September 29, 2022

Left attacks Supreme Court over Texas abortion case

Leftists attacked the Supreme Court again on Monday after justices failed to announce an opinion regarding the Texas abortion restriction case.

“The Supreme Court has allowed Texas’s abhorrent anti-abortion law to remain in effect for 83 days,” Demand Justice tweeted.

“We cannot keep waiting for this Court to act in the interests of the American people – it’s time to #ExpandTheCourt.”

The court was expected to announce an opinion on the case that prohibits abortions in Texas after a fetal heartbeat is detected. A baby’s heartbeat is usually detected at about six months into pregnancy.

When it became clear the court was not planning to make an announcement regarding the case, Demand Justice and others took to the internet to express outrage.

In addition to frustration with the decision, the activists were calling for an expansion of the Supreme Court. The court has traditionally had nine justices.

During Trump’s four years in office, he had the opportunity to nominate three justices. The moves flipped the power of the court to include six conservatives.




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