May 23, 2022

Less than one quarter of Americans believe Biden is mentally fit and healthy

According to a Tuesday Politico/Morning Consult poll, less than one-quarter of Americas are convinced that President Joe Biden is mentally fit, healthy and stable.

According to Breitbart News, only 24% “strongly agree” that Biden is mentally fit to serve as president, which is considerably less than the 34% who strongly believed Biden is not mentally fit to serve as president.

Only 18% strongly agree that the president is in good health as commander in chief, and 31% strongly disagree with the statement that Biden “is in good health.”

“Moreover, only 23 percent of voters strongly believe the president of the United States is stable. Thirty-four percent strongly do not believe Biden is stable, an 11-point difference,” Breitbart News reported.

This polling data was released when the prediction by former President Donald Trump that a Biden presidency would lead to $7.00 per gallon, is coming true on the west coast with some areas of California above the $7 mark.

Over the span of the nation, the national average for fuel also reached an all-time high of $4.173, according to AAA, which is $1.00 higher than last year.

“A Monday poll revealed 56 percent of Americans blame Biden’s deadly Afghan evacuation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Breitbart reported.

“Of the 56 percent who believe Putin’s invasion is linked to Biden’s deadly Afghanistan evacuation, 30 percent of respondents say they “strongly” agree, and 26 percent say they “somewhat” agree with the causation. Just 32 percent disagree.”

The poll, taken by POLITICO, gathered the opinions of 2005 registered voters from March 4-6 with a margin of error of + / – 2 percentage points.

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