October 3, 2022

Leo Terrell: Michelle Obama just destroyed her chances at ever running for public office

In the eyes of at least one prominent black civil rights lawyer, the Democrats long domination of the black vote is over.

Leo Terrell, a civil rights lawyer who has done work for the NAACP and served as a liberal pundit on radio and TV programs, made headlines earlier this year when he came out in support of President Trump.

Now he’s taking it a step further, by taking aim at the closest thing to a sacred cow that the Democratic Party has: Michelle Obama.

Watch: (he goes after Michelle around 3:00)

Terrell makes a couple of interesting points. He boldly goes after Michelle for her racially charged comments, something that few people have been willing to do.

But perhaps more importantly for those looking ahead to 2024, he reflects on just how divisive Michelle’s recent actions are, and predicts that her chances of becoming a mainstream candidate for higher office have been severely damaged.

What do you think – is Leo right that Michelle just ruined her chances?


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