July 22, 2021

Leftist pundits lead calls for Amy Coney Barrett impeachment

With the ink barely dry on Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation Tuesday, some on the left are already trying to get rid of her.

Worried that Barrett could help decide a Pennsylvania case related to the 2020 presidential election, political pundits are already recommending impeachment as a remedy to remove her from the U.S. Supreme Court if she doesn’t recuse herself from that case and others like it.

Removing Barrett and packing the court with their own left-leaning justices was the brainchild of columnist Norman Ornstein, along with PBS host of “The Open Mind,” Alexander Heffner. The legal battle in the swing state is over whether votes received up to three days after the election should still count, with Barrett possibly being the deciding vote in GOP President Donald Trump’s favor.

“If Amy Coney Barrett goes on the Court and immediately votes for PA voter suppression, she should quickly be impeached. Trump asked her openly to act to tilt the scales of the election,” Ornstein tweeted Saturday. Heffner went further with his endorsement of the idea, tweeting that Barrett “won’t be convicted off the Court. But this lays the groundwork for adding a 10th justice as first balancing act of Biden and new Congress.”

Democrats are nervous because that one particular case in the swing state already ended in a 4-4 tie in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Now, Barrett could be the deciding vote in the challenge from Pennsylvania and other key states that Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, needs to win.

“One more vote, provided by a hard-right, Trump-nominated justice, could be the difference between voting rights and voting suppression,” Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. In reality, prohibiting voters from casting ballots after the election is simply upholding the law.

Democrats are worried about a repeat of the 2000 presidential election. Democratic former Vice President Al Gore’s team wanted to continue recounting the votes in Florida’s tight race (probably until they somehow “found” enough). The recounting finally ended after a 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of certifying the election results. GOP candidate George W. Bush officially won the presidency more than a month after the election.

Oddly enough, Democrats were the ones to push for the disaster-waiting-to-happen known as universal mail-in balloting. Whereas many states already offered absentee ballots for those unable to get to the polls, states such as New Jersey, California, Utah and others simply mailed ballots to all registered voters. Now that the inevitable legal challenges are sure to crop up, they’re hoping Barrett will not get to decide those cases.

Trump was well within his rights to nominate Barrett, as was the Senate to confirm her, whether Democrats like it or not. They should have seen the vacancy coming, except they apparently thought Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would simply live forever.

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79 Responses

  1. What a group of ignorant idiots !!!! Democrats are fools !!! Somebody really needs to go into the house chamber while these idiots are in session and kill every damned one of these un-American fools then go to each and every one’s home and kill everybody there and then hunt down any relatives that they may have and kill them too. This stupidity has got to END !!!

    1. Please do not let the stupid Dems take this an run with it, you know you don’t mean this, but I feel your frustration and pain…they are out of control and their evil has to end, but lets fight this evil with prayers, and not return evil for evil my friend…God bless you!

      1. You cannot Legislate the Evil out of this world…In the end, you’re going to have to give Good Men guns and set them loose. Even God needs a nudge every now and then, you let these leftists idiots run this country you won’t have an church to go to.

        1. Beg to differ here, but God does NOT need a “nudge” every now and then. God is the Sovereign Judge who knows the end from the beginning. We are but finite, sinful human beings, created in the image of God, but without His sovereignty and infinite wisdom and knowledge. God does NOT make mistakes and does not “Need” our help to determine the direction of His will.

        2. You seem to have forgotten that GOD granted Mankind a FREE Will when HE created us. HE has since, after the CROSS,allowed us to make our mistakes and pay for them and pay for them OURSELVES.
          Some people love the IDEA of Freedom’ others, like the Democratic Party members, prefer having someone tell them how to live their lives. One other point I would make: there is NO Democrat Party as it was when President Kennedy was elected. The Democratic Party of today is more akin to Stalin than Kennedy.

          1. Some people love the IDEA of Freedom’ others, like the Democratic Party members, prefer having someone tell them how to live their lives. One other point I would make: there is NO Democrat Party as it was when President Kennedy was elected. The Democratic Party of today is more akin to Stalin than Kennedy.
            So true

          2. You are so correct! The Democratic Party has certainly gone too far with their leftism. Advancing their ideas will only mean destruction of the American dream.

      2. Sorry but prayers is not going to cut it! We need to vote these insane mental midgets out of the government completely. Start at the president, then the governors, then the senators, then the mayors! All of these Democrats are very sick people and it starts with Pig-Loosey, Nadler, Sharpton, Schumer, Adam Schitt-Face the Whistleblower, Obama, Clinton Bill and Killary, Biden, Harris, and of course MOOChelle! Can’t leave that witch out!

        1. You’re right but also God speaks to fight evil for stepping out of the spirit into the flesh. Since the government can’t do their jobs vigilantes will. Too many people are sick n tired of these people in government that aren’t working for American people but against us. It has to be stopped at some level if government doesn’t intervene n fire everyone of them. People will be protesting at the White House n demanding this. Actions are needed now more than ever or civil war will be upon us.

      3. Hmmm… I am a Christian, believe in God, prayer, and kindness, but I kind of agree with Randy.. maybe not killing them but hurting them all really, really bad, so bad they won’t be able to hold the same jobs again. I believe in the power of prayer but also believe that God wants us to fight evil and most Democrats in DC, if not all, and the MSM, are evil.

        1. If you’re a Christian then you should KNOW that Randy’s comment DOES NOT come from God, but from His great opponent.

          1. No, Randy Justice comment does not come from God but I can tell you that he’s pretty angry like most of us and while we cannot bring about justice for all the attempts and evil attacks from the Left towards the president and his supporters, all we can do is express our frustration as Randy did.

        2. What hurts more is handing each one of these morons a box and telling them to clean out their desks within 30 minutes, while standing there watching them. Forget the limo, tell them a cab is waiting outside to usher them off the WH grounds.

      1. Well why does he not do something. Don’t leave this mess for God to fix……..Vote like a human being and an adult! Not like a spoiled child and no like an insane, no common sense, mental midget!

    2. That’s a bit much don’t you think? Calling for the death of anyone in our nation’s leadership is not the thing to do. Are they idiots? Absolutely yes, but don’t call for their death or that of their families! Good night already. Their deeds are being exposed, hold on and just watch, but don’t let yourself call for their death, that is God’s Call, let HIM handle this. He Will.

      1. Please let me ask a question to all Americans out there on this thread. If you have studied history and understand the takeovers of whole governments and countries you will already be aware of how they have used the existing governmental structures to subvert the system for their ideals. Whether it was China, Russia, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or Nazi Germany they have infiltrated the government to pave the way for the revolution through preparing the general population for the coming change, often grooming the youth.
        (This must be broken into several relays to find out what the censors on this sight do not like so o can reword)

      2. (I have given up on my comment as they censor strange things, please post a list of words and phrases you don’t like so we can post here, damn censor-nazis)

    3. It is the typical communist-muslim strategy. Lie, lie and lie. The Democ Rats are no the same as Stalin, China communist party and like Erdogan, and Abbas

    4. It will be more legal if every loyal American votes a straight Republican ticket. Vote these deranged, hate filled lunatics out of our country’s business. If any Democrats remain in office we’ll get them out with the primary elections. Recalls also work. Starting with the insane governors who are so inflated with power they endanger so many people. The pen is mightier than the sword. VOTE RED!!

    5. I have begged for our “government” to arrest these imbecilic leftoids who have done horrific damage to many things and places in the USA. Arrest them as one would arrest anyone trying to destroy other people’s property and/or LIFE, then try them in a court. The leftoids GOALs are OWNING the USA and having control of everything in the nation, including taking all of the money and all of the power they can handle. I personally would like to see them forced out of the nation they so despise, just as we would force out of our nation people who sneak into our nation illegally. And personally I see our political left as WORSE than Germans, Iranians, and all other nation’s imbeciles.

    6. I agree that something has to be done about the damn idiots. But not killing all off them. Then we would be the criminals like them.
      The demon rats are just out to take power of every damn thing. Then we would have no freedoms, no money, no guns and wouldn’t be able to comment on anything.
      This Biden mess is completely true. Have you heard about the retired Navy man that has come forward and
      said everything was true about the Biden family? I hope he has protection as they might come after him.
      It has been confirmed and proven true. Also heard that the FBI Director Wary new this last November and hasn’t done a damn thing about it. He should be charged for dereliction of duty and thrown out. When is this crap every going to stop?


    8. We feel the pain too….yet we fear you will bring the FBI to your door if continuing this type of rant. Please calm yourself. And know that God is in control! Prayers for all of us and asking the Lord to provide for our needs and that justice will be done to those who are corrupt in our government.

    9. Revelation 2:9 |
      I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  2. Democrats are fools !!! Somebody really needs to go into the house chamber while these idiots are in session and kill every damned one of these un-American fools then go to each and every one’s home and kill everybody there and then hunt down any relatives that they may have and kill them too. This stupidity has got to END !!!

      1. That will not be the right way ( but it would help )
        There are two things wrong with a Democrat! They can vote and they can breed!
        We need to vote them out completely ! Only a fool would vote for a Democrat! They are insane, corrupt like Biden and his gang and liars!

    1. I pray every night that a 747 full of fuel crashes into the Capitol when they have a meeting and non of the police are there to get hurt. Just the DUMPACRAPS !

  3. These liberals are sadistic a£¥holes, and need to be brought to heel. They are so evil it is almost unimaginable. I pray that every single one of them are voted out of office!

    1. Call it what you will [email protected], Communism, Maoism, Bidenism, Harrisism, [email protected], it is all the same thing, if you like wearing a collar, and doing what someone else tells you to do. You will make a good doggy. Just don’t bark unless told to. Your master wont like a noisy pet poodle. Don’t pee on the carpet.

      1. Yes Sandra & that shows how many fools there really are in this world. Hell has enough room to accommodate all of them!

    1. Sandra
      Yet they do simply bc they don’t like our greatest President ever in history. Very very sick n to think they aren’t already trying to kill the people off w the things they’re doing isn’t what we the people will stand for. They only want what they want n DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. China is where they should go but they wouldn’t bc they want it for the entire universe to be controlled by their evilness.


  4. She has said she will vote according to the constitution, which is more than the other 8 are doing. The court is definitely a political court and not a constitutional court. Packing the court is not an answer. Making the justices follow their oath is, but there seems to be no way to enforce this. A sad turn of events. Unfortunately there are no intelligent, independent leaders left, like the founders, who considered many alternatives for this country before writing the Constitution, without political interference. President Trump is not a politician. Maybe we need to find more business people or educators who do not have political agendas to review this matter and recommend a solution.

    1. Business People are NOT the answer to America’s problems! Their greed is what got us here! We need people with common sense who wants to advise the rest as to right and wrong. If those who were put in charge were doing their jobs our children would NEVER have been indoctrinated to begin with. If we had charged those who only used the constitution when it benefited them with treason we wouldn’t be here! If those who govern us doesn’t live by the constitution then they should die by it! Period! There is no half way!

    2. Educators???!!!! Really? they are the ones who have given us this mess. Well you did say w/o political agendas. That is 99.5%

  5. The radical Leftists will do anything to prevent conservatives from having any power. They are not interested in what’s good for this country or the people who live here, they’re only interested in how much power they can gain.

  6. FELLOW AMERICANS!Cam to sense already !Get your country back!Do not loose all you”v got. Listen to your heart and make YOUR own decision.Nobody can do this for You.

  7. DEMONCRAPS want to do away with OUR CONSTITUTION. The DEMONCRAPS are EVIL/CORRUPT. They want balance only when it lends there way. They ALL need to be IMPEACHED. Pelosi is the Devil FROM HELL. Remove that Scumbag from her position NOW.
    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. The one person that does scare her is Trump! She wants him out of office, and she will do anything to stop him from winning this race. So beware, they will all try to stop him no matter what they need to do! They are all eveil!

      1. If President Trump doesn’t use his executive orders to fire all of them at once. I’m seeing a civil war at hand. The people have been speaking but nobody is listening.

        1. I am not expert on the constitution but all the states would have to take care of their own,, the President cannot (fire) them the people who put them there have to get rid of them


  9. Let’s define media as needing to push unbiased facts and truth. Contributing to false one sided propaganda deserves no protections for liability or slander by these liars. Also reelect the trouble makers like Schiff and Pelosi and flip the house so we can censure, impeach, and create a grand jury to charge each one with sedition and forfeit all their undeserved pensions and perks.

  10. I agree with Randy Justice above, however, I wrote a comment before about Oliver Cromwell back in the 1600’s that did the same thing to the parliament in England; and some body took it down. But it was the truth. Look it up in history.

  11. John,
    What do you mean by reelect the trouble makers…….I think you are mistaken, we need to flip the house by getting rid of these mental midgets not reelect them !
    We need to get Conservative House, no democrats!

  12. Well they are all of the devil i am not sure that prayer would help they are hell bent to put this country talk to your pastor put aside 1 hour to pray for this election if it is ment to be demacraps i guess we better look some where else for sure if you are old!!!C

  13. We need to impeach the whole Democrat slate of congressmen as they have no respect for the government, decency, tranquility, rule of law, or the American people.

  14. If you haven’t been able to get to vote early or on election day or been able to drop your ballot in the mail in time for it to be posted marked on or b4 election day then you are a jerk-off and don’t deserve to have your lazy a$$ vote counted!

  15. The intelligent American people call for the end of the demonrats. They want to destroy America, are evil and belong in HELL!

  16. Feinsteins religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith. The DOG LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS.
    Fartstein thought that she was being smart with that comment, but it bit her in the a$$.

    Atheisms is a religion of it’s own, and has it’s own dogma. So Fartstein can keep it to herself, I do not like her trying to force her dogma on to me. She definitely uses her dog(ma) to push her agenda, so she does not need to accuse someone else. She is more guilty than most.

  17. You know I been thinking about this court packing thing. It could save the country a whole lot of money. You see if the court is going to make the laws we wont need the congress. Just think we could get rid of all the congressmen, and their aids, secretaries, advisors, and other support personal. We wouldn’t need to pay for all their perks, and pet projects. Ya ! man we could save a billion dollars a year, just by eliminating congress. Congrats Schumer you come up with some really good ideas sometimes. Of course we would have to provide job training for those that need to be retrained. We could teach them how to make Big Macs, or KFC.
    The Big Macs are for Trump, the KFC is for the cabinet.

    I always thought that congress made laws, and the court made sure that the law worked with in the constitution. For a judge to insert his personal beliefs would be to operate out side of the constitution, which would be a violation of the constitution, as this would be ( as Mueller would say is ) not under the judges prevue. This is exactly what the left is accusing Amy of, because of her religion. Such judges should be removed from the bench. Do you hear me Mr. Roberts.

  18. Michigan:…I have been listening to the ramblings of this idiot Gov. Whitmer, and if you hear what is really going on it is plain to see that, she hatch this plan with Antifa. The ring leader of the group of kidnappers is a member of Antifa. A group that she supports. I think that she planned this to target Trump with another smear campaign. And to use it to avoid the Michigan legislatures ruling that she was overstepping her authority. The legislature needs to take immediate steps to remove her from office, needs to be done before she does any more harm. Do not allow her to enable any more of destructive measures in the name of stopping the convid-19. It is a scam anyway that the left uses to break the people.

    1. I wondered the very same thing, Gary m., that she planned the kidnapping. The woman has a plastic looking face and is probably a witch. Witches are real you know.

  19. The fake news will not be happy with a [email protected] government. Under a [email protected] government there will be only one news agency, owned and controlled by the [email protected] government. They will not need all of the reporters, editors, journalists, hosts, or commentators. They will love being [email protected] just like the rest of us. They will be proud of what they have done.

    You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the gov can take all of their money and they will be [email protected] too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.

  20. We need to get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Sciff, Waters, AOC, Omar, the rest of the Squad, and the rest of these democrats. (Unless you know of one or two worth keeping). Most, if not all, seem to have committed inappropriate acts of some kind, maybe even criminal acts. This time it is Schumer, who has a history of bullying people, even Supreme Court justices about a year ago. Nothing ever happens to them. They laugh in our faces.. it needs to stop. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT.

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  22. When fools like joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg can influence the demonrat party to come up with these stupid ideas, like piglosi’s 25th amendment idea, and schumer’s Impeaching justice Barrett, shows how far down the rat hole the demonrats have gone. The only way to get them out is vote them out, set term limits on congress, remove diplomatic immunity, charge the big mouths for inciting a riot, and put them behind bars! Vote RED across the ballot, take back our congress, keep our senate and force resignations of those who aren’t up for re election yet. And stop congress’ pay till there is a covid relief bill done, they are bieng paid for doing NOTHING, except allowing Piglosi run her ugly mouth! And charge Schumer with insurrection!

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