July 3, 2022

Liberal media losing faith in Kamala Harris, Vice President’s failures are catching up to her

Vice President Kamala Harris is unpopular and an all-around disaster. Things are heating up now that even the media are beginning to notice.

Many in the mainstream media have finally begun to notice Harris is “imploding,” Joseph Curl said in a Daily Wire opinion piece. The veteran political reporter cataloged how formerly-friendly news outlets suddenly changed tone with the vice president this week.

“Kamala Harris (remember her? She’s the one who said Joe Biden was racist before joining his ticket and becoming his vice president) is imploding like SN 2018gv (a star in the spiral galaxy NGC 2525 that self-detonated in a supernova and then, poof, disappeared),” Curl began. “Finally, after a year of doing almost nothing, the mainstream media this week finally took notice of the notable nothing burger and penned some very unpleasant pieces about Kamala.”

Curl, who was at one time a White House correspondent in his 30-plus year career, noted that CNN published a very unflattering piece with gripes from insiders about what a mess things are around her. The reporter went on to note how it “cited dozens of alleged staffers in Harris’ office and the White House saying the veep is in deep trouble — and actually has been for a long time.”

He mentioned another Daily Mail piece that contended Harris was being “sidelined” because of how unpopular she is with the voting public. “For the record, Harris has plunged to a 28% approval rating in one recent poll, the lowest in modern history,” Curl pointed out.

The reporter went on to mention that the White House was attempting to run interference for Harris, “circling the wagons” for damage control. However, even White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s tweeted support couldn’t stop the meltdown.

“It didn’t help that Harris spent the last week abroad, at one point making headlines for gushing over pots and pans she bought in Paris,” Curl said. “While on the trip, the veep — just like the veep played by Julie Louis-Dreyfus in ‘Veep’ might do — seemed to feign a phony French accent (for the record, the French really hate that).”

Rumors have been swirling about Biden possibly replacing her since it’s no secret he might not make it to a second term. “But with Harris crashing and burning — after just one year — the party may begin reconsidering whether she is the one to replace Biden,” Curl said. “And Harris is certainly not helping her own cause.”

When a Democrat can’t find the support of the mainstream media, it’s a sign that big trouble is ahead. As Curl has astutely observed, there has been a sudden change in the nature of the media coverage on Harris — and that could be the death knell for her presidential hopes.

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