August 10, 2022

Leaked cable exposes White House lies about number of Americans evacuated from Afghanistan

Details surrounding the rescuing of American citizens from Afghanistan have raised questions about how the Biden administration is handling the evacuation of the Middle East country. 

According to a report in The Blaze the U.S. Department of State was part of the cable leaked about the rescued Americans which raised the questions about hard-to-find details surrounding American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The publication reported that the administration has been “inexplicably vague” about several of the Americans who have been evacuated from the tumultuous Middle East nation and many more that are still stranded. 

Afghanistan has been under the control of the Taliban since last week and the Biden administration says that only “several thousand” Americans have been extracted from the terrorist-controlled nation. 

According to the details from the leaked data, the administration may well be covering for unsuccessful evacuation efforts, which was supported by a State Department cable — which was obtained by Politico national security reporter Alex Ward.

The report showed that as of Monday evening only 4,407 American citizens have made it onto outbound flights from Kabul since the evacuation operation began on Aug. 14.

This number is particularly troubling since it’s estimated that the number of American citizens in Afghanistan prior to the U.S. military withdrawal was between 10,000 and 15,000, on the low end of estimates.

Some estimates put the number of Americans in the Middle East nation much higher than that, which, given the Taliban’s history, could be a troubling and bloody end for many. 

Even at the most conservative, the numbers indicate that it would be incredibly difficult for the American government to remove all of its citizens before the August 31 deadline rolls around. 

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