. pedo joe himself said that antifa is just a concept .. they don’t really exist .. i suppose all those cities they torched down are also just concepts right pedo joe??? … 😖

    2. Have to say that I agree, if the more moderate Democrats can’t see the “it’s our way or the highway” they are either fearful or complacent. No one that has a ounce of decency in them will they accept into their “take over”.

  3. Diane F. was very nice to Amy. I loved it. She did exactly what she believed in. She needs to change over to Republicans. We’d be glad to have her!!!

    1. “She needs to change over to Republicans”??? No, no and NO – – she has already been in Congress for far too long; it IS time for her to leave! She employed a “Chinese SPY” for two decades and THAT is NOT acceptable by any standard!

      1. Amen…. get that b—- out of there… I would not trust her on anything!! Democrats have nothing but evil up their sleeve.. NEVER TRUST A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT !!

    2. Not so fast….who can forget the debacle and hearing from the last supreme court judge because of Feinstein dealings with that sick woman that caused the uproar.. She nearly succeeded ruining that whole family. Luckily the truth came out and the judge barely past the democratic onslaught on his character.

  4. I love seeing Democrats go crazy freaking out and ready jump from a bridge. I hope 4 more years of Trump will finish off the evil Democrats

    1. Now, now, it isn’t nice to talk Dems
      into jumping off bridge like that,
      understandable but it isn’t nice.
      Oh well, maybe put signs up
      that say jump from here?

      1. The Democrats haven’t been nice (except Feinstein) in years. Even the general public are saying things I haven’t heard in years, if ever.

  5. It leaves me no choice but to say that liberals don’t care about our country and they are just gunhoe on destroying our country! I don’t know what they if anyone is going to gain but cause pain and misery to the American people and destroying our way of life! God bless America’n

  6. It’s the deep state and the lure of money that corrupts!!! These two had a moment so what that’s good we’re all human!

  7. Unbelievable !!! Nancy Pelosi can block trillions of dollars for MILLIONS of people who DESPERATELY need financial help and nobody says a thing. Yet one of the party members ( Demorats) shows a little civility and respect towards an opposing party member and they ( the Demo-rats) want her ousted. Just wait till election time, not only is Trump going to win by a landslide, but the Demo-rats are going to lose seats in both the house and Senate.

  8. I salute the Courage of Sen. Feinsstein! She is proving to the World that it is our COUNTRY MUST COMES FIRST in her Rightous Mind! NOT THE PARTY! WHEN anything that is going where it should be going, there should be NO different of opinions, regardless what was one’s previous view on the SUBJECT! That is MATURITY! That is PUTTING THE COUNTRY FIRST and FORMOST! That is the duty of very citizen to put the COUNTRY FIRST by APPLYING what is to be the VERY BST FOR HER! What is GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY is also GOOD for EVERAY CITIZEN! That is our GOAL~ All that we do must be for the BEST of our Country!

  9. Cant stand Feinstein, always thought she has overstayed her corrupt duty to
    the people, just as Pelosi has. I honestly believes she sees the evil, cheating, jealousy, and lying within her party, and has had enough of the BS.Her and Pelosi are made from same mold, but I think Feinstein has a little guilt, whereas Pelosi Is just one big all around witch with a B, she would sell her first born for a buck and her favorite of all…….P O W E R ! Feinstein should retire now while the goings good for her, because THEY will make her life miserable. And you know Pelosi is badmouthing her as we speak.Nancy will NEVER get over her niceness towards Lindsey Graham. You can’t be a democRAT and be nice.

  10. Heaven forbid that two people appreciate each other. It seems kind of funny that not to long ago, democrats and republicans actually got along together. Then along came “Mr. Hope and Change” and everything went right into the crapper. Mr. Community Organizer did nothing but divide our country. He reversed years of progress. He was paid by Soros to do so. And he did an excellent job. He did an excellent job of stirring up violence. All this unrest that’s going on is because of the Obama’s and Soros. Say what you will but, Trump had nothing to do with this. The only thing he did was to get elected by the American People. All this started because Clinton didn’t get elected. The democrats have shown just how children act when they don’t get their way.

    1. Hope went out the window and change went to China and that all in just 8 years. Those 8 years turned very lucrative for that fellow. Not so for the American citizen.

    2. You are so right Paul…. All went to hell with the evil HOPE AND CHANGE….. The original destroyer… He divided this country along RACIAL LINES as well as PARTY LINES.. The great divider.. Who will go down as the worst President we ever had !!

  11. This is exactly what Republicans would like to see more of ,it would be great to see more of this go on every day by both parties !!! The DEMOCRATS should be PROUD of Finstien instead of HATEING her !!!

  12. Heaven forbid a Democrat to be nice to a Republican. It was nice to see someone be civil to someone in an other party. Now you know the truth, Democrats will never agree with Republicans. It’s not they way.

  13. Well maybe Senator Feinstein is tired and wishes to retired with a job well done.From her party.& All congressmembers.She is in her eighty’s.

  14. Bitterness on the part of the Dumbocrats shows how despicable they are. Ms. Feinstein’s is a politician to be respected. She showed her appreciation for the other side, so what, that’s what politicians do. I think she did an admiral job in her questioning as “D”! We will trade you Romney for Ms. Feinstein! SAVE YOUR TEARS FOR NOVEMBER 3RD!

  15. That is one fine LADY AND the one being grilled is will
    be a good new justice for ALL
    If she does step down this is one INDEPENDENT WHO WISHES
    her the best.

  16. Diane Feinstein is a warrior and always has been, but with years of experience, she also knows when she can’t win and there is no point in continuing the fight. While I don’t like to see our elected Republicans being too close to the opposing Party, like Susan Collins is, I do not find any pleasure in watching the hostility currently being displayed by members of Congress. They have one job to do and that’s taking care of “America”, a job that they have failed miserably at for 50 years.

  17. Her husband was caught with his hand in the Educational Cookie Jar…..she knows her time is up……and she’s doing it with a little grace so the public won’t be as hard on her……?

  18. Democrat claims to ‘inclusiveness’ have the exclusion of Republicans as a constraint. How can listening individuals buy this as ‘unifying?’

  19. This old lady n
    knows what the Dems are made up of and how bad they have resorted to being over the years..she wants no part of it now. She knows her time is coming to pay a visit to the big man upstairs… all of her wrong doings will be her punishment. I think she know ACB is the perfect person for the job and the Dems are furious.. I love it when the Dems heads explode.

  20. Damn that Feinstein anyway, she shouldn’t be nice or try to do her congressional job she is paid to do! Woke people take drugs, drink and riot, not work! Sets a bad example doing that for the fine young “protesters” out in the street until all night. Work be damned!
    Vote Trump 2020

  21. It should be no surprise to anyone. The Democrat Party is a party of Haters. Hatred is not a platform.They inspire nothing but mistrust and disgust.Nothing redeemable here just wasted souls.

    1. Except for that president the nuc-ler science guy what raised him up some peanuts, what was his name again? Va-ja-ja Carter? He was actually a nice guy and smart, not a great economic guy but nice personality none the less. Building poor people houses til the day he dies.

  22. Brian Fallon needs to kiss his own arse. At least Feinstein knows when to behave like a decent person unlike the POS that are in the Democrat side of the aisle.

  23. What good would it have done if she had thrown a fit. The votes are there for this great lady. So you sick people get over it.

  24. I’m no Feinstein fan, since long before her attacks on the Kavanaugh nomination, but I found her Graham hug interesting. Has Feinstein just opened the door for moderate democrats’ return to civility in the Senate? Could ACB really come up with a bi-partisan vote in excess of 70 votes for SCOTUS? It could happen! ACB is a powerful presence and an incredibly qualified candidate.
    This could be an attempt by the moderates on the Left to salvage some credibility before the election, which could turn out to be a major Republican sweep.

  25. I really think she liked Amy Coney Barrett, she saw the intelligence and knowledge of being a law abiding justice ans that she will do a good job in the Supreme Court. She saw her kindness and goodness and this is why she made that nice gesture. Also, Senator Graham did a very positive job and professional job and should be commended. It is nice to see something good and positive happening because the Dems have been rabid through all the years I can remember. People get tired of all the evil in their speeches and their doings. It is like they hate America as a country. Something is very wrong with the Dems. Pelosi is rabid and she must go.

  26. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it.”
    In short, Mrs. Feinstein recognized an old friend: TRUTH.
    America has freedom, rights, and liberty that no other peoples have. America IS the BEST nation in the world. Our Forefathers wrote, with God’s help, the BEST Constitution for democracy known to all of civilization. Our Forefathers recognized the NEED for justices on the SCOTUS who shall defend and protect our Constitution as well as our way of living. This is why they saw to it that an American patriotic president is to be the one who nominates these justices.
    Our Forefathers would be PROUD of Judge Barrett.
    Mrs. Feinstein has been pretty much in the background over the past SEVERAL MONTHS. She has witnessed the gross deterioration of the democratc party. It is not good nor does it reflect our wonderful American history.
    The DNC sold us out to a communist (who changed his name to George Soros) who wants to take away our sovereignty. Mrs. Feinstein has seen and recognized it for the evil it is. Do we, the people, understand the strength and courage it took for her to, basically, say, “My party has abandoned me and my wonderful country.”
    I would love for her to retire and enjoy her family and the rest of her life as a true, patriotic American Republican.
    We Christians are praying for this kind of turn-around in this country. May God, first, SAVE America. May God, then, bless America, again.
    Then, may God bless Mrs. Feinstein. It’s good to find a “sister” in politics.

    1. It seems to be an age old problem. The “Frankenstein monster” theory. You can’t give birth to a monster falsely believing you can control it, and it not turn and rend you. It is obvious no one has taught the dem’s not to play w/fire. Look at the dem cities that have encouraged the rioters to continue on their paths of destruction? When given the opportunity to act w/them the mayor needed the police or security to save them from the rioters.

  27. I noticed the comment from one of my bestest HEROES!! It is good to hear from you, HERO VET; Walter Flatt.
    SA—-LUTE !!!

  28. Don’t get too excited about Feinstein. A hug doesn’t necessarily mean she’s changed. Keep on eye on her actions!

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  30. She’s done alot of damages to the Republicans , and now democrates true colors show through , this is a prime example of their paranoid demonic behavior , show any kindness to Republicans and it’s all over . And your next !

  31. Well it’s about time someone on the left stood up to the FAR LEFT idiots. People if you want to live in a country that is like Russia, suggest you give up your citizenship in the U.S. and move to Russia and live there. We are a REPUBLIC and will stay that way. November 3rd is approaching and on that day go VOTE in person and vote the left out of office. I spent 20 years serving my country and I’ll be dammed if I’ll see it go to the dogs. Just follow the money trail and it you’ll find that the democrats have there hands into GEORGE SOROS pockets. Any politician who is convicted of TREASON or SEDITION should be hanged in a public square. No jail time or fine. Young folks today do not have the work ethic of their grandparents. You get nothing free, down the road you will pay for it, whether you know it or not. There are plenty of jobs out there, so go get a job, make your money. Don’t give into your children, no cell phones until there 18 and can pay their way. If they put up a fuss, tell them NO and if they continue, warm there butt. Kids today do not have any respect for anything and all they want is it given to them. Well sorry that’s not how the it works.

  32. No permanent enemy in politics, and you can fight man, but you cannot fight GOD. “Frankenstein” has demonstrated that “To burn always with the Democrats hard GIN like flame to maintain the ecstasy is success for the Supreme court nomination and confirmation, SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett. No politics can stop Amy Coney , and “Frankenstein” is wise enough to understood that she is the one needed for that Job, putting the country first not the politics of the left that aim to destroy UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This where truth comes alive, that MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IS THE AGENDA TO BE CONSIDERED WHEN VOTING. NOT WITH ULTERIOR MOTIVE OF MAKING CHINA GREAT.

  33. I think the political machine in Washington,those from California are a bunch of hipocrates like Feinstine, Waters and,Sheif and AOC are all out of their minds and especially Pelosie. They are so stupid they can’t see the forest for the trees. They have no clue what the people of this Nation or state need and want. They are so stupid are all so self-centered that it’s a shame to even have their names on the ballot.

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