August 12, 2022

Liberal SCOTUS fixture Stephen Breyer warns Dems against packing the courts

The Democrats have control over most of the government right now, but they could be going for more with the U.S. Supreme Court. At least one important official on their own side is warning that it may spell trouble, however.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer worries that if Democrats go for a power grab by increasing the number of judges on the Supreme Court, it could  “diminish” trust in the government and rule of law, the Daily Wire reported. Notably, Breyer was appointed by former President Bill Clinton and is also a registered Democrat.

In his remarks at Harvard Law School Tuesday, Breyer cautioned Democrats against court-packing, which simply means appointing additional judges to the Supreme Court to change the political balance. Rather than having to wait to replace enough of the existing nine justices, President Joe Biden could add enough seats to tip the balance in his favor.

However, Breyer cautioned that the court’s reputation is dependent upon “a trust that the court is guided by legal principle, not politics,” according to the Washington Post. “Structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only feed that perception, further eroding that trust,” Breyer warned.

“If the public sees judges as ‘politicians in robes,’ its confidence in the courts, and in the rule of law itself, can only diminish, diminishing the court’s power, including its power to act as a ‘check’ on the other branches,” he further explained. It would seem that tinkering with the number of judges to serve a purpose would do more harm than good.

Furthermore, as Breyer pointed out, it isn’t even necessary under the court’s current 6-3 balance in favor of originalist judges. The court proved its lack of partisanship when it didn’t overturn the 2020 presidential election results despite immense pressure from former President Donald Trump.

“The court’s decision in the 2000 presidential election case, Bush v. Gore, is often referred to as an example of its favoritism of conservative causes,” Breyer went on. “But the court did not hear or decide cases that affected the political disagreements arising out of the 2020 Trump v. Biden election.”

While conservatives view the Supreme Court as the last stopgap against a tyrannical government, the left sees it as another lever to pull to get what they want. Breyer is correct that intentionally adding justices to the court will undermine the American people’s faith in the entire system, and Democrats should consider themselves warned.

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FOX_EDITION (@guest_1201993)
1 year ago

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carol expoito (@guest_1202046)
1 year ago

My fear is that there aren’t enough level-headed Democrats to off-set the crazies on the Left. Why do we have to listen to that TWIT from New York, AOC, who has less sense than a bird!

andrew (@guest_1202118)
Reply to  carol expoito
1 year ago

you know damn well they’re not going to do anything honestly

D Bent (@guest_1204244)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

The 3 branches of government were designed to check & balance each other in their own way and only within the manner legally prescribed for their respective branches in the Constitution. The Administrative branch has no authority to “overhaul” or even modify SCOTUS. Doing so would be a breach of Constitutional boundries. SCOTUS can, if they decide to, declare Old Joey’s actions against SCOTUS as unconstitutional. The same can happen if the Administrative branch tries to overhaul congress – a truly impeachable offense as it would be declared an authoritarian coup. Joey’s continual PO’s are an attempt to do just this and the demo heavy politicians in D-C are letting hiim get away with it. Power, power and more absolute power = corruption.

Lyn (@guest_1202395)
Reply to  carol expoito
1 year ago

Its the voters that voted her in….. they are the ones we have to change their mind set.

Carol (@guest_1202977)
Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago

You’re exactly right Lyn.

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1203214)
Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago


ds (@guest_1203222)
Reply to  carol expoito
1 year ago

BLATANT DISREGARD for anything that is the RULE OF LAW… this will result in WAR ! These corrupt demonrats are in for a TERRIBLE future. They will have NO PLACE TO HIDE… not in this country !

Marilyn M M Lindsay (@guest_1202050)
1 year ago

I don’t know why the Dems would be concerned about their minority in the Supreme Court. This court seems to be siding with the Dems much more than the Republicans.

bob (@guest_1202503)
Reply to  Marilyn M M Lindsay
1 year ago

at this time in this generation seems the supreme court is no longer trustworthy of protecting we the people Consitutiioal Rights. They are as corrupt as the politicians in our government. Democrats violate the people’s constitutional rights as they see fit. Who gives a damn anymore.

DS (@guest_1203224)
Reply to  bob
1 year ago

YES… and it will result in WAR… when you have NO RULE OF DECENT LAWS then you have FASCISM. Those responsible for this will have NO place to hide. Many will be arrested and executed on the spot… no courts. Just swift justice. Sad that so MANY young people are in for a terrible future. HORRIBLE to be exact. No GOD or MORALS… they were damned before they were ever born.

Lorraine Holmes (@guest_1202063)
1 year ago

True American citizens have already lost trust in U.S. Supreme court or any other court for that matter. The oath to defend our Constitution and Federal laws has been abandoned by the judicial system.
It is a corrupt POS with pedo criminals, and paid off judges bought by globalists.

William Baker (@guest_1202102)
Reply to  Lorraine Holmes
1 year ago

I sure agree

T kid (@guest_1202176)
Reply to  Lorraine Holmes
1 year ago

I agree, well said.

Lauren Hillquist (@guest_1202182)
Reply to  Lorraine Holmes
1 year ago

I fully agree as well. But I don’t know what POS is….JUST KIDDING!

Loraine Spreng (@guest_1202212)
Reply to  Lorraine Holmes
1 year ago

Exactly100% CORRECT!!!

Joan Stanton (@guest_1202067)
1 year ago

Even the much lauded Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was against packing Supreme Court but I guess she doesn’t matter as much to Congress as they said she did. Honor her memory by NOT PACKING THE COURT

Nelly Somera (@guest_1202072)
1 year ago

You are so right, Justice Breyer. The SC is the last hope for the people when legal issues get muddled in political discourse and should avoid the temptation of favoring or being influenced by a particular ideological or political trend, especially that which subverts our constitution and laws and our legal precedents. Neither should Congress even think of restructuring anything that the Constitution has set except by the way the Constitution has established. The Executive and Legislative branches should respect the principle of “checks and balance.”

John Stuczynski (@guest_1210347)
Reply to  Nelly Somera
1 year ago

Are you kidding? Democrats want to make sure their power will never end. Packing the Supreme Court will guarantee them that power. to hell with the citizens.

judith (@guest_1202085)
1 year ago


Linda Joyce KANE (@guest_1203280)
Reply to  judith
1 year ago

Yes. Agree

sandy raymond (@guest_1202086)
1 year ago

Unfortunately for the democrats, the Supreme Court doesn’t always side with them, and there’s the kicker!!
What a miserable time we are having in this wonderful country because of the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the crazies!!

jerry d. bresee (@guest_1202101)
Reply to  sandy raymond
1 year ago

Sandy, Crazy Communist Democrats!

Glenn A Lewis (@guest_1202092)
1 year ago

Not many people are currently “trusting” the current administration government right NOW!

Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? (@guest_1202104)
Reply to  Glenn A Lewis
1 year ago

I don’t trust it or follow it.

Larry (@guest_1202115)
1 year ago

It seems a lot of Supreme Court decisions have been politically motivated in the last decade, especially with Chief Justice Roberts heading it up. Failing to even entertain the idea that something went wrong with the last election was either politically motivated or an act of extreme cowardice. I have no faith in our government at all!

John Galt (@guest_1202126)
1 year ago

Roosevelt tried to pack the Court to advance his agenda. Fortunately, this did not happen. The Supreme Court has already lost a lot of respect for not doing anything to review the challenges to the 2020 presidential election. Packing the Court with a new bunch of left wing liberals to advance the agenda, as Bidet wants to do, would destroy the Court as a respected institution. Breyer, a liberal, is right.

Linda (@guest_1202138)
1 year ago

They all want power an to destroy our country an take our rights an freedom. Their all in cahoots with Soros for his new world order. An make us all their slaves an their trying their best is why pelosi had help getting rid of our True President Trump.

Arthur Doyle (@guest_1202152)
1 year ago

Our trust in the US government and SCOTUS is at zero 0 since President Trump left office. You can’t diminish lower than we are! Is there anyone left in office that will put America’s citizens first? When will SCOTUS step in and do something? My guess is they won’t as they are a big part of the problem. Either we go back to our Constitution or we are lost.

Billy (@guest_1202175)
1 year ago

They only care about Power not the little legal citizen,

Sean Richman (@guest_1202194)
1 year ago

Read my lips,biden could not care less,he is only a programmed robot type that does what the elite liberals program him to say and do.Sorry mad dame peeloosi you may control but you are NOT elite,come to think about it there is no such thing as an elite liberal,just rich in dollars,not love for AMERICA.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1202201)
1 year ago

Why would they listen to anything but a powergrab. Democrat are all anout power now they have it they will not let up onanything but total destruction of the usa

bruce (@guest_1202220)
1 year ago

In the case of the 2020 elections, they should have stepped in and stopped the Fraud. Its a dereliction of duty and oath of office.

Michael Saunders (@guest_1202222)
1 year ago

The democrats are really wanting a war and their going to get it if there not careful.

Charles Busack (@guest_1202553)
Reply to  Michael Saunders
1 year ago

Yes they will and soon would be my guess.

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1202225)
1 year ago

Might??? For months now, because of the unwillingness to review several serious allegations and charges, the SCOTUS has very little if any respect from the people.

Vicki Segura (@guest_1202279)
1 year ago

I don’t understand why the people of the United States won’t stand up and say something for once in their lives. I for one disagree with everything that Biden has done so far to this great country. All he cares about is letting the illegal immigrants cross the border with the virus because he wants their votes and forget the American Citizens who put him in office. How do you people fell now that you voted Biden in? I didn’t vote for Biden because I knew he would screw up this beloved country of ours. I am so ashamed of Biden I just can’t put it down exactly how I feel because it probably would not be posted. Biden wants the American people to get the shot for covid*19 but he doesn’t care that everyone he lets in at the border is not being checked and they are probably are positive. Just talking about Biden makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!!

tom matt (@guest_1202311)
1 year ago

The pillar of the 3 Branches of our Government has dodged or caved in on most cases relevant to the Constitution and the Law Of The Land . They have made Laws and undermined their duties to uphold the written ,proved up and legitimate issues .They have refused to even hear valid and sworn testimony related to a number of critical issues . We don’t NEED to pack the Court with more “shills ” from either party but establish another TOP Court that is NOT filled by “political hacks ” and by the process of the President (of either party ) choosing the Nominees and the majority of the Senate using the rubber stamp (majority ) to vote up or down >Try a non-government committee of citizens to select the members of the Court by their abilities to interpret and act on the LAWS !!!

CJ Wells (@guest_1203217)
1 year ago

News to the Justices – by not hearing the election cases you have sealed your own fate. Half of this country does not value your branch of government and if the court gets packed so be it as we will put our kind on the court as well. The Supreme Court has advised all Americans to cheat at the ballot box by not holding lawbreakers accountable. May the best cheater win and we have more counties so you do the math!!!!!

David G. (@guest_1204849)
1 year ago

It’s too bad that TRUMP thought he was picking honest people for the SCOTUS appointments, what a bunch of losers who have no COURAGE!!

Javiernop (@guest_1234312)
1 year ago

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