June 24, 2021

Legendary comedian Paul Mooney is dead at 79

Legendary comedian and “Chappelle Show” star Paul Mooney died Wednesday in his Oakland, California, home at the age of 79.

The well-known comedian and actor reportedly died following a heart attack. His daughter, Spring Mooney, confirmed his death in a tweet on Wednesday.

Mooney was best known for his role as Sam Cooke with Oscar nominee Gary Busey in the 1978 film “The Buddy Holly Story.” He also portrayed Junebug in Spike Lee’s 2000 comedy “Bamboozled.”

The comedian began his career as a writer, working alongside comedian Richard Pryor. He later wrote for the Fox series “In Living Color.”

He was known by many for his role as Negrodamus in the “Chappelle Show.”

Roland Martin also tweeted details of Mooney’s passing on Twitter.

The comedian brought laughter to many, leaving a legacy of comedy for generations to come.

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