September 30, 2022

Leading activist calls for Bill Clinton’s arrest

The last time that Rose McGowan called out a rich and powerful man, it was Harvey Weinstein. What followed, started the #MeToo movement. And Weinstein will spend the rest of his life in jail.

Now McGowan is doing it again – and this time one of her targets is Bill Clinton.

Fox reports:

Rose McGowan is calling for Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton to be arrested next for their alleged ties to the late Jeffrey Epstein following the arrest of his alleged sex abuse accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Now get Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew,” McGowan tweeted on Friday, just one day after Maxwell was captured by the FBI and NYPD in a rural New Hampshire town where she was hiding out.

The actress’s tweet was accompanied by a photo of Harvey Weinstein, Epstein and Maxwell standing side-by-side with red x’s over their faces.

McGowan is one of the few in Hollywood that has the true courage to say what she thinks – regardless of the immense power of the Clintons.

They’re ruthless about protecting themselves, and McGowan would be wise to take precautions to protect herself from the inevitable onslaught that seems destined to follow.


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