September 20, 2020

Liberal Privilege on Full Display

Democrats like to lecture America about its purported white privilege whilst ignoring their own liberal privilege on full display.

Take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was busted this week getting her hair blown out at a San Francisco beauty salon despite California laws prohibiting hair salons from opening. Queen Pelosi has also been lecturing the American people about wearing a mask while a security video captured at the salon shows her not wearing one.

This goes beyond liberal hypocrisy. It is elitism that whiffs of pure snobbery as the wealthy, powerful and privileged in the Democratic Party today don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. They’re an aristocracy that more aptly channels Marie Antoinette than “Amtrak Joe.”

Pelosi’s actions also call into question Democrats’ push for detrimental school and business closures — which have destroyed the livelihoods of millions of Americans and radically altered the U.S. education system — because, according to progressives and the almighty teachers unions, the coronavirus is too contagious for schools to fully reopen. Yet, none of that stopped the house speaker from prancing around the beauty salon without a mask, exposing herself and others.

It’s a galling double standard, especially given that liberal mayors and governors have implemented fines as high as $1,000 for civilians who don’t wear a mask. And business owners face hefty fines and risk being arrested — or even imprisoned — if they fail to obey a labyrinth of costly COVID-19 regulations.

Then there’s Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, another privileged Democrat, who infamously got a haircut during the lockdown when none of her constituents was allowed to do so. During the state lockdown order, barbers and hair salons were forced to close their doors and taxpayers were forbidden from getting haircuts. Yet, once again, liberal privilege reared its well-coiffed head in the Windy City. The hypocrisy was especially egregious given that Lightfoot stated in one of her public service announcements that “getting your roots done is not essential,” reported the Chicago Tribune.

But that’s not all. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, another Democrat, was taken to task recently for dining indoors at a Maryland restaurant while his own constituents are barred from doing so. And we’ve all seen New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s frequent tweets and admonitions telling New Yorkers to wear a mask while he’s been photographed on multiple occasions not wearing one in public.

As you can see, there’s a consistent pattern of snobbish elitism throughout the Democratic Party where its leaders fail to live by the rules they impose on the rest of us.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise from the party pushing the “Green New Deal,” which seeks to destroy the fossil fuel industry and yet, during the recent presidential primary season, Senator Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., a vocal climate alarmist, frequently enjoyed private jet travel throughout his campaign. The same was true of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and others. Rest assured, if Democrats get their way and ban fossil fuels in the future, then you can bet your last dollar they won’t stop gassing up their luxury jets or wealthy donors’ yachts.

Come November, voters ought to remind liberals that politicians are public servants — elected to serve the People — not rule over us like tyrants. It’s high time these privileged snobs got off their high horses and followed the rules like everyone else.

Adriana Cohen is a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. Follow her on Twitter @AdrianaCohen16. To find out more about Adriana Cohen and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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9 Responses

  1. The Liberals do not think any laws, rules, or regulations are applicable to them. Didn’t you know they are the elite
    and are above all else? It is time they are brought down to earth. They are not elite but merely humans
    with the same feet of clay as the rest of us. Actually, many, many of these elitists are not nearly as good as
    we mere mortals. They are liars, thieves, and corrupt abusers. This is why they are constantly stealing, abusing,
    and endangering our country – POWER and WEALTH which supports their elitism.

  2. The democrats are racists and people of privelege. Their lies and scheming will be a cause for war. Wake up America.

  3. Yes, this is right on the money, Demonicrats think they are so special

    The system is rigged. #TheCon shows how. The effects of the largest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history are still being felt by millions of families and we are not talking about it. #TheCon is now available on virtual cinema:
    If you lie to the government it’s called perjury. When a Wall St. bank does it, it’s called ‘business strategy.’ Learn about the biggest criminal conspiracy in U.S. history. #TheCon is now available on virtual cinema:

  4. I pray they drown in their own swamp they created. They’re not elites or above anyone w their selfish needs being the only thing that matters. No votes for any of these crazy malfunctioning demwits in office or running for one.

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